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  1. Thats good to hear Scar Vince. Yeah on last years game the 2nd time I did it was so much easier on xbox. First off if your race is going badly you can just quit without any punishment so thats good to know. i didn't know that the first time on PS. F1 2018 was put on gamepass thats why I played it again, basically free. I think it only took about 10 races to get an A rating, although not playing it at launch perhaps theres less assholes drivers around messing you up. Anyway it seemed so much easier the 2nd time.
  2. I have the plat since 2010-2018 on PS and have branched out on xbox last years did 17 and 18 on there aswell. I bought the xbox x, never owned an xbox before, I can tell u this much, the xbox versions are so much better. Its like 4k vs 1080p and holds the 60fps better(not perfect). With that said I'd like to continue my ps run :p. But yeah when I play now its on xbox its alot better. Anyway the trophy I worry about is win a league medal. That sounds at the very least a co op trophy. Someone on xbox said something dirt games its joining something u can do it solo so that gave me hope. The older f1 games had alot of co op bullshit n dont wanna go back to that.
  3. New game plus coming tomorrow and Ultimate Difficulty trophies its about to get alot harder
  4. Bugs every year, despite being copy and paste the same bugs return. Couple of years running the guy on the radio was unhearable with headphones. They fixed it and next year was broken again, how does that happen? Don't worry about the stats, I got the 4 wins finally and stats only said 1. It popped on my 4th win.
  5. I got it during a MP race, ran out of juice.
  6. If they screw us over to fix stuff, it'll be just to reset our stats. I got to S rating a hr back. The rating is weird. You lose if cut corners n stuff but I was getting maybe 5% for a clean race. Then into A rating, I was getting 20% for races before hitting S. I hope they open this skills to private lobbies at some point. It seems stupid bringing in this rating system, the game doesn't even have enough active players for it during launch week, nevermind a month from now. I'm a S in a lobby with a D atm.
  7. I hope the skill rating isn't high up. I'm a mid silver and I can get a podium and lose skill. Every race get taken out and come lower I lose some. It seems impossible if you need to get to some high rank. Also WARNING. You might wanna rush to either level 25 or not do MP at all for now. The stats were bugged last year and guess what they did? Wiped everyones levels n stats to zero. I personally lost over 10 hrs playtime, some people lost 30 hrs. The stats are bugged again and this skill thing seems glitched so yeah I expect them to screw us over again. They don't even say sorry or give a warning they just do it. I am level 15, gonna try to get to 25 before a patch comes.
  8. Knowing them the grind trophy is the safety one. Like 1000 clean laps online.
  9. Did last years on both ps4 and xbox, the list looks basically the same. I hope the online is still outta 50 and this years we only need halfway(25) and not that they've just changed the levels lower and its still as long lol. The online safety rank trophy worries me(which is new), people play online just to cause crashes and you just know you'll get the blame for something that wasn't your fault.
  10. Yes a number of these trophies glitch on xbox and its new to PS so expect it. I have 1 thats glitched it got stuck on 99% and is a common one. Edit. It popped after 3 months I've just noticed lol. Would have the plat trophy on here shame - xbox has an evil trophy that this PS version doesn't and I'll never get it without spending real money.
  11. Its a free game on all platforms that its on so doubt be chargIng Sony users anything and I never spent any money on it. It has micros to speed it up if you want though.
  12. This is an easy plat, but long. I have played this 370 hrs on Xbox and done all but 1 trophy that required you to spend hundreds of dollars on micro boxes. Luckily for you guys they have removed that trophy in this list. I'd say to do this plat be around 100hrs, but easy. Just gotta play its not a very hard game. I have already considered this a plat as have done it all before on Xbox and will again here.
  13. Hopefully you can play solo, with multiple control pads if needed lol.Haven't looked at the trophies.
  14. So they can release another collection $$$$$$$$ when season 4 is out.
  15. The main event is against AI, counts as wins and repeatable. You can pay your way into the ppv, you need to do at least 1 pvp match to pass enough challenges to get into the main event.