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  1. Hey, I'm from US. I'm 31 also love Metallica, I don't have PS3 though, just PS4. Anyway if you ever get PS4 let me know my PSN is Dethpicable .

  2. That's usually the problem. A couple of years ago there were a ton of games labeled anything 'tycoon' or 'sim', since the genre was so popular. The concept was often promising, whether it's a prison, mall, hotel etc, but the games turned out poorly developed. It was just to make quick cash, slap 'tycoon' on the box and it'd sell.
  3. I'm always pretty embarrassed when I get bashed in the head while playing an online shooter and I'm just to slow to return the favour =/
  4. Always loved sim games! SimCity, Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Caesar, Civilization, Colonization, Zoo Tycoon, Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon etc. The PC is imo the best platform for these games. But the last couple of years it's been quiet I do wish they'd release some new, GOOD ones. I'm sick of seeing crappy farms, prisons, malls and whatnot.. I only played Civ Revolution on the DS but I agree that this is a very good console sim.
  5. Killzone 2 Played it before since I borrowed it from my brother, but had to return the game. Yesterday I found it for a few bucks at GameMania so (finally) bought my own copy. *puts on backlog stack*
  6. SingStar I only downloaded it because it showed up on my PS3. I tried it but it only had some demo songs, so not even a single full song, and I'm not planning on spending any cash on it. It really annoys me that it shows up on my trophy list with an F and zero trophies. Sports Champions (boring, sold it) The Shoot (prefer other shooters) Move Fitness (don't have room to play this, so sold it, 1 trophy) Ico (never gonna play again) Infamous (sold)
  7. A Dutch stroopwafel
  8. Need to finish: Batman Arkham City (working on it!) Uncharted 1 Modern Warfare 2 Sleeping Dogs Back to the Future Guacamelee Rayman origins Lego Rockband Barely got started on these: GTAV Rage Heavy Rain Dishonored The Last of Us La Noire Killzone 2 Haven't even begun yet: Red Dead Redemption Assassin's Creed 3 Far Cry 3 Borderlands 2 Resident Evil 5 (not sure if worth it) Killzone 3 Uncharted 2 COD Black Ops Need to plat: haha!
  9. Awesome! Sending FR's now (Btw I responded to DP privately so I'm not ignoring his question lol)
  10. Thanks all! Looks like it's tougher than I thought to find some gamers around my own age.
  11. Hey all, It seems like most people on my friend list are 10+ years younger than I am. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to add some friends that are around my age. Ya know, the retro gamers, those who played Tetris when they were young, and remember games like Theme Hospital, Day of the Tentacle and Warcraft (zog zog!) I'm 33 years old myself and from the Netherlands. On the PS3 I love shooters like Uncharted 3, MW3. I have Black Ops and Killzone 3 and Rage in my backlog, and do plan on starting Borderlands 2 which came with PS+ this month. Other favourite games are Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Sleeping Dogs, The Walking Dead. And I'm a sucker for Lego games. I also enjoy RockBand/Guitar Hero every now and then, I do vocals or play the plastic guitar. I just recently got a PS Vita so I've been using that one a lot right now. Arkham Origins, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Assassin's Creed 3. I don't really plan on buying games for this platform, so it's mostly games that came with PS+ over the last year. So feel free to send me a FR, my PSN is DayzeeNL