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  1. Just saw Ant Man And The Wasp and it was a great film.¬†ūüĎ欆ūüĎć I predicted the post credits scene of this film and I was mostly correct (about 85%). The film was a great introduction of the Wasp. I know Hope appeared in the first installment but¬†seeing her in action in the suit was pretty cool.¬†I liked the fact that they introduced Ghost into the MCU. Although the character was originally a male in the comics with a different origin story, it's nice that they added a¬†not as popular villain into the universe. I still prefer the first film but this one did have it's memorable moments. I recommend this film to all Marvel fans and I can assure you that you won't regret seeing it. Next up on Marvel's calendar is Venom. I know Sony owns the rights to Venom but he's still a Marvel¬†character, right?




    Hope, Janet, and Hank all disappear in the post credits scene leaving Ant Man stuck in the quantum realm. How will he get out in time for Infinity War part 2? 


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      Glad you liked it.