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  1. Yeah, very strange response from 2K. Hopefully World Tour works soon.
  2. I have to agree, it looks like he or hes friend used a instant Plat save for Soundshapes for the PS3 and put it on the cloud server. Than game saved/cheated the NA PS4 version off. And autopopped the other ones.
  3. He might used hes last weapon just before he beated the game. Maybe before the rails scene, he make the last kill. And that's why it might pop real close before the Beating game trophy.
  4. If it doesn't come back on Sunday, than there is another black week coming up. But by the looks of it, World Tour might stay off for good. But, things are still possible that it can come back eventually. The question is when?
  5. I like to see some Grandpa's and Grandma's and some Uncles next time.
  6. Another "brother".
  7. It could be P2P. But it could be also that the MP is plugged in 2 different servers. They announced that all 4 modes are gonna be unavailable on 15 April. So, there might be still a chance World Tour goes online like before. Edit: I got a response back, from 2K. And they say they don't know what is going on with the server. I told them, If they can contact the company that is running or owning these rights from the server for Top Spin 4. I have no idea who that is. But it is strange for sure. And that is it for now, no answer back yet. But a new ticket has been sended again.
  8. I also posted on your topic at the 2K website, and also sended 2K David a PM the guy that announced the shutdown on the web page. Lets see what comes out. To be continued..
  9. You still can get: - Tennis teacher - Win an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without losing a game. - Tennis elbow - Lose an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without winning a game. So, if you have those not earned yet, go get them now.
  10. Ok, so i searching on a public Player Match right now. So atleast that works. Server is not down yet, i can confirm. Edit: Leaderboards and Rankings are still there, and Player Match works pretty much everything in that mode. (host a custom match). Edit: 2: World Tour, 2K open, they both don't work. So 2 out of 4 modes are down.
  11. Ok, whatever dude. Anyway, if i have any information from them, and they answer my fucking ticket i will share it here. Sucks i missed on the game, might not fit with my profile the games i play. But it was a game that i like to try out. Something different. But i'm sure i will pick any other tennis games up in the future.
  12. I know how you feel, but than don't blame us for it. We tried to get information for this and by the looks of it they didn't want to tell anything about it. That's why 2K is the worst company if it comes to online servers and stuff.
  13. Sure buddy, blame us for it lol.
  14. I boot the game up and just checked, and leaderboard & ranking is still available. Hello, everyone. On April 15, 2018, 2K will shut down the servers for Top Spin 4. So what does that mean, if you still own the game? The good news is that you can still play it offline, but online play won’t work. Thus, after that date, the following features won’t be available: Player Match World Tour 2K Open "Leaderboards and rankings"
  15. Yeah, that hurts alot. Will this be your first unobtainable? And also btw, they never replied back to me either. Not on twitter, and not on the website support my ticket is still not answered.