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  1. In Ratchet & Clank (the reboot), if you have maxed out every weapon and Ratchet's level, does turning on the cheats disable anything?

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      No it doesn't, not from what I remember but it does take away all the fun.

  2. Just passed Snatch and Grab on MW2!! Finally! Many thanks to @poopooblast @Avatar_Of_Battle and @ee28max for the tips and links to the speedrun video.

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    2. ee28max


      @Avatar_Of_Battle That has happened to me as well! My last enemy to kill was a Juggernaut. I got killed because I panicked after I heard that loud deep sound the game makes. I ran back to the boat where the mission started and my screen got red and died. The next attempt was quite the same. This time I used a second controller to back me up. I killed everyone in the house and behind it, then the last Juggernaut came upstairs. I hit it with 3 flashbangs but I still got killed. The second controller was now in action. I only had a few seconds left to revive my partner, so I just killed the Juggernaut on the way. What a frustrating mission! :D  

    3. re_panos


      Thanks guys, I'll take note and be prepared.

    4. PooPDeePie


      Haha good job man. See the method worked. :P just had to be persistent!

  3. If anyone knows, tell me if the AEOTM trophy in AC Brotherhood pops during or after the match, so I can continue boosting when I get home.

    1. Meacham


      I remember correctly, It's as soon as you do that final bonus requirement. Just had a look on youtube as well for you and can confirm that.

    2. re_panos


      Thank you very much!

    3. BG_painter


      i can confirm it too it's during gameplay.

  4. Snatch and Grab on Modern Warfare 2 is simply impossible to beat, in both co-op and solo alike.

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    2. re_panos


      Yeah, I feel the same way too, and I hate stuff that require luck and not skill. Funny thing is, the 1st time I ever played the mission I was one step from being done with it, but got killed. After that, I don't even get close.

    3. PooPDeePie


      @re_panos in co-op, this is what happened lol. My friend stayed on the plane and remember the little hole under the plane I mentioned earlier? I stayed there and he tried to kill the juggie. Everytime he got downed to last stand, I revived him without getting shot as I was underneath him. The juggernaut wasn't also able to go down the plane because he was simply blocked by my friend. However that was really slow so to cut down on the amount of time, we flashbanged him and spammed him with  headshots with our snipers until he died.  It is only when we run out of flashbangs that we used the method I mentioned earlier. 


      As for solo: Since you are speedrunning it, you're really only dealing with the juggie at the beginning which is dealt by lobbing a flashbang at him. If you're quick enough, that's the only time you'll meet a juggie. If you're quick enough when you reach the plane, there'll be nobody shooting at you nor will will there be enemies downhill the plane. For a reference point of how fast it should be, it took me 2:30-2:45 mins total to beat the level can't remember in solo. With a friend it was about 15-20 mins because we took our sweet time. 

    4. re_panos


      Alright, thanks for the tips everyone!

  5. A friend of mine picked up CoD BO3 for the PS3, and convinced me to buy it as well, since we want something to play. So, my question is, does anyone have a trophy guide for this game? I can't seem to find any.

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    2. re_panos


      Thanks guys, I'll be using them. Nothing seems too hard, just a lot of grinding.

    3. nenugalimas


      The 5 ninja defuses are the only difficult part of the game. Its best to boost those. Everything else is mostly just grinding.

    4. re_panos


      Thanks for the tip. Will do!

  6. If anyone wants help with AEOTM on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, please join my session. I would love to finally get this platinum.

  7. Thanks to some really helpful guys, i finally hit LVL 50 in AC:B MP. Now I only need AEOTM, which I believe I have only one bonus left.

    1. DaivRules


      Any tips while it's still fresh for you? I really need to finish that out sooner than later. 

    2. re_panos


      All you need is a dedicated group of boosters. Nothing is hard if you know exactly what to do. I don't have any other tips though. I did almost all of my trophies years ago.

  8. I agree with Sergen. Even though the trophies were hacked, it isn't his fault he got into a hacked lobby, and if you indeed delete your GTA Online character, you lose so much effort that has been put into it. I think that the flag should be lifted as well.
  9. So I finished the 3rd and final large coliseum in Borderlands, and the "Big Tournament" trophy decided to pop before the "The Gully" trophy. Is this the way it's supposed to unlock?

    1. LucileRose


      I think it can be either way, borderlands trophies are a bit funny so don't worry about it. ^_^

    2. re_panos


      Okay, thank you for replying!

    3. Jaco


      Same thing happened on mine, so you should be fine. 

  10. Does anyone know if Overwatch: GOTY Edition has released in physical form as well?

    1. Nitroman65


      Doesn't look like it. It's pretty much origins edition  with 10 loot box. And it has the same price as origins as well

    2. re_panos


      Ah, okay. Thank you!

  11. Other people might have experienced this glitch as well, but they could have immediately restarted the game so they can get the trophies in order. I don't know if that's possible, since I have never played any Jak games, but I'm just throwing out a possibility.
  12. Your project will probably be tough, since you have started Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online. Best of luck though!
  13. I liked both of them. Yeah, they turned them into a shooter, but it's a dumb fun shooter for me, not terrible, but not great either. I'd give them an 6.5 probably. Btw, the 2nd is indeed better than the 1st one.
  14. I know, I have downloaded it, but I haven't played as much. Whenever I play a game on my phone, I choose to play Yugioh Duel Links
  15. So, I had forgotten to turn "Auto-Renewal" off for the PS Plus, and now 7 of my euros are gone for nothing. 

    1. marvelboy10


      I'm so sorry. :( for 1 year, 3 months or 1 month?

    2. re_panos