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  1. I'll go for the Storm Boots, since I still got these GGO Boots from the DLC lol That explains everything, I didn't play for at least a year. I'll make sure to plat it now since I started it again
  2. Hey guys, I just started Hollow Fragment again and I'm kinda enjoying it, even though I had to start all over in the Hollow Area since everything reset to rank 1 for some reason. Anyway, is there any equipment I need from HNM's (besides the Necro Coat, since I already have that for some reason) so I can focus on one area only, cause I'm too lazy to bring every area back to Rank 3?
  3. A random thought that occurred at 5:30 am: When you go into a game and look at it's trophy list on this site, it says that this game is part of the following example (For example, Resident Evil - 20 Games). I wonder why can't you click on that to show you every game of the franchise. Anyone know if this is gonna be implemented in an upcoming update?

    1. vincdel123







    2. Dragon-Archon


      Yeah, it's a work in progress.

    3. re_panos


      Cool, thanks guys!

  4. No, I meant I have done 17 implements, as in I need 83 more for the trophy I didn't phrase it correctly lol When I get back into the game, first thing I'm gonna do the implements, then go up to 150 level at least, then HNM monsters (with the grinding for equipment in between) I have everything perfectly planned in my head, now all I need is to find some dedication to do it
  5. Oh I completely maxed every weapon, it's just that for some reason my dumb self 2 years ago never did implements while working on the 80 different hollow missions, so now I'm left with 17 implements done and every area at rank 1 lol
  6. Lol I'm seeing you guys talking about progress and OSS skills, and here I am with every area reset to rank 1 because I wanted to max out every weapon proficiency skill Really need to get motivated to grind again
  7. To anyone that doesn't know, it appears that all Assassin's Creed Black Flag DLC's for the PS4 are free. I never read anything about them going free, so I'm just telling you all just in case.

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    2. re_panos


      I have bought the season pass, but on the PS3 version. You think it could be related to that?

    3. Deceptrox


      I don't think so. I only own the PS3 version along with the dlc for it. The dlcs from the PS4 version have regular prices for me. Are you sure you didn't buy the season pass for PS4?

      I bought the gold edition for PS3, it came with the season pass.

    4. re_panos


      Yep, I'm sure. I mean I got the actual Season Pass for free.

  8. Lol thank you, I'm now raising every weapon to mastery 1000, after that, the real grind begins
  9. Thank you very much! (Masamune made it btw) Fun fact is I still haven't played any Hyperdimension Neptunia games, although I have 3 of them. I just watched the anime and loved Noire Once I'm done with Hollow Fragment I'll probably play them
  10. I'm currently done with all of the mp trophies, except for the 2 that need grinding, and honestly it isn't that bad. If you are somewhat decent at the multiplayer you'll generally earn 1 level per game (maybe more if you complete a lot of challenges). MP is quite enjoyable too
  11. Looks great, thank you!
  12. I would like to join as well! I've already platinumed Lost Song, so if you are doing the custom trophies thing for me too, I would like the one with Leafa (with re_panos on it)
  13. Τhe only game with brilliant soundtrack that comes to mind is Child of Light. Truly amazing. I used to open the game and leave it on the main menu just to listen to the soundtrack.
  14. I'm feeling that I'm slowly but surely turning into a casual gamer. By casual gamer I mean the kind that doesn't care about trophies. They honestly start to take my enjoyment of a game, and I think that I'm even gonna disable the notifications. I just wanna play games, and sometimes I get stuck on a game that I really don't wanna play anymore. Maaaybe I'll plat games I truly love, but I don't know.

  15. God, Destiny is so boring to solo. Too bad none of my friends wants to buy it because of League of Legends and Fortnite... Stuff is so difficult rn that I consider dropping it, and I hate that, cause I love this game