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Welcome to my Marvel-ous profile.




    Heyo! My name is marvelboy10 and I love DC.........but I love Marvel 2x more! :D I am a huge Marvel fan and I don't mean "Oh I watched all the movies so that makes me a huge Marvel fan." NO! I mean a true Marvel Fan. One that read the comics and has seen every movie on more than one occasion. Now let me provide you some information about me. I like to hunt trophies and complete games. I play all kinds of games ranging from puzzle games to fps to downright terrible. I don't really care if the game is good or bad because I play for the trophies. However, most games I play I enjoy even if it got bad reviews by people, but that's the life of a trophy hunter. Good or bad the platinum must be earned. I also like to get into the top 50 fastest achievers for the games I play. Most of the games on my profile I am in the top 50 fastest achievers group. A good handful of them I am number 1 in. I go by the phrase I made up called P.E.P.C. Which means Play Earn Platinum Complete. Play the game, earn the trophies, platinum it and, if dlc is added, complete it. Pretty clever I know right. I also know a lot about different franchises such as Marvel(of course) DC, Star Wars, Chess, Lord of the Rings, Godzilla, Transformers, Dragon Ball Z (not GT) God Of War, Back To the Future, and many more. Yeah, I've done a lot of research over the years. I accept friend requests that have a message but not blank. So feel free to add me as a friend and we can talk about any of these franchises. 

   I like to put smiles on people's faces. My goal on this website is to do 3 things. 1. Show off my trophy hunting skills. 2. Make friends with people on this website and make them feel special. 3. To show off my intelligence and to improve my social skills. I want to prepare myself for  the ultimate challenge in my life, adulthood. So what better way to prepare then by talking to adults that are friendly, kind, and highly respectful. Sure there is more to it then just good social speaking skills but still. For those of you that know my name then I'm extremely honored to have met someone like you and to be friends with you. I hope we can maintain our friendship and help each other in the coming days. For those who don't know me then here is what I have to say to you. Always keep your head up high when things feel like there heading into oblivion.  DON'T let anyone tell you how to live your life. That is all. :)

    I would give you picture of myself but alas I cannot. For I have vowed to never show my face in public unless it's absolutely necessary. So you'll never ever see what I look like ever. But I will tell you this, I love to play hard and I like to work even harder. One last thing that I would like to say is that I'm honored to be part of such an amazing community. Happy hunting and have a great day.:)


In case you were also curious as to why I call myself "marvelboy10" it's because I created that name when I was only 10 years old. I told myself well I love Marvel, I'm a boy, and I was 10 years old. Hence the name "marvelboy10" :)



My favorite Marvel character is none other than the spectacular, amazing, web swinging, wall crawling, friendly neighborhood Spider-man. :)

Image result for spiderman (also my profile pic by the way)


  I've been a huge Marvel fan ever since I saw the original Spider-Man movies starring Tobey Maguire. From that moment on I loved comic book heroes and I started gathering as much intel about Spider-Man as I possibly could fathom. Then I realized that Spider-Man was not the only hero. There was other awesome heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Punisher, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Daredevil, Elektra, and many more. I was determined to know everything about Marvel. Over the years I've gained a lot of information about Marvel comics, but then I encountered (takes deep breath) DC comics (shudders). I found out that Marvel is not the only comic book industry that consists of costumed vigilantes. There was also DC comics who had their own fair share of characters such as Batman. Superman, Doomsday, Flash, Wonder Woman, Ares, Steel, Robin, Gorilla Grodd, Swamp Thing, and many more. From that moment I knew that I had to choose a side and well, we all know which side I chose. :D But then that leaves the question. Why did I choose Marvel over DC? What could they possibly offer that DC doesn't already offer? What makes them more captivating and exhilarating than DC? Here is my answer to all of those questions. I prefer Marvel over DC because, to me, Marvel is more fun and charismatic than DC and I find it to be more humorous and exciting. That doesn't make Marvel perfect in any way shape or form no no no I can assure you. Marvel definitely has its flaws but that doesn't mean DC is any better. I also like Marvel  because their movies have a more fun and comedic vibe to them. They add a bit of humor while also being as accurate as possible to the comics.  I'm open to both industries but at the end of day, it's Marvel all the way. :D



In case you weren't already aware






To check out the games that I made top 50 fastest achievers in check out this forum that I created. 


Thank you for reading. As a reward you get to enjoy this awesome picture of the whole Marvel universe and this awesome Marvel gif.

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