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  1. Does space invaders infinity gene counts? if it does count me in
  2. And one for the metal gear DLC?
  3. so if i download the game now and i focus only on the base trophies it won't register the ps4 trophy list?
  4. Is the platinum still unobtainable?
  5. 536
  6. Since the first day that the wrap up went live I have been unable to claim the rewards i have tried every solution given (incognito mode, different browsers) and nothing i don't know what to do so can someone who doesn't want the theme and avatars please send the code to me? if i am able to claim the rewards i will give my code in return
  7. round 2 225 matches
  8. 79 matches
  9. Alastor from devil may cry 1 its a shame that it never came back it has a really cool design
  10. So once again navigating trough the psn store i found this game at $0.12 buy it before the offer ends since it's a pretty good deal https://store.playstation.com/es-mx/product/UP0912-CUSA09349_00-HYPERSENTINEL000
  11. so if i download the japanese version it wont have the new harder trophies?
  12. I am asking because i cant seem to find a level that could possibly unlock the booty master trophy (mgs dlc only)
  13. so i was on the ps store when i saw this https://store.playstation.com/es-mx/product/UP1001-CUSA12476_00-NBA2K19000000000 This must be an error so buy it before they fix it Edit: not an error but it's a pretty good deal though
  14. darkjjda "freeflow combo 5"