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  1. I have an awful feeling that the new secrets introduced in january will require another patch to be unlocked properly too : /
  2. Winning 31 daily runs still stays easier than completing every completion marks on hard with each characters and gathering all items I guess.
  3. Completing the bestiary isn't required so far, since it is glitched the achievement related to it still unlocks without having to meet the requirement.
  4. 31 daily challenges unlocked just fine for me yesterday Secret #325 : @chickenbaltipie : You must complete both greed and greedier mode with each character, there's a secret to unlock for each difficulty mode.
  5. I'd like to mention that Credits.exe counts toward the trophy just in case.
  6. He already knows his english is good enough Boringname123, I used to say the very same thing until I realized when I looked back at it that it was simply unnecessary hypocrisy and a weird way to let people know I was learning the language. I won't get fooled lol.
  7. Sorry but how you've experienced the game is not the subject here, good job anyways.
  8. Sorry to hear that mate.
  9. Got my plat 2 months ago and still no mail. I'm living in Europe, may be a factor who knows. Noticed that some people here who luckily got the theme were living in north America.
  10. Killer7

    1. Lumibelle


      Awesome game.

    2. LiM-C


      No idea how you've ended here but, yeah definitely.

      It's cool to see someone 22 years old saying this, I assume you're a No More Heroes player, there's not that many "garden of madness" in Suda51 games except Sylvia ad her mother's one.