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Yeah, I guess I'm banned now, so profiles don't matter, right?


On the 24th of April 2019, the brilliant people of this site decided to ban me for no reason at all. I wish them good luck in everything they do, because their childish behavior is everything but good in the real life. Unless their mother feeds them forever, things will be tough for them. But oh well, what are you going to do. Stupid people remain stupid no matter what.


Best thing is, no one ever explained to me why I got banned. Some person reported me. I go sure, mistakes happen, I'll make a thread about it. And then I have all these people attacking me for things I didn't do, while I was providing as much evidence as I could. Whenever I asked this brilliant person why does he think I was reported, while I'm legit, he said (and I quote) "I'm not going to explain to a cheater how they are caught cheating". I asked him again, with the exact same response being issued. 


People in this site like to have a witch hunt, even when there is no witches to hunt. They just blame people because they feel like it. That's infuriating, but sad as well. It's sad that they will never grow up. That's all. See you folks. (Dispute thread)