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  1. Update: #23: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
  2. There is absolutely no reason for us to argue over this topic. We will gain absolutely nothing by it and get into pointless arguments and that is fact us you can already see in the thread. I'm neither a Ubisoft fan nor one of Naughty Dog's but all this over a small painting, as LetsTurnJu-On said above, WHO GIVES A FLYING SHIT!!! This, being gamers, doesn't affect us unlike the whole dlc and season pass bullshit. All-in-all, LAME TOPIC
  3. Update: #22: Killzone
  4. UPDATE: #21 L.A. Noire
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I see you have got the platinum, congratulations!!! I see you conquered this challenge as well, way to go Mine too, most fun I have had hunting for trophies and achieving 100%. Good luck boosting, with the right people, it can be a lot of fun
  6. This one from Skyrim Daedric Influence Acquire a Daedric Artifact
  7. Doubt I have many games to platinum at the moment but sign me up anyway, at least that way I might be able to motivate myself to complete some games
  8. Fallout 4 Coz I have never heard of Persona
  9. I just remembered why I had stopped posting stuff on this forum
  10. Dont mean to start an argument but the fact that u dont get the point of spending hundreds of hour in a game shows that u shouldnt play rpgs/ games that take a while Everyone who has played bethesda games like fallout and Elder scrolls knows that the "it has 400+ hours" statement is no advertisement The highlighted sentence; Really??? There is a difference in finding ammo and doing quests man
  11. 400 hours??? Now that's what I call, value for your money!!! Go Bethesda
  12. Update: #19: Far Cry 3 #20: DBZ: Battle of Z