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  1. Just when I thought that this week couldn't possibly get any better. Yesterday I, along with my 54 fellow team mates from my school, attended a DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) event. We arrived there just a tad bit late, but we managed to get ourselves situated. So after we got ourselves settled we were individually told by our teacher when our events will happen. My role play event took place at approximately 1:15. Some people had 10:30, 11:00, 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 2:00, etc. It was 10:00 and  I had 3 hours and 15 minutes to spare so in the meantime I, along with everyone else who didn't have their role play at 10 or 11:00, attended workshops that enlightened us on ways to develop your own business, prevent yourself from being a victim of identity theft, stories from guest speakers who talked about how they became successful, and the sacrifices that they had to make to ensure their success. Some of my friends had times before me and they all said the same thing when they finished their role play. They all said "I think I did good", "I made a few mistakes", and  "I know I did well". This made me a bit nervous but not enough to doubt myself. It was 12:45 and I decided to go and wait until they called me for the event. After waiting for approximately 30 minutes, I was finally called. I only had 10 minutes to prepare for my presentation portion of my role play. So I had to read my scenario, write down notes, and talk about my four performance indicators. Performance indicators are objectives, such as explaining why communication is important to a customer,  that you must talk about in your presentations if you want to ensure you receive a great grade from the judges. Each scenario, regardless of category, consists of 4 performance indicators. Fortunately I got lucky. They had an overbooking problem with my particular category and since I was one of the last few to go, I was taken to another room and I got an additional time (5 minutes) to study my script in my head. I was  ready prior but I knew I would be a fool not to use this time to my advantage. There were 2 other kids in the same boat as me, so I acted fast and did my best. Then my time arrived and I approached the judge. I used every bit of knowledge of my category that I had at my disposal in my role play event. I talked about and elaborated upon all the four performance indicators. I included additional information to make it my presentation sound more professional and convincing. I only had 10 minutes to role play with the judge and I wasn't going to waste it. So after using up my time I concluded the role play and I waited for my results. I though to myself "WOW! (insert my first name here) you did a great job". I felt confident that I was going to place in the top five of my category.


    So the time finally arrived and the award ceremony commenced. My subject was called and they announced the top 5 in that category. They called the five people in no particular order. First the announcer called a student from another school (their school cheered them on) , then my friend from my school (my school cheered him on), and I was happy that I made it in the top 5. I didn't know what to expect so I just calmly got up and walked to the top of the stage with my friend and the five of us formed lined up next to each other. I told my friend to record me in case I get called to go up their. They then began to announce in what order we placed. 


    Judge:"In 5th place: (insert name of student here).  

    Me: (in my head) Okay top 4 not bad. 

    Judge:"In 4th place (insert name of my friend here).

    Me: (in my head) "Great job ( insert friend's name here) "Okay Okay everything is looking up". "I'm in the top 3 way to go".  

    Judge: In 3rd place: (insert name of student here)

    Me:  (more nervous and fast paced) Okay Okay top 2 it's just between the other guy and you". "You got this"

    Judge: in 2nd place........(insert name of other student which sounds like my name)

    Me: (in my head) Oh, okay 2nd place not bad. Wait a minute my last name's not........Oh my...... (with a big smile and face of shock) I WON 1ST PLACE!!!!

    Judge: In 1st place (insert my full name here)


    I won first place and I was both flabbergasted and happy as anyone can possibly be. I didn't anticipate that would get number 1, but I'm glad I did. I walked off the stage, high five d my teacher, hugged my former coach from last year, and high five d all my teammates. I felt really happy and proud of myself. My school as a whole did fantastic and we won 22 awards. The majority of us who won awards scored 3rd place or higher. It was a moment that I'll never forget. 


    Then when I attended school today I received a round of applause from my classmates for doing a great job. Then to top it all off,  I come home to the Avengers: Infinity Wars Trailer. D: The trailer was awesome by the way. I'm glad they decided to add more scenes in this trailer so it won't be the same as the leaked version. This makes it more captivating for the viewers. I can't wait until May 2018. Have a great day! :)


    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      You didnt mention being the best speedrunner in the world, you are an epic disappointment dood 

    2. Walt the Dog
    3. Andrea


      I voted for you to win the contest, PS rep in return?

