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  1. A few hours ago I earned "Champagne!" for MotoGP 09/10. This post is mainly here to give credit where it's due, as a bunch of people helped out with this trophy today and I'll continue trying to help some of the people who need the trophy who helped. I don't remember every person who was in the lobby where I successfully got the trophy, but I'll say thanks to all the people I do remember.


    Special thanks to: @Potent_Delusions, @totallycrushed, @Tomi, @Danny_Johansen, @Darkette, @Kostantlnos, @Ozer928, @Great_MazingerZ, @Domaloli, @elektrata and anyone else who was in the lobby or boost group. Only a few weeks ago people thought the trophy was impossible but now plenty of people are gonna get it and I'll be sure to help as many groups who need it as I can. The host of our lobby had 100MB/s download and 100MB/s upload and was from Spain, we were all within the EU region, but some people had very bad internet and still managed to help people get the trophy. This trophy is possible for anyone as long as your lobby host has a good connection and with the internet today it would be common for 1/20 people to have a good enough connection to host a MotoGP 09/10 lobby. 


    I was too nervous while going for the trophy to record my run, but you can see a picture of 20 people in a lobby here: gfnbqCC.jpg

  2. [#53] Rainbow Moon. Great turn based RPG. I really enjoyed it. The story was silly. The combat was fun and there were several fights that were challenging. 

  3. Platinum #32 - Arcana Heart 3 Love Max :platinum:

    Ultra Rare 1.60% Completed in 6 days, 2 hours ⏱

    Currently #4 in fastest achievers! ☄

    Forever will be #46 in first achievers! 🏅


  4. #69 Persona 5: After 154 hours I finally made it, the game is truly enjoyable from the first to the very end, half playing a complex but understandable RPG and the other half watching a very interesting and well made anime isekai :yay:




  5. Platinum #49 Bioshock



    Not too hard at all. The aiming can be annoying, but beating the game on survivor really isn't bad since you can just constantly save. Plus, the game is really good. As promised, #50 will be Super Meat Boy if it is the last thing that I do.

  6. "That was a fun tirp down the memory line"



    :platinum: #127 Spyro the Dragon

    16th Nov 2018


    I love this series and the first Spyro game is 2nd best for me.


    :platinum:#128 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

    17th Nov 2018


    The 2nd Spyro game is 3rd best for me as collecting Orbs was not as fun as rescuing Dragons and collecting Dragon Eggs, but I liked the Cutscenes then entering and leaving a World.


    Now to case down 122 Trophies or so before plating and 117% the 3rd game.

  7. :platinum: #162 SAW - It was okay. I'm still not a fan of survival horror and probably never will be. Combat was a little bit clunky and it weren't bad story wise but was getting a bit bored towards the end of it but it's another PS3 game ticked off so swings and roundabouts

  8. Plat #73 is Spyro 1! One of the first games I ever played, and this is my first time 100%ing it. 



  9. Walking Dead: Michonne completed. Strangely I made the fastest achiever list without even trying! Great little game, albeit a bit short

  10. Platinum #65 (And 3,000th Trophy) - :platinum: Spyro the Dragon




    First game in the remake trilogy was great. :D I played the Spyro games as a kid, but I never got up to 100% collection, so it was a lot of fun to completely finish up the game now. (Getting all the treasure from Gnasty's Loot level was so satisfying.) 

    Now onto the second game! 


  11. Platinum 100 goes to the game that started it all for me, the one that I spent hours as a kid playing, and the one that really got me into gaming. You're the best Spyro :platinum:



    1. marvelboy10


      Great job on achieving a tremendous milestone! 👍

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  12. :platinum: #391 (and 100%) - Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4)


    I had a blast revisiting this game yet again. :dance: I'll definitely play the Asian version at some point!


