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  1. killzone 2, cause its imossible
  2. I'm probably gonna get it today, been using the hapiness island glitch. Since ps3's are so cheap nowadays every trophyhunter should have 2 of them. Single sided boosting saves so much time. Took me so long caus I was waiting for a dlc sale. Got the full version including dlc last month. So after the plat, comes the dlc
  3. Got this reply 29th of June, thought i would post this. Looks bad. Hi Edwin, No news yet, we haven't got any reply. I will follow up but I don't feel we will get the support needed to release a patch. I will contact you if there's any news about this in the coming weeks. Best,
  4. EDIT: Got it working
  5. picked it up because of this topic, saw it was free and figured it was an easy 100%. Became the fastest achiever without any effort. Not even a terrible game, but will never play it again.
  6. so you need 3 local ps4's to do 100% from scratch? How long will it take this way? i allready have 2, and can borrow one easily
  7. i bought a used copy of season 2 today, 10 euros. season 1 and 2 cost me 30 euros this way. i enjoy pinball, but not 180 euros worth of dlc. I would say season 6 and 7 got easier with the update, would think it means less tables to do if they update the game this way. All tables means all tables currently in the dlc right? never mind, at the time of first writing this, the season packages were still available on the store. So now its impossible to get all trophies in season 3 till 7 dlc
  8. How long does it take to boost this from start with 2 Ps4's?
  9. The wikipedia list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_VR_games The reddit list https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/wiki/index/games Reddit also includes demos and free to play from all regions.
  10. Got the same reply, this indicates they are getting complaints. Also complain with Playstation support.
  11. If a patch exists, then shoudl be easy to fix it on another region. Im also gonna send my complains to sony support. Just keep complaining
  12. Hey all, I like this game and can only play the european version. Allready started after reading its glitched. I emailed the developer, i advise you all to do the same. I dont think it will be much effort to release an existing patch on the eu stores.
  13. GTAIV and 100% at that!
  14. looking to trade for 5 to 1 trophy. Got 3 rare crates and 2 uncommon hats 1 of which is certified. als a very rare boost trail. Player who helps me can have it all. Just care for tropies. Send me a friend request.
  15. This game is actually way worse than bomberman ultra PS3