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  2. This is a thread to see who is a Marvel fan on this website and who is a DC fan. You can already tell which side I prefer over the other. (look at my name). I've been a Marvel fan ever since I saw the original Spider-man starring Tobey Maguire when I was younger. From there I learned about more characters such as Hulk,Captain America,Hawkeye,Black Panther, X-men,Wolverine,Cyclops etc. But then I learned about (takes deep breath) DC. I learned about Batman,Superman,Green Arrow,Joker,Solomon Grundy,Deathstroke, Deadshot, etc. From that point on I new I had to pick a side and I did. I like DC but Marvel is better in my opinion. This video,which is over a year old,was made by Youtuber Mightyracoon! It shows a battle between the two universes and a winner is decided. Now I have a question for you guys. Whose side are you on? Remember respect each others opinions. We all are entitled to one.
  3. Got this from the Black Friday sale all for a total price of approximately $1.24. Have a great day!
  4. Just like to wish everyone on Psnprofiles a happy Thanksgiving! 🍲 🍽️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦








    1. dermarx


      Happy Thanksgiving to everybody

    2. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      the Deadpool 2 poster was based on F4 Comic Cover? Happy Thanksgiving

    3. ee28max


      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well :)

      We're actually eating Deadpool for dinner? Awesome! :D 

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  5. I purchased both of these games for a grand total of approximately $19.98. All courtesy of the psn Black Friday sale which ends on 11/28/17. Have a great day!
  6. I saw Justice League last night because it was my father's birthday and it was certainly better than I anticipated. Not bad DC not bad (applauds). I'll give credit where credit is do. But they still have to do a lot more until they catch up with Marvel make no mistake about that. It's a good film overall with a great cast. I enjoyed the actors who portrayed The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. They did a really good job in my opinion and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in their standalone films. Their were many funny moments and comic moments incorporated in the film. For example 


    The mid-credits scene where The Flash and Superman are racing each other just like in the comics. 


    Another awesome scene was when Superman was resurrected by the league and was temporarily evil. He began to engage in battle with them, after Cyborg accidentally/non intentionally shot in his direction. During the battle The Flash attempted to run past Superman to land a hit, but Superman saw him and the Flash had a look of pure surprise and horror on his face. Superman was moving just as fast as Flash was, which was outstanding. I always knew Superman was just as fast the Flash, but the way they executed that scene was perfect. 


    Then there was the funny scene where Aquaman told the truth on how he views his teammates. He said that Batman has no powers, The Flash trips over his feet, Cyborg could be working for the enemy, and Wonder Woman was gorgeous (no surprise there). But then he realized that he was holding on to the lasso of truth, and the whole theater erupted in laughter. 

    The best part was when Superman came to help the League defeat Steppenwolf and the whole theater began to applaud. 


    The end credits scene was the most surprising scene of them all. Lex Luthor had escaped form jail (not to any fans surprise) and he was on a yacht. He then met up with Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. D: Deathstroke was officially introduced into the DCEU and he looked amazing. Lex then says that if those heroes have formed their own team (Justice League), then why don't we assemble our own? This is hinting at the Legion Of Doom or the Injustice league as they are otherwise known as. 

     I wonder what else DC has in stored for their upcoming installments. We'll just have to wait and see. Until next time, have a great day! :)

    1. ee28max



      What other super powers do you have? 

      "I'm rich" 😂


      I'm glad you enjoyed it and having a great day. I'll be watching Spider-Man: Homecoming in the upcoming days.  

  7. It was certainly better than I anticipated that's for sure. Not bad DC not bad (applauds). I'll give credit where credit is do. But they still have to do a lot more until they catch up with Marvel make no mistake about that. It's a good film overall with a great cast. I enjoyed the actors who portrayed The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. They did a really good job in my opinion and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in their standalone films. I wonder what else DC has in stored for their upcoming installments. We'll just have to wait and see. Until next time, have a great day!
  8. I like to partake in this giveaway event as well. Count me in.
  9. Congratulations @Gray-Fox-44! You're now officially 1st place! It's been a long journey but now all your hard work has paid off. The question is, can you maintain your current position or will you let Deceptrox reclaim his throne?
  10. Incorrect.
  11. I've heard great things about "The Great Gatsby". I'm aware that they've made 2 film adaptions based off the book. Not sure which one I'll be watching in class, but I'll definitely watch both independently. I'm not familiar with "The Catcher In The Rye". All I know currently is that it's about a 16 year old boy who is going through the stages of moving from a teenager to a young adult. But then develops this mentality of him being the protector of the innocence. That's all I know for now. I'm looking forward to reading both of these books. Have a great day!
  12. Saw Thor: Ragnarok last night and I was blown away by how great this film was. It was the perfect blend of comedy and action. It was one of those films that you wished didn't have an ending. So many events transpired in this film I don't even know where to start. There were a good amount of funny moments that I would love to talk about.


