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  1. I obtained a birthday platinum not too long ago. My birthday platinum was Infamous: Second Son on September 23. I had a blast with that game and I managed to become the 20th fastest achiever. I also obtained the platinum in 23 hours which is very cool.
  2. Thank you for the follow. Hope you don't mind this message or the follow in return.

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      You're welcome and thanks for following back. :)

  3. Thanks for the follow!

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      Thanks for following back! :)

  4. According to PSNTL, approximately 683 other players currently share my Arkham Knight avatar. Wow! That's a lot more than I anticipated.
  5. and Courtesy of the NA PSN sale of the dead that runs from now until October 31st.
  6. This one has always been my favorite.



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      Whoa! I like that outfit. Wait from a comic book? 

    3. marvelboy10


      @ShyLent Yes and that particular picture is either from the game Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions or Spider-man: Edge Of Time. If you want to discover more about the suit and who wears it then search up "Spider-man 2099". :)


      Fun fact:

      The man who wears the suit isn't Peter Parker. :o


    4. JadedDragos


      Spider 2099 looked spectacular in Edge of Time!

  7. Ähnliches Foto

    some cake for you!

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      Imoutos everywhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      Cakes for all!

  8. Thanks for informing me of that. I fixed it.
  9. Out of my 87 platinum trophies that I've accumulated, I've only managed to obtain 12 ultra rare platinums total. Not bad if I do say so myself. Could be a lot better but I'm proud of my accomplishment. Seeing these platinum images brings back so many awesome and painful memories from each game. I remember last year going for the plat for Transformers: Devastation. It was one of the best games I played all year. I can also recall obtaining the platinum for Batman: Arkham Origins like it was yesterday. Time sure flies by when you're having fun. I'm very proud of my current list and hopefully I can fulfill the daunting task of obtaining more ultra rare plats in the coming time. Until next time, Have a great day!
  10. Correct on all 10 including the bonus question. Great job! 👍 Keep it up and you'll be our new monthly winner.
  11. @ee28max Raw= Braun Strowman Smackdown= Baron Corbin
  12. @Deceptrox 8. Level 22
  13. You visit my profile a lot.

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      I think you've misunderstood my objective and meaning.


      By think, I mean you have.


      There's more important things to do right now than to come up with a comeback to a person who seems to be confused (not as much as the person who liked the comment though, lol).


      He lied about knowing who I am and visiting my profile. If you think this is about me being harassed  seethe first statement.


      Also, just because someone says you're being serious, doesn't make it so :)


      I get it though, you guys need to convince yourselves that I'm mad or gotten to in order to attempt to look in control of the situation and cool. I fully get your incorrect assumptions @PooPooBlast


      Unfortunately for you and your bandwagon bucks, you guys have yet to land anything. Srs talk.


      I didn't do this because I thought I a comic book nerd was stalking me you dolt. Melt back into obscurity you scorned person who once followed me. Are you taking that personally?


      Perfect name for the drivel you pass off as intellectual analysis, lol.

      Bandwagon buckos, not deer hahaha

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      Alright man. Wow..  Just trying to have a friendly conversation or trying to lighten the mood. 


      Take care man. 

  14. 1. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes ( My very first plat, and it was a DC game. I can recall obtaining this plat like it was yesterday. ) 2. Lego Pirates Of The Carribean The Video Game ( A Pirate's plat for me) 3. Lego The Lord Of The Rings (One platinum to rule them all) 4. Lego Marvel Superheroes (PS3) ( I remember getting this game on release day. As soon as I got home from school I had a blast. This was also my first Marvel platinum.) 5. Spider-Man: Edge Of Time (This is when I really started to get into trophy hunting) 6. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Played this game more times than I can count.) 7. Batman: Arkham Asylum ( another DC video game?) 8. Transformers: War For Cybertron. (My first PS3 game) 9. Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron ( Got this game as a birthday gift back in 2012. The memories.) 10. Batman: Arkham City ( What were the chances that my 10th plat was going to be a DC game?) Well that's my first 10 platinums that I've obtained. Wow the first one was back in 2012. My how time flies when you're having fun. I've noticed that the Marvel and DC Plats are tied with 3 and 3. But Lego beats them both with 4 while Transformers only has 2. Go figure. Now I've accumulated 87 plats and I hope to reach at least 90 before the year ends. Have a great day!