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  1. PSVR is not required
  2. i popped 2 dlc trophies without the dlc. the others are impossible i would reckon?
  3. Just started playing again. And i would say its better than ever. I think they have fixed a lot of the connecting problems. Most of the time you dont have to wait for a game.
  4. It's very easy to find a match. Trophies are hard. And other players are getting very good. Great community
  5. when i bought my ps4 og i upgraded it with a 2tb drive. For trophy hunting purposes i kept my ps4 og when i bought my pro. I upgraded my pro immediatly with a samsung 850 evo 2tb drive. due to a recent sale, i also swapped my 5 year old ps4 og (swapped an old 500 GB drive back in) for a new pro with 1tb. Cost me 120 euro's So i have 2 ps4 pro's right now. of which one is still in the box
  6. The hmd is not strapped, you can slide it forward easy.
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to figure out if having two sharpshooters makes sence. And I'm thinking, it doens't. I just ordered 2 original smaller gun attachments which i think should work better for 2 player railshooters.
  8. Is this 2 players?
  9. Hi all, I recently bought a Sharpshooter for PS3. I googled for a gameslist but a specifiek gameslist of games which fully utilize the sharpshooter does not exist. Im looking for games like killzone 3 or resistance 3 which fully use it and the navigon controller. Also i am wondering if it makes sence to own 2 sharpshooters with navigon controller for 2 player games? Railshooters like House of the dead or time crisis don't seem to need the navigon i think, so maybe just get 2 original gun attachements (the smaller one) for those type of games?
  10. The season pass is now on sale. So combining the season pass with the ps plus edition unlocks all dlc's voor 100% completion?
  11. In XMB, try going to Playstation network > account management > transactions > downloadlist. You might still be able to find it there.
  12. ran into episode one on psnow, bought episode 2 for my daughter and she loves it. Ah well, easy trophies.
  13. somebody still got the online trophy just 5 days ago
  14. Because of a sale (1 euro for 1 month PSnow) i figured i would get some games 100% cheap. Started this and am wondering if anybody did this on PSnow? Have a feeling i'm gonna have a hard time cause of inputlag UPDATE: i finished it. inputlag makes it a bit harder, but its doable.