    Especially the part when Bruce Banner pulled an Edward Norton and jumped from the spaceship to fight Ferris Wolf. We all thought he was going to transform into the Hulk in mid air and do a superhero landing. But instead he fell on the rainbow bridge like a rag doll.  😂 The entire theater erupted in laughter because how funny it was.

    Thor: Ragnarok is without a doubt captivating, exhilarating, invigorating, humorous, and action packed. Bottom line is. Marvel does it yet again with Thor: Ragnarok. I highly recommend any Marvel fan see this newest installment in the MCU. Trust me, it's just that good. Have a great day! :)


    Here is my full review here


    1. marvelboy10


      @RedRodriguez87 I noticed that too. There were some parts of the film that I wish they elaborated upon. Like for ex. 


      The death of the warriors three. Thor was not distraught about their deaths and didn't even acknowledge them. There were some other parts that should've been take more seriously. but, in my opinion, it didn't really damage the movie. 

      There were a lot of running gags, especially when they introduced Korg into the film. However I felt that they were Incorporated into the film perfectly. It's expected of Marvel to add humor into their films to keep the audience engaged in it, so I wan't surprised. I'm just really looking forward to Avengers: Infinity Wars and Black Panther next year. Those 2 movies are going to be big next year I can guarantee you. 

    2. ee28max


      Glad you enjoyed it :). I am yet to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. Also the upcoming (if not already) Justice League movie. I would love to watch them all before 2017 ends. :D 

    3. Silently


      I have not seen it yet but I'll check it out this movie soon. Thanks😊👍

      Hmm.. there's an anime called "Ragnarok the animation" and "Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok" 

      Detective loki is cute but mischievous in the anime. Not sure if this is somehow related or similar story to the movie? 

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  13. Saw this last night and I was blown away by how great this film was. It was the perfect blend of comedy and action. It was one of those films that you wished didn't have an ending. So many events transpired in this film I don't even know where to start. Thor: Ragnarok is without a doubt captivating, exhilarating, invigorating, humorous, and action packed. Bottom line is. Marvel does it yet again with Thor: Ragnarok. I highly recommend any Marvel fan see this newest installment in the MCU. Trust me, it's just that good. Now here is my in depth review
  14. Would like to wish everyone on Psnprofiles a Happy Halloween! 👻 💀🎃 🍫🍭🍬

    bIR1GPK6rQcJPMScv6yn12HpmvRF86-mlv8ildphwUhoM1t5p9yiLAJ-kuGJ_bhajG_KtIZ5f5EaJr2Bu-v5M3Z2q_wAJ1tWQs2JkasA_74Nq1Gut2MlvQmaihXEL2ltzhuVpSIc     bp8_Fk--eN0w-Pv7aSPyw6bhAVC7UIXhqAIKiy01xsaQmOHwolqRxgnCjCknuv1I9DcEocKiTYKQ2LJjN_OESV0gCHYCRlHuZedoBxK5oT5FjCbdzndMsu6Xbw4NBlnAKmTMjmww


    1. LightningCharm


      Thanks man, same to you!  Hope your Halloween is a ghostly one! 👻

    2. ee28max


      Happy Halloween to you too! :) I knew Deadpool would appear, but can he top this?



