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  1. #58 - Crash Bandicoot 2. Not as hard as the first one, but the game did have it's moments of difficulty. Really enjoyed it though and I'm looking forward to getting the platinum in the 3rd game.

  2. Went ahead and done this name change and for the most part it works. There is one game that lost it's functionality for me and that is Black Ops 2. I can play when I'm signed out but if I want to sign in on to psn again the whole thing just crashes. Lost my online rank too as well as some weapon skins.
  3. I have the following plats: Demon's Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls II: SOTFS Bloodborne That should make me eligible for the Lord of Cinder rank.
  4. My PS3 came with 2 games: Skate 3 and Far Cry 2. I really enjoyed them both but still haven't got around to getting the platinum for them to this day 😅
  5. #51 - Dark Souls II: Scholar of the first sin. A hard game and at some points grindy, but definitely an enjoyable experience.

  6. Platinum #50 - Black Ops 3. A hard platinum to mark the halfway point to the grand 100. 

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      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone 👍

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      Nice work!

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      Great job! 👍

  7. Could I join the giveaway? My favourite game would have to be Bloodborne.
  8. #46 Transcendence Wipeout HD.

  9. Source: It will be released as a physical copy and digital copy by the looks of it.
  10. I'm trying to collect all the platinum trophies for the Souls games since I enjoy them so much.
  11. #44 Demon's Souls (EU).

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      Guess who got GTA IV? :awesome: 

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      You did? If you need help boosting let me know, I wouldn't mind helping out.


  12. COD: World at War would have to place number one on my list of favourite COD games. It was the best campaign wise because of it's gritty atmosphere, story and the ability to play co-op. Not to mention it was the first COD game to feature zombies and then again done a good job integrating the game mode. Honorable mentions go to: Black Ops and MW3.
  13. My list: Gran Turismo 5: Servers are closed. Call of Duty: Black Ops II: League play function no longer puts you in ranks which prevents me from getting the Big Leagues trophy. Skate 3: From what I've heard the servers have been shutdown. I make an effort to get 100% on my games when possible, unfortunately it's impossible to get an 100% profile with the games listed above.