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  1. Ok good news I guess:) today it got fixed and now also got the ps4 in the trophy list : ps3/ps4/psvita and everything it's back to normal English names and trophies are back.
  2. Today I opened my ps3 and synchronize my trophies but something odd happened my final fantasy x hd remaster trophy list was suddenly change from English into Japanese every trophy of the game and the name of the game... and final fantasy x-2 was showing fine in English but when I opened it to see the trophy list everything is in Japanese well I haven't played the game since I finished it back in the summer and am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue today oh and btw in offline mode the games are showing just fine in English, also I did try to change my system language from UK to US and the game in trophies and trophy list is showing normal in English so is something that only affects the UK, yesterday was in English and never had this issue before... my psn friends also see the same issue, the game that I have is region PAL something is messing up the UK servers with final fantasy? Any solutions or if anyone have knowledge of this today?
  3. I will definitely say go for Samsung Galaxy S5 the specs and the screen are amazing!
  4. Lol Indeed Artemisthemp