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  1. PS3 multiplayer was very active when they shut it, for shame, I liked playing the Survivors mode.
  2. I got i5-4570, Geforce 1660ti, 16 gigs of RAM and my monitor is 31.5 inch 1440p 75hz.
  3. Nooooo.. oh wait, all I play is 5 to 15 year old games 😆😆😆
  4. I got my PS3 Slim in March of 2012 and my first game very fittingly was Uncharted 2, followed by God of War 3 and Heavy Rain.
  5. Haha MGS3 is the only Talentless Hackima's game I have managed to complete, the wooden controls and the autistic dialogues and cutscenes are so offputting, I have to roll my eyes every time I see someone praising his game. I don't know how MGS2 can even be played because you literally can't see more than 10 meters ahead of you while the enemies see you, and that in a freaking stealth game! I can't believe how overrated he is, Tim Schafer is an innocent baby in comparison with his 3th grade humor and absurd puzzles.
  6. It happened to me, it was pretty deep into the game and therefore I gave up on it.
  7. Dirt 2 is one of my favorite racing games, its online is still active after 10 years after its release, that's how good it is. Dirt 4 feels like a computer generated game, I bought it on sale but still regretted it.
  8. OP please read that. Sands of Time has two combos that make the combat super easy, but the problem is that the game never tells you this. I too had a lot of frustration with the combat, somehow I managed to get to the last part of the game with the round elevator but it was impossible to beat it without those two combos. The combos are: jumping over the enemy and stabbing them in the back, and jumping from a wall onto the enemy. Once you learn these two combos the combat becomes a breeze. Sands of Time is one of my favorite games, I have platinumed it too. I love the visual style and the atmosphere, it looks like a Persian tale, amazingly beautiful despite being a 6th gen game.
  9. I need tennis, darts, golf and shooting range 😀
  10. The map in this game is goddamn awful. I have played this game for 30+ hours and I still don't know where the heck I'm supposed to be going half the time.
  11. They did it because the PS4 was underpowered at launch, it was equivalent to a midrange gaming PC at best, although the competition was even weaker.
  12. Meh online should be free like on other platforms.
  13. Surprisingly it's a quite easy X-COM trophy.
  14. I managed to win on my first try when I played the HD version on PS3, and I had no idea how and what I was doing LOL (just shows how random and irrelevant this mini game really is, it involves 1% skill, I mean moving the players, and 99% chance).