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  1. The one with the biggest (.)(.) obviously.
  2. I am PC + PS3 gamer
  3. I'm a casual occasional trophy hunter and I'm not proud of any of them, if I want to get a platinum I follow tutorials on my phone while going for it, na mean.
  4. Alpha Protocol.. oh wait, never mind. I have played maybe 2 or 3 games of this 'gen' (I'm mostly on PC).
  5. Whaat? Did you even experience the PS2 era? It had more variety than any other gen. There was so many games in so many genres that you simply didn't know what to get.
  6. When my 320gb PS3 was full I got a 1tb replacement hdd for it and thought I would simply clone the old hdd to the new one, the software instruction said I could do it. Little that I knew that PC can't even read a PS3 hdd because it is encrypted, so I corrupted my old hdd data and lost 5 years of game saves, all thanks to some shady chinese hdd cloning software instruction, they probably hadn't even tried cloning a PS3 hdd themselves, ughh.
  7. PC has a lot to offer but it is true that sometimes its a hassle. You can play older games in graphical quality that wasn't imaginable on consoles at the time, some of my favorites Deus Ex, Max Payne 1-2-3, Mafia, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, the Hitman games, especially Blood Money. If you want to play an older game always check google for mods that improve graphics. Then you have access to user content. Fallout New California for example was released not long ago. I occasionally play Thief 1&2 fan missions which are still being actively made and for the last 20+ years, hundreds and hundreds of missions and campaigns, some of them far exceed the quality of the originals (because game developers have restricted time while fans have all the time in the world). Unique game like Commandos (1998) highly recommended. Turn based Heroes of Might & Magic (2&3 my favorites) that you can sink hundreds and thousands of hours into.
  8. You will have to use a guide anyhow.
  9. Are you serious? You really think that Sony are going to shoot themselves in the leg by banning the sequel to Catherine? You think Sony hate money? Are you ok? Did you forget to take your meds? The most they are going to do is ask the devs to cut on some nudity.
  10. I was going to say. This is the only place where this 'censorship' is discussed because it does not matter. We will have our normal games and they won't have their pedo games, big deal.
  11. What is this Sony censorship everyone here talking about? This is the only place and time I heard of it.
  12. It's the last true Tomb Raider game. With a little more polish it could have been great. But those damn spiders, arachnophobics bewere 😩
  13. Posting something from the PC gaming universe for your listening pleasure:
  14. OMG the person above me has almost 100% completion with 100 games................................................. oh and the platinum I choose is Hitman Absolution since I have it too and it was fun.