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  1. No, there are no major issues since the game was patched to version 1.08 late 2018. Since then several updates have been released and the performance, especially in online multiplayer, has been improved to a pretty good level.
  2. It`s only one trophy that requires online multiplayer, isn't it?
  3. Pretty sure this should work.
  4. I've completed one of the bulletin board quests yesterday and realized that I've received the two items wich ID my character has in his name. So there might be some dialogues where the trick will work, but I guess there is no place where you can use it like before the patch.
  5. Maxing out luck is only worth it if you are someone who likes pain. Both grinding the luck spehres and the corresponding activation spehres is a hell of a grind. Pushing it to 120-130 is more than enough for every end game enemy/boss.
  6. You can do it now
  7. I thought that I am not too bad at CTR but now I've started to try the time trials and realised that I am not good at all. This is some serious shit Even at Coco Park I am missing Tropy a few milli seconds.
  8. This trophy will pop most likely in the natural progression of the game. I don't think you have to plan this
  9. Play online. I played 4 races in a row and in the last one I only finished on 4th place but won 300 coins.
  10. I just finnished a race on 4th place and won 300 coins
  11. Hi there, I just started the game and I was wondering where to find the notes to open the closed bunkers with the number lock that you've mentioned in the other thread. Also are there any perks I should buy first to make the collectibles more easy to find or to make other things easier?
  12. Sony cares about your health! Praise them...NOW!
  13. May I ask you why are you going to do this?
  14. Allthough this question is nearly one and a half years old, yes they have to be unique. You need to fill 66 slots in your inventory with different items.
  15. Gendry