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    Another year, another prelude. All I can say is that it was just as enjoyable and fast as its predecessors. The NBA2K preludes consist of very easy to obtain trophies that require little to no knowledge of Basketball. The trophies are short, sweet, and straight to the point. No daunting or tedious requirements at all. For this year's prelude, all you have to do is simply play the 2KU tutorial, create your myplayer, skip the cutscenes and games, and then a fresh out of the oven 100% will be yours for the taking. It's so simple a three year ls can do it. Had it not been for the long load times in between matches, then I would've gotten a faster completion time. I'm currently the 9th fastest achiever. That makes the 3rd consecutive prelude that I've gotten into the top 50 fastest achievers, and I'm confident i'll be there for a long while. A 28 second difference from number 3 just to give you an idea on how precise you have to be to get in the top 50 fastest achievers. I haven't done a speedrun in a while but this wasn't bad for a return. Until next time, have a great day! :)


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    Whenever I see a game from Lucasarts on sale, I always take it. I'm a fan of their games and I've played Day Of The Tentacle previously, so I know I won't be disappointed with this other classic from Lucasarts and Double Fine. Plus it was available for $6.00 (not including state tax) so I figured I'll give this a go as well. 



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    The film was a lot better than I anticipated. Alden did an excellent job at portraying a young and arrogant Han Solo. The Last Jedi may not have did the fans justice, but Solo certainly changes that perspective for the better. Donald Glover also did excellent in portraying a young Lando Calrissian. This movie really answers a lot of questions about Han Solo's past and how he came to be the famous smuggler in the entire galaxy. A must watch for all Star Wars fans. 


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    Watched it, loved it, and enjoyed it. Better than the first installment and Ryan Reynolds demonstrates once again why he was the perfect actor to portray Deadpool. The film was comprised of innumerable references to other super heroes outside of the Fox universe. The cast, acting, plot, cinematography, etc, was very very good. Deadpool 2 is a must see, bottom line. 


    This post credits scene where he went back in time and murdered the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds before he accepted the Green Lantern script had me in tears from laughing. 


    Also the part where he referred to Cable as Thanos was great. I knew the movie wouldn't have been complete without that reference. 


    Juggernaut looked awesome. It's like they took him straight from the comics. 


    When Juggernaut ripped Deadpool in half, it reminded me when Hulk ripped Wolverine in half in the comics. I don't know if that was supposed to be a reference or just a way to showcase Juggernaut's powers. Either way it was very cool and gruesome. 


    My only problem with this film is why did they have to kill off the X-Force like that? In the trailer it showed them fighting and in the film they died within the first 10 minutes of them appearing on screen. All except for Domino and Deadpool, of course. Oh well at least he went back in time at the post credits and prevented Peter from dying. I was hoping Deadpool would make a reference to Spider-Man when they introduced Peter.  


    The 2-5 second X-Men cameo was a surprise. I was hoping they would've interacted with Deadpool a little bit, but I'll take what I can get. 



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    No words can describe how ridiculously awesome this movie was. I witnessed this beautiful creation in Imax and it was worth it.  My whole body was shaking throughout out the entire film let alone the first 5 minutes. This is the absolute best way to have all the heroes, and some villains, come together for one epic showdown and Marvel executed it perfectly.  The way everything came together, cinematography, script, pacing, etc, all made sense to me and it was a marvelous experience ( I just had to). I implore ever Marvel fan to watch this film because it is a must see without a doubt. I have never been more happier to be a Marvel fan in my life. Team Marvel for life!  




    When Hulk attacked Thanos in the beginning and Thanos just took him down with his BARE HANDS and left him in a bloody pulp, I knew we where in for a  real treat. I was distraught when he killed Heimdall and Loki, but at least Thor didn't let their deaths be in vain. 


    Thanos even sacrificed Gamora, his own daughter, to acquire the soul stone which was guarded by... Red Skull D: 

    When Iron Man, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Drax, Nebula, Star Lord, and Mantis pinned Thanos down to remove his gauntlet, it was pretty intense. If only Star Lord didn't start lashing out on Thanos when he discovered that he killed Gamora until after the gauntlet was removed, then they would've been saved. Then again he did shoot his father, Ego the living planet, to pieces 1 second after he revealed to him that he was the reason his mother died in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. But still, if only he had just waited 15 more seconds because Spider-Man almost got the gauntlet off before Thanos grabbed it and put it back on.


    When Thanos arrived on Earth in pursuit of the the 6th and final stone, the soul stone, to complete his gauntlet and just knocked all the heroes aside like they were nothing using the power of the other stones, my jaw dropped to the floor. The part where Cap was holding back his gauntlet using his own strength was epic as well. The look on Thanos' face was of both struggle and flabbergast because he didn't expect a mortal to hold back the most powerful gauntlet in the universe which was attached to one of the most powerful beings in the universe.  


    When Scarlet Witch had to kill Vision to destroy the mind stone, my entire body from the neck down was trembling. The suspense, cinematography, acting, and music all had me at the edge of my seat. Until Thanos reversed back time and restored the mind stone and killed Vision by removing it from his head with his "BARE HANDS". 


    When half the heroes dissappered at the end, I was so upset and confused simultaneously. I almost shed a tear when Spider-Man was about to disappear and he told Tony he didn't want to go. I wonder how the screenwriters of Marvel will carry on from there. I'm sure they have something big planned up their sleeves. I can't wait to see how they conclude this epic journey.


    I can't wait until next year for the second half. 


    Memorable quotes:


    StarlordWHERE IS GAMORA”

    Iron Man:“WHO IS GAMORA?”

    Drax: “WHY IS GAMORA?”


    "Get lost Squidward!" - Tony Stark to Ebony Maw


    Thanos ( to Thor after he stabbed him in the chest with Stormbreaker, his new hammer): "You should have aimed for the head"

    (if only Thor had actually aimed for the head and not his chest then he could've saved everybody and prevented them from being eradicated. Dang it Thor!)


    "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good"- Spider-Man ( to Iron Man while he was disappearing) 

    (Right in the feels)