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  1. Days Gone, really fun platinum to get.
  2. Sarah's death at the beginning of the game - The Last of Us Ending scene (so deep and poignant) - Uncharted 4 Kratos and Atreus scattering the ashes (Ending) - God of War (2018)
  3. Really wanted to try these out, Dead Space in particular
  4. Is it still possible and worth it to get 100% for both Uncharted 2 and 3 starting now cause I never got any DLC trophies beforehand
  5. Managed to get the platinum trophy, thanks for the advice m8
  6. Ellie - The Last of Us Elena Fisher- Uncharted Clare Redfield - Resident Evil Clementine - The Walking Dead Max Caulfield - Life is Strange Lena Oxton (Tracer) - Overwatch
  7. I'm still trying to get Ms Crumby. Searched for hours in areas that are popular in this thread and still nothing. Any advice?
  8. Uncharted had a medal tracker that was linked to trophies, but there were so many of them that weren't trophies that it wasn't much help and felt disorganised. This looks like the trophy tracker that every trophy hunter would dream of.
  9. COD World at War because of the pain-inducing Veteran difficulty and Black ops 3 because realistic difficulty and decorations dragged on.
  10. dark69knight: Craves for a challenge and a good fight
  11. Play until dawn, its an awesome single player experience with an awesome platinum trophy
  12. I currently have the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dynamic theme on my ps4. I love the drum beats to the theme song of the game and the image that is shown. Btw these are images off the internet, not from my ps4.
  13. Look at the trailer for zombies in spaceland on YouTube, its stupid but funny.
  14. Veteran in call of duty since ghosts has been a joke to complete. Almost no challenge in veteran, unless you want to count realistic in black ops 3 but that's a different story.
  15. In my opinion I like it, a good amount of interesting trophies such as boots on the ground, you know nothing (love the game of thrones reference) and reality TV. Only downside is the Easter egg for zombies in space land. Other than that it's a good list IMO.