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  1. Ah, I see, this is why it might not have popped on Uncharted 2. Thank you very much for the replies guys!
  2. I am asking because on Uncharted 2, I did the last chapter on Brutal first, and then I played from Chapter 1 to 25, and I had to do the final battle again. What I did was: Play on Crushing from chapters 1-5, replay 5 on Easy, then chapter 6 on crushing. Everything was saved on the same slot.
  3. Hey, sorry for replying late. Brutal isn't unlocked yet. I'll probably just replay the whole thing just in case, the first 6 chapters are short anyway 😂
  4. I started playing U3 a while ago, and started on Crushing. I am combining the Crushing playthrough with finding all of the treasures, but I forgot to get one during Chapter 5. So I went back on Easy and ran through the chapter getting the treasure. However, I saw afterwards that the difficulty trophies in U3 say that you can't change the difficulty, which was not the case in the other 2 games. Will the difficulty trophies unlock? Or even if they don't, will Brutal be unlocked afterwards, since I am going for 100%?
  5. It doesn't one shot the helicopter, but you don't have to run out of cover to find ammo, so you are good to go. For the final battle, I suggest you cheese him this way: Crappy video quality but super easy and effective
  6. I better start saving money. Avengers, the Last of Us 2 and SAO all in the same month. That's a big F for my wallet
  7. If it had online co-op the price would be justified. But yeah, you are absolutely right. The developers seem kinda lazy. PC users complain about the keyboard mappings, and instead of letting them make custom keybindings, an official reply from a developer was "just use a controller". I might get it if it goes on sale in the future for 5 euros or something (and I will certainly buy it if they add online co-op)
  8. I just looked into it. Steam reviews say that the game itself isn't bad, but there is no online co-op, when it should be pretty much a no brainer for a game like this. Sometimes idk what developers are thinking... smh
  9. Honestly, the only games I would like are the Harry Potter ones. When I was little, 80% of the time I would be playing a Harry Potter game (mostly the 4th or the Quidditch game). So if they remaster them in a neat little collection called "The Boy Who Lived" I would be all over it.
  10. Well technically I don't, I deleted it because I needed space for other games. Am I still good or do I need to redownload it? I'm guessing that since it is built into it I don't have to, but better safe than sorry lol
  11. Really? I don't see it anywhere on the PS Store. Do I have to actually log in to Destiny 2 for me to get it?
  12. As a JoJo fan, all I am using is Jotaro and Dio. What I do is basic attack three times, Star Finger him (sorry if it sounds weird lol), then 3 basic attacks again, and then finally ORA ORA him. I defeat enemies that are 30 levels above me with relative ease. Idk about any other tactics, but I shared my own lol.
  13. I appreciate that fellow JoJo fan
  14. No, after that I was banned for PS Home and Wipeout. The forums are just toxic, and I can't do anything about it. If you can allow me to stay either way, then I would be really happy.
  15. I got banned (meaning that I'm off the leaderboards) because people like to go on witch hunts on this site, because "I hack trophies", which I don't. When I asked how I hacked them, and I gave proof that I didn't, they gave me absolutely no proof. So either I just get of this LP, which is unfortunate as I really liked being a part of it (even if I never really talked), or if you know a mod that's not superstitious and doesn't have an authority complex that could help me out with my situation, please let me know. That's it. So if nothing can be done, I am glad we shared all these tips for Hollow Fragment (or any tips really), I couldn't have done it without you guys. (Also sorry if I don't make much sense, I'm really angry/upset at the moment). Enjoy the rest of the LP!