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  1. 'By sadists, for masochists' is a very accurate description of this game from someone on Metacritic. The controls don't work more often than they do. Want to crawl? You will have to click the crawl button at least twice until it responds. Want to open a door? Tough luck - you are too close to it! Move your character back a little and then maybe, if you're lucky, you will be able to open the door. Want to dive with the diver? He won't use his diving equipment and will be able to hold his breath underwater for only 5 seconds. Often he will simply die for no reason just when you started diving. And so on and on and on. I just don't get it, Commandos 1 is one of my fav games and it has very tight controls. The game can be hard at times but it will never bug out on you. This however is the complete opposite - 90% of the time you will be having hard time and when something actually works, a simple thing like neutralizing a lone enemy - you will feel like you accomplished something HAHAHAHA The objectives are very vague - steal documents. But there are like 5 buildings on the map - at least give me a clue. The loading times are ridiculous - these are slightly upgraded grafix from 2001 - why does quick loading take so long? My Pentium 200Mhz with 32MB of RAM did it faster in 1998, are you kidding me? It's like Pyro studios were overtaken by body snatchers who had no idea how to make a game and this is what they came up with for the sequel. And this convoluted mess is fan favorite how and why? Only god knows.
  2. I always recommend Archibald's Adventures, it's a 2D puzzler/platformer/action game with over 200 levels, wonderful bright grafix and musix, it's available on pc/steam/ps3/psp/vita/ios.
  3. The original Commandos and its Add-on (that's how mission DLC was called in the older days) is one of my favorite games, but I could never get into Commandos 2 no matter how hard I tried, they completely changed the mechanics and the grafix and the interface, the controls felt too awkward and overcomplicated. Now after 20 something years I finally got past the first two training missions on PS4 of all platforms 😬
  4. I always recommend Archibald's Adventures is a platformer/puzzle/action game with over 200 unique levels.
  5. Drake wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating, looks out the window and sees the nuns from his childhood foster home (they have rejuvenated because they followed Drake to Shambala). Elena runs into the room holding a cup of tea "Drake! Are you alright?" A red dot appears on her forehead "Elena! Duck!" "What?" BANG "Nooooooooo! Elena! God no!" To be continued
  6. This is Uncharted we are talking about, not Gone Home or Life is Strange.
  7. I expected this series to end on a high note, but it was the complete opposite - it was very anticlimactic and it made me feel sad and I'm not even a Uncharted fan! We are shown a new character - Drake and Elena's teenage daughter - and we have to walk her around - this would only work at the beginning of the game, but it's the end of the game and the whole series - we don't care about this character, we don't know anything about her and don't want to because the series will end any minute! And then the 'big deal' comes - the daughter learns about the Indiana Jones past of her parents - who cares? How the ending should have been - Drake and co are sitting in the same beach by a table cracking the usual Uncharted jokes, laughing and sipping cocktails and remembering all the crazy things that happened to them - beautiful sunset - the end. That would have been a 100x better ending than what we got.
  8. You just described every online racing game ever.
  9. That's how I feel more or less. I think the average age of the games I play is around 10 years.
  10. I got my DS4 brand new with my PS4 slim, my sticks were actually faulty, they were drifting and it was very annoying and I had to disassemble them and 'clean' them, to my surprise it helped and they don't drift anymore, but the sticks still feel wooden/clunky to me, I'm now replaying Uncharted 4 and aiming with them is just plain bad. I remember how smooth was aiming with my DS3 in shooters. I wish I had an adapter that lets me play with my DS3 or ekbok controller.
  11. I have not played Shadow and don't intend to, because Rise annoyed me so much that I had to quit it. The characters were so cardboard and the story so bland that it started angering me. I quit at the point when Lara got to a medieval looking village with lots of people and it started to feel like Skyrim and I don't like Skyrim and I don't want it in a TR game.
  12. That game deserves to crash and burn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. These bad bois:
  14. From the ones I have tried only Black Flag could grab me.