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  1. How can the other account accept a club invite?
  2. Does this still work?
  3. That's weird Then I will make a boosting session Do you remember in which planet the ex Hooper is unlocked?
  4. I was more than 5 days on a world from an alt account and the trophy didn't unlock Also in wich planet do I unlock the ex Hooper?
  5. I can help you
  6. i can help you add me
  7. Played today on an alt account and I got some trophies
  8. Hi I need the trophy that requieres a trade
  9. I played this game (borrowed from a friend) 7 years ago on ps3 and uploaded my save recently picked it up on vita I was surprised that my save was still there and I could download it
  10. Are the servers still online?
  11. Does this game has cross save between ps3 and vita?
  12. So if I log in to the game i will not get trophies but get the booster pack and when I get a subscription then the trophies will start to unlock am I right?