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  1. Yes only Ps3 and Xbox 360.
  2. I didn't saw the channel, he as all A++ there, I tought he only had the A++ for the Story mode
  3. Did it last week. Didn't made it earlier because I was bored but also sick from chemotheraphy for around 2 weeks. Platinum is easy [although the championships are WAY easier than the "carrer"], just LOADS of repetition
  4. Did someone found videos for A++ on the Zero G runs?
  5. I have the trophies and I can say when I got mine there was like a people of maybe 20 that also got it. If you really want them you have to message the people with them, they aren't trophy hunters btw and some are second accounts. The belt holder as to fight like 3 times per week or so, otherwise he will lose it to the number 1 of that weight class, if the n1 is him I think it passes to number 2. Also I remember that the first messages we got from the holders was like, he would pass the belt but we had to pay like 30$ Edit: didn't saw someone mention almost the same asI did.. Also this isn't as worse and UNO, that game you have to reach top 50 of the world, and there wasn't a reset yet.
  6. I tryed this and I was way of the 10k :/
  7. ^^ I did that but its tricky some times
  8. Testers.. They shipped loads of press kits, so is normal that some earned trophies and synced
  9. Ok this might be a Black and White 1 / 2 question but here it goes.. Does any of you went to that "event" to get Shinys? I couldn't get a Shiny Giratina, can anyone trade with me for a Shiny Palkia or Dialga?
  10. It's easier because of all the reasons above, but beware of the skill challenges, might be hard for some people.