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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I recognised this as well since I've visited the now fourth Atlas Interface. I've always received a receipt for some fancy stone that requires the last one too. I guess you have to build all of them an use the last one in the last AI or so.
  2. Second interface, again no stone. Do you get them from this convergence? I just received an blueprint for an rare relict. However, fortunately you don't need the stones for the platinum trophy. Otherwise I would have stopped playing.
  3. My inventory was quite empty when I entered the interface I've had a look on every slot and found nothing. I thought you were supposed to get both of it in the first interface?
  4. Dear community, Call me dumb, but I can't find the atlas stone in the very first interface. I arrived, took the two warp cells and talked to this big red bubble. I've also collected the alien words using the bottom light bulbs. But how do I receive this stone and the V1 pass?
  5. Are you sure you own Salazar Slytherin? According to the character list here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps3/631936-lego-harry-potter-years-5-7/faqs/63370 he isn't even in the game.
  6. Why this is called teaser? Can't see anything that is teased...
  7. Just found out that you can buy the positions of the collectibles in Carte Blanche (in the pub). They will then be shown as an orange dot on your map. These hints cost between 50 an 100 gold. And I guess this is possible not before the eight chapter.
  8. Maybe there is something we don't see on the first look. Maybe there is a deeper meaning behind the way you move the patterns. Maybe we are all talking in a sarcastic or ironic way about the game and miss the real point, the thoughtful sense, the breathtaking narrative. Maybe the developers wanted to tell us something really important, something that could change our way of living, our view on specific things. But we are all too blind to see it? Okay, just kidding
  9. Just finished the 500 bounties today and received the platinum as well. I always did all the bounties in every single act. Collected the rewards for completing a whole act and started over again. Yes, this took me ages (about 10h) but it was worth it.
  10. Great, so it seems to be manageable
  11. I don't want to open a new topic so I ask my question here. In a range from 1 to 10 how hard is it to achieve platinum? I want to give inFamous 2 a second chance
  12. Good morning everyone! 

    1. Svantovit


      Guten Morgen! 🌞

  13. Hoho, what a classic surprise. I loved the game and played it for ages back in the early 2000's. When I've finally finished my 500 bounties in D3 I will pick that up for sure. Great!
  14. Since I don't have any idea how to insert such a nice picture into this post, you have to live with the plain text My most recent Platinum is Sherlock Holmes - Crimes and Punishments (#Fjdor) and it took me about two years to get this one. When I played it the first time I missed one single conclusion and didn't found the motivation to look for it until January this year