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  1. is this still working? how is it done?
  2. has anyone a link to a METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master level??
  3. Count me in Just a reminder that we also need an alien vs predator ps4 remaster
  4. spartan plated ascension, 1,2,3
  5. I have over 74 modifiers and no trophy is it glitched or something?
  6. i will try it if the 50 towers pop up first means that the kollector glitched on me
  7. XL version
  8. Thanks for the giveaway 1.— Soul sacrifice for ps4 2.— twisted metal
  9. uncharted 3 plat loot thief
  10. I have the plat for Batman: AA and AC and lego batman 2 i will plat lego batman 3 someday and batman telltale
  11. I got 3: AC 2, Revelations, 3 and 100% freedom cry
  12. I just have the Soul Sacrifice plat, that´s bronze for me
  13. you are right i also got it for free
  14. Dont worry but im sure I did the poll at 11 pm 🙃 Good luck to everyone
  15. My count is 2 Mr perky killing floor 2 Platinum killing floor 2
  16. "Get Over here "- Scorpion MK
  17. Thanks SajoAtine
  18. I'll go Germany
  19. My guess is Devil May Cry series
  20. how does this game function? it is hard to play? can i change the language? how much does it size? time to the platinum?
  21. My favorite game this 2016 was Furi. it was hard but really good game. darkjjda