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  1. One crown left... and it’s the giant Kirin 330 hours and counting, 102 Kirin and counting...
  2. Hey there I've seen you in the Borderlands 3 gaming session for Circle of Slaughter trophy:



    But I can't add you and text you because of your privacy settings, add me. 

  3. I’m over 310 hours so far, and I’m just missing the giant crown for Kirin. Mini crowns however I’m missing Radobaan, Rathalos and Pink Rathian. Safe to say, finding these crowns is being a pain. Past 30/40 hours of gameplay and I’ve gone from rank 170 to rank 195, and the only crown I’ve earned in that time was the giant Dodogama. I so want to be done with this game. I enjoy it to hell but the grind for the last few crowns is just killing me
  4. I just need giant Dodogama and Kirin, as well as tiny Rathalos, Radobaan and Pink Rathian, all of which I’m close to getting a 100 hunted of each. Can I leave a quest midway and still get a crown? I’ve never been able to tell for sure if I could or not EDIT: Well, just answered my own question. Did the USJ quest with the giant Dodogama and sure enough, you can get crowns if you return from quest midway. Just the Kirin left for the giant crowns then!
  5. Guitar Hero Live. I'm still hunting platinum trophies, don't get me wrong. I know I just spend a solid week grinding the one million strums trophy, the last one I needed and it sapped all the fun out of the game for me. Ended up just strumming up and down as fast as I could on the stream mode where you couldn't fail a song and it still took a sizeable chunk of my time. It's one of my rarest platinums so I'm happy to have gotten it but I can't play the game properly anymore as I'm fairly certain the strum bar only works half the time now.
  6. Most boring? My top 3. Far Cry 5. I could not engage myself in the open world like the previous games which made everything so much more tedious. No Man's Sky. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game at first and the initial concept had me hooked from the get-go but after the first few days realising it wouldn't take me long to get all of the trophies at the time, I soon lost interest and it just become a mental grind. The Order 1886. Way too short for what it was, which severely disappointed me because again it was such a cool idea of a game, and pretty to look at too. After completing the story, cleanup wasn't so much of a drag but replaying it just felt wrong.
  7. Elite: Dangerous is one that I’m currently playing just for fun. Actually in process of making my return journey from the center of the galaxy so I’m not likely to stop having fun any time soon with that. The only other games I’m having fun just playing at the moment, but also going for the platinum, are Borderlands and Monster Hunter: World
  8. OK, thank you for the reply
  9. Went through the quest with a complete random stranger, he launched the nuke but it didn’t count for me? Do I have to be the one to launch the nuke for the quest to complete? I wasn’t teamed up with the guy but as the quest was being completed along the other guys I would’ve assumed it’d give me the quest done but as well
  10. Brokeback Bandits
  11. From what I remember of what the devs said in the build up to release, it’s not very often (if extremely rare) that you’d come across that perfect beautiful planet full of fauna and flora (like the one they showed off in their first E3 video). I think they said it’s meant to be like how it is in the real world, there’s only a small handful of planets in the billions and billions of planets that could potentially sustain life at an exceptional level. Anyway, I hope that helps. I know when I played it I did come across a good planet and I made it my home base the moment that update came in.
  12. Then how is it a problem? (It's not for me) I know lot of people still prefer to have their games physically, and technically you do with this one, just not all of it. It's like deleting a game a few years back and wanting to play it again, but there's loads of updates to download to play it again. Anyhoo, I was just putting my 2 cents into the conversation.
  13. Surely then if Spyro 2 and Spyro 3 are downloadable only, that gives players a chance to playthrough the first game at a decent pace so by the time they've finished both the download and the game, they can play the other games afterwards? Like to me that makes sense in terms of playing the games in order. I'm still gonna get this game day one regardless.
  14. In my experience, Elder Scrolls Online has. I started in one of the expansion areas and it launched a tutorial mission to start me off, and then I went to the main game afterwards for which the first quest for that was also a tutorial mission. I know there are also games that have tutorials outside of the main game, but the only one I can think of is Elite Dangerous. The tutorials there are split up into different sections so I find that useful if I’ve been away for too long.
  15. Only time my copy of the game glitches up is if I lose connection to the internet when playing. After a while, it’ll just completely freeze up and I can’t do anything except quit out of the game, which annoyingly also leads to the game crashing. The last time it happened, instead of freezing up a “please wait” loading screen came up overlaid over my hud and I had no choice but to watch my character get burned to death by a flamethrower guy until I figured out that I had lost connection again. But yeah, the whole online statistics thing is what’s causing bugs for me.