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  1. I see that I'm the only person on PSNProfiles history that's been given a warning point just for calling someone a fucking idiot. You know what deal with it you snowflakes. This is why this generation is full of desperate attention seekers and ego narcissists who can't handle being insulted in the slightest of all. Go ahead and ban me if you will but it won't affect my life one single bit nor will it affect my trophies because they are there at sony's servers forever lol
  2. As much as I really want for it to happen it won't because they'll just do the exact same shit all over again :/
  3. Makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the clarification
  4. Yep and I got the plat. Thanks guys!
  5. Neither is here on PSN which has it's many flaws comparing to Xbox One X's superior amenities
  6. As the title says as I keep getting C ranks. Has it anything to do with lowering the difficulty to beginner?
  7. Any proof? Just asking because I'm not sure if it existed before 6.00 or not.
  8. Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package Rarity = 2.14%
  9. AC Origins
  10. I think I'm pretty much done with it.
  11. I Hate Running Backwards! Trust me, It's worth the challenge
  12. Go for it. I'm down for the challenge as well
  13. Have anyone noticed that the "God Among Mortals" trophy has an all-seeing eye trophy image on it since it's like impossible to attain atm?