    3. Kaiwan


      Happy Halloween! 🎃

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  15. Purchased this along with the PS3 and Vita versions for a grand total of approximately $5.37. All courtesy of the psn sale of the dead which ends next Tuesday October 31st. Have a great day!
  16. I treat my game completion percentage like I treat my school grades. If they're not between 90%-100% then I'm not satisfied until they are. Unless I can't achieve 100% in a game because servers are closed for that particular game or what not. I do my best to achieve 100% on all the games that I play whether they be easy or difficult. I always feel satisfied whenever I obtain all the trophies for a game. Knowing that my completion percentage will increase even by a small percentage. It makes me want to play more and more. Currently my profile completion percentage is approximately 95.06%. Unfortunately I'll never be able to obtain a 100% profile completion due to some games having online servers shut down, but that's life. Have a great day!
  17. 12 of my plats are associated with Lego. I'm not that surprised since Lego games are easy and enjoyable games that I've played since I was 6. PS3 Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, The Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Carribean, Jurassic World, Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, and Star Wars 3. Vita Lego Marvel's Avengers, Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
  18. What a week this has been. This week I had two great things happen to me. On Thursday was the try outs for the Chess club to see who will make the team. In order to decide who will attend the competition events my coach said that we would do a tournament to decide the members. The last 10 participants of the tournament will be selected to be part of the team. The tournament lasted 2 rounds for 2 weeks (1 round per week), and I....... claimed victory for both of my matches and I'm part of the team for a 3rd consecutive year in a row. :D I'm feeling confident for my school's Chess team this year. Hopefully we can bring more trophies to the school. The first official competitive event will be in the beginning of November. 


    The other important event that happened was that I attended a DECA competition. For those who are unaware of what DECA is, then I'll be more then happy to inform you. DECA is an organization that helps high school students and college students prepare for the world of business and helps them start out on their career path. If your considering pursuing a career in financing, marketing, management, sales person, or any other field of business, then DECA will help/guide you on that path. DECA is an acronym for "Distributive Education Clubs of America". DECA is typically associated with High schools, Colleges, and teachers who teach a business related topic. Every year they host 4 competitive events. These events, in order, are Mock, Districts, States, and Nationals. You can win awards depending on the event and how well you do at the competition. Yesterday I, along with 9 other chosen DECA members from my school, attended the Mock competition. Now when you attend any of these events you must dress in proper business attire. Meaning you have to dress with (for the men) a suit, black or dark blue slacks, shoes, and have to be clean shaved. For the women you're allowed to wear light makeup because, according to my judge/presenter, too much can cost you some points in competition, skirts that are not too high, and proper business attire of your choice. Overall I had a lot of fun yesterday. I learned some new tips on how to present better, what to say and what not to say at a job interview, how to greet someone properly and respectfully, I reunited with a teacher that I haven't seen in a while, and many more. It was a very fun and exciting experience. My mom said that I looked so professional that she didn't recognize me from afar and thought I was an adult. :lol: The next competitive event will be held on November 28 and I'm ready. For more information about DECA visit their website Have a great day! :)

    1. Terra


      My business teacher recommended DECA to me when I was in my junior year but I didn't want to do it. The marketing and management and sales just wasn't for me even though I was good at it. It's good that you are enjoying it! And chess? Nice! Good luck in the first event!

    2. Silently


      Oh wow! That's awesome news! Hey maybe we compete over online chess someday cuz I know how to play it.😊 I beat my grandpa and my cousin in board chess. No time limit lol. Also for career thing good work. I hope u find urself a set goal in the future. Good luck on everything buddy👍

  19. I obtained a birthday platinum not too long ago. My birthday platinum was Infamous: Second Son on September 23. I had a blast with that game and I managed to become the 20th fastest achiever. I also obtained the platinum in 23 hours which is very cool.
  20. According to PSNTL, approximately 683 other players currently share my Arkham Knight avatar. Wow! That's a lot more than I anticipated.
  21. and Courtesy of the NA PSN sale of the dead that runs from now until October 31st.
  22. Thanks for informing me of that. I fixed it.
  23. Out of my 87 platinum trophies that I've accumulated, I've only managed to obtain 12 ultra rare platinums total. Not bad if I do say so myself. Could be a lot better but I'm proud of my accomplishment. Seeing these platinum images brings back so many awesome and painful memories from each game. I remember last year going for the plat for Transformers: Devastation. It was one of the best games I played all year. I can also recall obtaining the platinum for Batman: Arkham Origins like it was yesterday. Time sure flies by when you're having fun. I'm very proud of my current list and hopefully I can fulfill the daunting task of obtaining more ultra rare plats in the coming time. Until next time, Have a great day!
  24. Correct on all 10 including the bonus question. Great job! 👍 Keep it up and you'll be our new monthly winner.