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  1. I'm a casual / recreational / periodic trophy hunter and this list is terrible to me - find all this, find all that, collect all this, collect all that. You can only do it by following a video guide which kills all fun of playing and hunting, there is no way you will find and collect everything on your own even if you play the game five times in a row, better to just forget about trophies as such.
  2. You can replay games only so many times. I believe I have played Alpha Protocol on the PS3 more than 10 times (great version btw, never had any problems with it despite many saying that it's a glitchy buggy mess). And now tell me - what are the Alpha Protocol alikes on the PS4/PS5? There are none, they don't exist. What exists is an ocean of open world collectotron games.
  3. Alpha Protocol is one of my favs, it takes at least 3 playthroughs to platinum it.
  4. I got my PS3 slim in March 2012 brand new with 320 gigs, years later I upgraded it with a 1TB HDD and made a mod for better cooling. The console is feeling great but the DS3 is worn out, I bought a third party controller as a donor and replaced the joystics but they're not as good as the originals as you all know.
  5. I don't work work that many hours, I own a small business, inherited from my dad, and my employees do 90% of the work, but being the employer is a different grind and I'm not fit for it and therefore unhappier than before when I was a regular employee in a big IT company and it was more suitable for me.
  6. You contradict yourself. If you don't like that the PS3 is a 720p 30 fps, you should hate the PS2 which is sub 480p 24fps, if ure lucky. I won't say anything about the PS1 and it's 3D capabilities. The PS2 introduced me to the world of Playstation but I can't play it today on the original hardware because it looks horrible on a modern display while the PS3 looks fine, the PS360 defined the look of 'HD' games. But at the end of the day for me the grafix have never mattered with a few exceptions, e.g. nobody should play GTA4 on the PS3, it looks like blurry brown vomit, you can play it on a potato PC in high res.
  7. I was a late adopter, PS3 was my main platform from 2013 to 2019ish. My life was much simpler during that time, I had more free time and could dedicate almost all of it to gaming, my favorite hobby. I often worked from home and could kick back and start gaming as early as 5pm. I loved the free online despite not playing that much multiplayer. There was a special aura around the PS3, unique hardware, great exclusive games. By 2019 I felt like I was missing out and got a powerful video card for my PC to try out modern games at 1440p but the problem with PC is that it has no personality being a open platform, I mostly use it for mods like fan missions for the Thief games. I switched to PS4 last year but it's a formulaic console with PC architecture. I like it but there is no magic to it. I much prefer DS3 over DS4 with its wooden sticks. My life sucks now, I come home from work at 6pm and usually have to keep working till 8pm and often have no energy to do anything else than lay down and watch youtube on my laptop. I often remember my PS3 days with fondness, yes it was the era that introduced DLC and Season Pass and all that nonsense, but at the same time games were less service-like, na mean.
  8. Is the crazy Saudi Arabian trophy hunter alive still? I imagine easy PS4 platinums made his OCD ten times worse 😁
  9. They are more or less equal in that you will most likely get frustrated quite a lot.
  10. Snagged it now at 60% off bchis.
  11. I buy games on sale all the time, but Spider Man hasn't been under 20 bucks so far.
  12. Sony were giving Horizon Complete digital away for free a couple of months ago, I couldn't get into it but will give another try.
  13. I just added funds to my wallet, went to the PS store and PS Plus is 60$ for 12 months ughh When could it go on sale again? At the end of year or maybe on black friday?
  14. I wonder if it was the intention of the developers or it simply happened so that this game feels like a PS2 game in modern coating. SSX, Tony Hawk's, ATV Offroad Fury, etc.