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  1. No error at all so far. Well done guys!
  2. I am going to achieve the platinum trophy soon as well, so another +1. I never played one of the Assassins Creed titels but it seems to be worth it, isn't it?
  3. I would say yes. Offline there are no game breaking bugs so far. The issues with the missing portals after the boss fights in every act are solved. I played online yesterday and even there seems to be a few improvements regarding the server stability.
  4. I think our lovely pensioners would think a bit different about that, though they are not all owners of a PS4...
  5. Another update: For singleplayer the game works pretty well. No freezes just a few bugs. But for multiplayer that's far another story. I couldn't play for more than 20 minutes wthout getting kicked out or the game freezing. This is horrible especially because multiplayer is the perfect way to level up. The progress here is conspicuously faster than in singleplayer.
  6. I just found a guide for the story and all the collectibles: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/206039-world-to-the-west/faqs/75179
  7. Depends on your definition of not missable. If you finish the game - defeat Hades and walk through the portal - and haven't completed one of the side quests in Egypt you will miss this particular trophy.
  8. Were there any signs that this would happen? Came a little bit surprisingly, didn't it?
  9. I would appreciate an successor to Kingdoms of Amalur. Even if it is just a remaster of this little masterpiece I would be absolutely happy. Timesplitters was also really nice. Hopefully THQ Nordic is doing something with this IPs and do not just let them die.
  10. I know I am a bit slow, but I am in the last chapter and again there are no issues so far. No freezes and just a few bugs. Still enjoying Update: First playthrough is done. And as I said before, nothing really game killing. No freeze no shutdown, only some lags and bugs. Maybe all the patches are working.
  11. I am in act three at the moment and there were no freezes until now. Yes, it is a bit laggy and buggy and there are some pop ups but no game killing error so far. I am playing the store version of TQ with the normal PS4.
  12. Thanks for the confirmation. I recognised this as well since I've visited the now fourth Atlas Interface. I've always received a receipt for some fancy stone that requires the last one too. I guess you have to build all of them an use the last one in the last AI or so.
  13. Second interface, again no stone. Do you get them from this convergence? I just received an blueprint for an rare relict. However, fortunately you don't need the stones for the platinum trophy. Otherwise I would have stopped playing.
  14. My inventory was quite empty when I entered the interface I've had a look on every slot and found nothing. I thought you were supposed to get both of it in the first interface?