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  1. It s how i said i have Trophy Bugs some Trophies are unlocked normaly other dont unlocked because in my first Playtrough i have unlock many trophies with ventus but i dont become that the same is with Terra. The third Playthrogh with Auqa the Trophy unlock normaly without a Bug This discussion is annoying because you have a fucking bug and you are accused of cheating or hacking. If you think I am cheate then take me out of this list from this site since I no longer want to explain myself. The fact is, I've never cheated and I have no idea how to hack Trophies. I earn all my trophies myself and cheating or hacking makes no sense to me. Have a good time Bye
  2. This is easy my first playthrough was with Ventus ic collect all Stickers but there was the Problem i have wrote i cant unlock trophys. So i play the others in my four playthrough i play Ventus again after that i unlock the sticker trophy in the end with the platinum Collector Collect all stickers. This unlock when you collect all stickers with all 3 chars its normaly you become this trophy with the last char ^^
  3. Ok now i understand missunderstand me ^^ In my first playthrought with Ventus i become no Throphys after than i started a new Game with the another char and than i can unlock Trophies in the Game but in my first playthrought i Fulfilled condition for the Trophy The Adventurer: Ventus 18/5000 But seriously look at my Trophys for this Game ...... Why should I cheat for this one trophy but the other unlock normally anderstand what i mean this make no sense except i have a Trophy Bug .....
  4. GINWHISKY Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Hy There First point my english is not so good sorry for that^^ The reason for this is a Trophy Bug. I have play the Game normally the middle(i mean in the first playthrough with difficulty medium) of the Game i become a Bug. With this Bug i can`t unlock Trophys in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep . Because that i started a New Game and Later i become this Trophy first without my work This make me very Angry i am not cheating and when People see this they think i have cheated. But the truth is this is a Bug. I earn every Trophy by hard "work" and i have no reason for cheating or Hack( i have no idea about Hacking , i can start a computer thats all ^^) Best regards GINWHISKY