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  1. I playing since console start and already have 8000 kills, 1000 kills glitched for me, but I got almost all other trophies in time
  2. bombers are carrying this, if you kill them with a stn gun youll be able to pick it up
  3. i got a problem tier 3 shotgun has 749/750 xp , ingame it says 750 after i kill a zombie , then again 749 in menu
  4. How you switched regions at latest patch?
  5. 3000 kills total no trophy
  6. well i started from the beginning and now i have this https://ibb.co/cYvkC7 ,but i still have dns error on ps3
  7. yea, i made some corrections , but nothing , ok ill check firewall
  8. hey,can you help me out, i follow instructions but it makes no sense,ut cant access online https://ibb.co/gD3dFS
  9. someone can check servers please