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  1. I buy games on sale all the time, but Spider Man hasn't been under 20 bucks so far.
  2. Sony were giving Horizon Complete digital away for free a couple of months ago, I couldn't get into it but will give another try.
  3. I just added funds to my wallet, went to the PS store and PS Plus is 60$ for 12 months ughh When could it go on sale again? At the end of year or maybe on black friday?
  4. I wonder if it was the intention of the developers or it simply happened so that this game feels like a PS2 game in modern coating. SSX, Tony Hawk's, ATV Offroad Fury, etc.
  5. For 5 bucks I can't complain, might as well play it again for umpteenth time.
  6. Apples to oranges my man.
  7. There is literally no point in playing it. The driving mechanics will put you to sleep, the tracks feel computer generated, the visuals are bleak and dark. I almost feel sorry for this game. Dirt2 from 2009 is so much better in every way.
  8. I haven't been so addicted for a long time.
  9. Do I have to delete my save file and collect all 20 playstyles again?
  10. I know one difference - painfully long loadings on PS3.
  11. Instead it is a straight PS3 port that runs under 30 fps most of the time and has input lag. Gimme back my 3 daalas!
  12. What did you do to my thread?