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  1. At first I was going to say they should have named it Knick Knack instead of Knack 2. Until I searched up the meaning of that and found out why they went with Knack 2. I haven't played the 1st one yet but it does look fun and exciting.
  2. Baby Groot is going to be the center of attention. Also Lol when he almost pressed the button that could kill everyone. It was like a what the **** boom moment.Imagine this baby Groot: I am Groot (pushes button) Rocket: What the **** boom.
  3. Maybe but that's just my prediction.I'm just saying Wolverine was in all 3. Storm and Magneto were in MVC 2 and 3.Gambit,Juggernaut,Iceman,Psylocke, and Sabretooth were in MvC 2.So I don't see why Marvel can't include them In the roster.
  4. I'm not sure but if they were those are the ones I hope they pick. I mean X-men were in all 3 MvC games so I think mutants are allowed.
  5. I new something was up when they put Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders. I had a feeling they were going to bring him back into the playstation world where he belongs. That aside the remaster looks great let's hope the gameplay is not terrible(I highly doubt it will be terrible) and trophies are not glitched and easy to challenging but not overly difficult.
  6. Naughty Dog is going to make their money in 2017 with Uncharted and TLOU 2 that's for sure.
  7. Deadly Tower of Monsters fun and easy platformer.
  8. Could you imagine playing this game on PS4 Pro. This would be everyone's reaction.
  9. I predict Marvel characters will be Spiderman Captain America Iron man(confirmed) Captain Marvel(confirmed) Hulk Most of the X-men Nightcrawler,Gambit,and Wolverine especially. Fantastic Four (possibly) Doctor Strange,Falcon,Vision, and many more after all it is called MVC Infinite right?
  10. Even if I didn't have this game and the servers were offline then I would still buy it. I am a fan of the arkham series so I play all the games whether it's good or bad. Even if you were to get all offline trophies including dlc that's like somewhere between 80%-90% game completion on your profile maybe. Either way I'm satisfied with that percentage on my profile.
  11. That is true that Gone home does have a better and more emotional story. What I meant was that they are both similar in gameplay except Everybody's Gone to the rapture has more world to roam. But yeah other then graphics Gone Home beats this by a long shot in my opinion.
  12. Story wise the game is good. The graphics are great but gameplay could be better. I wish we could actually run rather then walk but oh well. This game reminds me of Gone Home another PS+ plus game released in June of this year. Its like Gone Home but more open world as to where Gone Home was just exploring a house.
  13. 66/2=33 plates per year. Although my first trophy was in 2011,I started to actively hunt them in 2014.
  14. I got my ps3 in 2010 and I was so hyped. My first game was transformers war for cybertron which is a fun game by the way. Man How the years fly by its amazing. Lets hope the ps3 can live another 10 years unless sony stops supporting it.
  15. That was A fun free weekend. I managed to earn 3 out of 3 dlc trophies that I was aiming for and got to level 67. How many trophies did you guys manage to get?
  16. Thank you for your service War Hero (6000th trophy)
  17. Everybody bow down to ratchet2425 the lord of Xillia(50th platinum)
  18. Mercenaries playground of destruction. I had a blast playing this on the ps2. I would love for them to put it on ps4 and have a platinum. To me this game was like GTA but less violent in my opinion. It was always fun calling in nukes and air strikes.
  19. If anyone can help me that would be great I need 10 more trophies and I already made a boosting session so if anyone can help me that would be great
  20. play my level and i will return the favor
  21. Play my level top 25% I will return the favor