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  1. Just got back from seeing the Incredibles 2 and it was... incredible. Incredibles 2 took 14 years to create. 14 years! I've waited that long to see this overdue sequel and all I have to say is....worth it. The film was amazing and it took off immediately where the first installment left off. The new remodeled character designs were sharp. Some moments it really felt more like live action than animation. There was a perfect blend of drama, action, comedy, and a tiny dash of romance. Jack Jack really stole the entire film for me. That boy is going places when he gets older. The new introduction of the new supes was pretty cool. The super known as "Brick" reminds me of the villain known as "Titan" from Megamind. The whole story made sense because it showed that even people with super powers have everyday struggles like the ones who don't. Just goes to show that nobody is above anybody and that essentially we're all the same regardless of what we look like or what our status in the world is. We all experience struggles and having super powers doesn't make you immune to that, as demonstrated in comic books as well. They eventually overcome their struggles and better themselves as individuals. That's the message I took from this film. Overall, the Incredibles 2 is 2x better than its predecessor and I can assure you that the 14 year long wait will not have been for nothing. To sum it up, it was simply incredible. Have a great day! :)

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    2. NetEntity


      Great to know that it's good! I'm planning to go Monday, first half of the day, to minimize the amount of pepole.

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Took 11 years to create Toy Story 3 from Toy Story 2

      Took 11 years to complete the "Cars" franchise (that's unless they'll do Cars 4)


      Nice movie, should watch it soon 👍

    4. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      I be seeing Incredibles 2 in LEGO Incredibles and wait for the Movie to come out on DVD(I have the First Movie on DVD) so I can watch the Movies back-to-back with English Voices(I hate Norwegian Dubs).

      I take Samuel L. Jackson over a unknown Norwegian Voice Actor.