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  1. So I have been trying to play Apex, but Apex wont let me. Whenever I get to top 5 the game kicks me, and simply says ERROR. Nothing more. Anyone else having trouble with this? It is really disheartening, I have gone to top 5 for 5 games in a row with a solid team and solid kit, but the game royally fucks me up.

    1. HusKyCode


      Weird, I rarely ever get disconnected from the game.

    2. re_panos


      I dont know why it keeps happening. I rebuilt my database and see what happens now.

  2. Μaybe because it was a solo game and I won a squad game. I'll play a squad game and we'll see
  3. That's weird, I didn't get mine, but I finished 10th place.
  5. I'm gonna try and knife someone right now. Will post about it in a few.
  6. I don't see anything about the win trophies and the dagger trophy. Are they included in the statement that "Progress for achievements may have to be re-earned"?
  7. There's a new patch, 1.19. It's 3 GB. EDIT: Can't play yet, servers are under maintenance.
  8. Whoever thought that the final bonus quest on FFXV Comrades was a good quest to implement in the game is mentally handicapped

    1. DamagingRob


      Yeah, that fight kinda sucks. :/ 

    2. re_panos


      I beat it with a level 99 guy dressed as a chocobo and 2 AI. At some point whenever I got hit by anything I would instantly die, so what I did was chill on the teleport points or whatever they are called and wheneer he died I would instantly revive him, and would go back to the point right away. It somehow worked out for us xD

    3. DamagingRob


      Lol. Nice. Yeah, those instant kill attacks are so unfair.. 

  9. I was happy because no lists popped here, so I had hope that I could 100% every Final Fantasy. Oh well, I guess I'll try comrades like this too in the future.
  10. If nothing good comes up on the christmas sale, I'll probably get Resident Evil Code Veronica for the PS4. Also Monster Hunter World, so I can play with some new friends.
  11. Οh, ok then, I'm used to people not reading anything and jumping to conclusions lol They probably will have passive mode though, GTA V had it, why not RDR2?
  12. I just got Kenny with the AI whiel farming for gil lol. 3 more missions left and I will be done
  13. You do realize that his post said that he would like private servers, right?
  14. Oh, yeah, unfortunately that's not the case. If it was, I would have bought all 5 stacks, but since I ahd to do the same things 5 times without a brake, I didn't do it. Too much grinding and probably not enough time since school is really fucking me up lol
  15. I really liked the design with the cards that you can equip. It was also the only co op Harry Potter, so I could play with my friends.