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  1. Resident Evil 1. Despite the fact I've played the recent remasters, I am just not brave enough to play the classic RE style.
  2. Battlefield 1.
  3. Borderlands 2.
  4. WRC 5. It is on my backlog, but I need to buy this game again.
  5. Rocket League. Looks like to be a really fun game!
  6. Battlefield 1.
  7. The Witcher 3. Bought the game from a sale weeks ago and I'm going to play it during my work vacations.
  8. MK X. I own this game but I've heard that is a bit tough game to get the plat trophy, so I've never played it yet.
  9. Days Gone, I hope one day I can plat it.
  10. CTR Nitro Fueled
  11. Batman Arkham Knight Battlefield 3 Bully CoD WW2 CoD MW Remastered CoD MW2 CoD Classic CoD MW3 CoD Black Ops CoD World at War Hitman: Absolution Infamous LA Noire Resident Evil 5