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  1. As a JoJo fan, all I am using is Jotaro and Dio. What I do is basic attack three times, Star Finger him (sorry if it sounds weird lol), then 3 basic attacks again, and then finally ORA ORA him. I defeat enemies that are 30 levels above me with relative ease. Idk about any other tactics, but I shared my own lol.
  2. I appreciate that fellow JoJo fan
  3. No, after that I was banned for PS Home and Wipeout. The forums are just toxic, and I can't do anything about it. If you can allow me to stay either way, then I would be really happy.
  4. I got banned (meaning that I'm off the leaderboards) because people like to go on witch hunts on this site, because "I hack trophies", which I don't. When I asked how I hacked them, and I gave proof that I didn't, they gave me absolutely no proof. So either I just get of this LP, which is unfortunate as I really liked being a part of it (even if I never really talked), or if you know a mod that's not superstitious and doesn't have an authority complex that could help me out with my situation, please let me know. That's it. So if nothing can be done, I am glad we shared all these tips for Hollow Fragment (or any tips really), I couldn't have done it without you guys. (Also sorry if I don't make much sense, I'm really angry/upset at the moment). Enjoy the rest of the LP!
  5. How are they impossible? They aren't bogus or whatever. I just didn't sync all those years back. Just because someone said they are flaggable doesn't mean it's true. (Side note: I didn't use my story as an excuse for someone to feel sorry for me, it's just how things are, and I can't thing of another way to explain why I synced my trophies so late.)
  6. It's kind of a long story, but let me explain. My parents split up when I was young, so I had to spend time with both of them. For that reason, my dad bought me 2 PS3s, so I didn't have to carry them around every time I wanted to visit. I didn't have internet at the time (I lived with my mom) but my dad had internet, so whenever I wanted to play online I had to wait for my dad to pick me up during holidays and what not to play. Me and my best friend back then were huge LotR fans, and we found this game on sale, saw it had multiplayer and we thought it would be great to play together. So we bought it, and we played it when I went to my dad. Back then, I didn't really know about trophies (or cared), so I never bothered with anything outside of popping a game in and playing. I discovered that PS3 that I played LotR some time ago, since I move around a lot, with my dad buying me a new console for every place (for example, I was born in Greece, got a ps4 here, but I recently moved to Spain, and he got me a PS4 there too). I don't know if that answers your question.
  7. If it's bannable to have more than 1 PS3, and never boter syncing 10 years ago when you didn't care about trophies, then sure, go ahead and ban me.
  8. Why would it be a great thread?
  9. re_panos The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Hello. I was flagged for LotR Conquest, because I earned trophies after the server shutdown. However, that is not true. Every online trophy was earned at January 2010, and the shutdown was during March 2010.
  10. I do not recommend it in the slightest, unless you have friends that are level 99, cause these guys are practically gods of this game
  11. If you ever want to torture someone, make them play Comrades. I guarantee they will lose their mind.
  12. FFXV Comrades just keeps on getting more aids. Now Kenny one shots you completely, he doesnt just put you in dying state. I love this game.

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    2. re_panos


      I found a level 99 player that was really good and we beat it. If I could thank him somehow I would, but the game doesnt have anything to show the real PSN ID. We stunlocked him so hard Kenny would barely move. But yeah, I highly recommend to NOT start this game. It is incredibly imbalanced, and the guy who won it was practically the level 99 guy that had everything maxed out.

    3. Spaz


      Another reason why I’m not buying Final Fantasy 15.

    4. re_panos


      I havent played the single player, so I cant say anything about it. Comrades is really weak though.

  13. So I have been trying to play Apex, but Apex wont let me. Whenever I get to top 5 the game kicks me, and simply says ERROR. Nothing more. Anyone else having trouble with this? It is really disheartening, I have gone to top 5 for 5 games in a row with a solid team and solid kit, but the game royally fucks me up.

    1. HusKy


      Weird, I rarely ever get disconnected from the game.

    2. re_panos


      I dont know why it keeps happening. I rebuilt my database and see what happens now.

  14. Μaybe because it was a solo game and I won a squad game. I'll play a squad game and we'll see
  15. That's weird, I didn't get mine, but I finished 10th place.