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  1. darkjjda "freeflow combo 5"
  2. is this still working? how is it done?
  3. has anyone a link to a METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master level??
  4. Count me in Just a reminder that we also need an alien vs predator ps4 remaster
  5. spartan plated ascension, 1,2,3
  6. i will try it if the 50 towers pop up first means that the kollector glitched on me
  7. XL version
  8. I have over 74 modifiers and no trophy is it glitched or something?
  9. Thanks for the giveaway 1.— Soul sacrifice for ps4 2.— twisted metal
  10. uncharted 3 plat loot thief
  11. I have the plat for Batman: AA and AC and lego batman 2 i will plat lego batman 3 someday and batman telltale
  12. I got 3: AC 2, Revelations, 3 and 100% freedom cry
  13. I just have the Soul Sacrifice plat, that´s bronze for me
  14. you are right i also got it for free
  15. Dont worry but im sure I did the poll at 11 pm 🙃 Good luck to everyone