    That pork bun is just sooooo good. :holy:

  13. 1S4e5ec2.png

    40-platinum.pngPlatinum #93 God Of War40-platinum.png

    I was really excited to finally play this and it did not disappoint. I have played all the other games in the series, so I was very surprised to see how different this one was. I stayed away from all discussion regarding it so none of this was spoiled on me. Every twist made me feel like a kid again as I reacted in awe. As a plat, it was not terribly difficult with maybe a 5/10. Niflheim and the Valkyrie Queen were daunting at first, but with practice they became easy. If you have followed the series, this game masterfully blends the old story with a new direction. Great game, give it a try.

  14. #128 - Far Cry 4 (PS3) Finally new platinum trophy for a change. 

  15. Plat #29: Burly Men at Sea


    Diff: 1/10 But, funny game!

  16. Platinum #96 - Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (PS3)



    The fact this game has 5 exclamation marks in its title means that you have to cry it out loud whenever you say the last part of the title lol xD In all seriousness, this was one of the coolest fighters I have played in recent memory and it comes packed with content, lots of interesting characters to choose from and an interesting fighting mechanic. The gameplay was deep and varied with a combat that can be described as quick with an emphasis on strings of reasonably flashy moves. For an old 2D fighter, I'd say it played superbly well and that it was very responsive. The music and overall presentation were cool too, however, an option to smooth/filter those on-screen sprites would have been nice. They still look ok though and the link animations that can be added to the side of the screen give the game its own kind of charm.


    Difficulty-wise, I'd say this game is okay for those that have the necessary skill but that it can be hard if you are not up to it or if you don't know any way to cheese it. Defeating Kamui (boss in Score Attack mode) and Parace (the true final boss in Trial mode) can be ridiculously challenging, as well as completing the trials themselves, as the game doesn't really explain most of its mechanics. Getting Time Trial done in less than 10 minutes can be hard, especially if you follow the info that is an online guide. I was able to do it better once I came up with my own strategy. The rest of the trophies are mostly miscellaneous stuff related to playing the game, using the arcanas, and a number of grindy ones pertaining to unlocking all of the illustrations and animations in the gallery mode and the memories side-stories. One thing to mention, maxing out a character's LP level will take a LONG time. By the time I finished everything the game had to offer (which was a lot...), I was roughly at around 15% of the 10,000 LP required for the trophy, so be prepared for that one.


    Overall, I'd say this was a pretty cool fighting game that should get some attention if you are into the genre. The only people that I could potentially see not getting into the game are those that are not into moe characters and whatnot. If you don't like that style, then this game is not for you. If you love it (like me), you'll feel right at home with the all-girl cast of fighters. Below, from left to right, my 3 mains in the game, Angelia, Akane, and Nazuna :awesome:




    Many thanks to brother @ShonenCat for helping me knock those online trophies and for sitting there with me with a turbo controller to grind both the online wins and the LP trophy. Couldn't have done it without you ^_^

  17. :platinum: #160 ODDWORLD: MUNCH'S ODDYSEE HD - I haven't synced the trophies yet but I got the mineswimmer trophy this morning and finished it after 4 playthroughs. Great game back in the day, I LOVE Oddworld! 😍 However this game was extremely bugged and was happy to see it finished... Until the next time with Oddworld: Soulstorm :)

  18. And I finished Spyro the Dragon! Truly an amazing game and I enjoyed every minute of it. Well maybe a few of the Flight levels not so much. This is my 19th platinum now and I think I will go for Horizon next. Waited so long to play it and now that I have a UHD/HDR Display I think it is time for Aloy. It would also make a nice milestone. Anyway here is the finale of first Spyro if you are interested, but even if not there is a funny moment at the very beginning. Just check out that dragons slippers! :)



  19. Got my 91st Platinum on God of War 3 Remastered! This is my first God of War game outside of the latest installment from earlier this year, so it was quite a different experience. I’ve seen gameplay and have pretty much known the plot but it was still interesting playing it for myself. Man, Kratos used to be such a dick. Story is great, gameplay’s fun (although a little clunky), the remaster does a great job with graphics, and I just love Santa Monica’s take on Greek Mythology. Everything from the character models to the environments just really pops! I would’ve played this sooner but I was iffy about it since I haven’t played the other games but hey it came free with PS+ so I had no excuse. 8/10, would recommend.