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  1. @Great_MazingerZIs a really good friend of mine, we all feeling this way sometimes. And GMZ has a really respectful account you can’t bash that. Now I do also get this burned out feeling with gaming/trophies than I take a break for a few days and come back again. I am sure GMZ will find his way back to the hobby 👍. All the best mate.
  2. I am glad i got it last year. I hope you can play with bots that would be nice and easy to get it done.
  3. Thanks guys for the answers. Much appreciated it.
  4. If you login everyday to unlock items can a trophy unlock? Thanks!
  5. I respect your opinion I understand your point of view as well because you taking it carefully as Far Cry 2 has been fixed many times by itself in the past, and you just wanna wait it out while Ubisoft is still investigating. But in my eyes it’s always better to put more pressure on them. Some games have been fixed quiker that way and some eventually very late. Lets hope they come back, because I am in the same situation like you having the MP uncompleted on my account. And I do care a lot to finish it trust me. I won’t be bumping this forum until I know more about the situation or any of you guys because this will be a useless post. All I can say is lets just hope it comes back up asap. One of the examples is this game and it was a big succes Ubisoft refused to fix it, but somehow people never gave up. Tom Clancys Splintercell Blacklist:
  6. A lot of people did this with Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs those games are more active than Far Cry 2. That's the reason why these games were back up quikly. I don't think it would matter, because they have a ton of topics with questions about their own games in their forums from people. The more people bring up attention for the game the quiker they will try to reach the team. It's better than reach them on Twitter, because you will just waste your time that way. And the discussion topic about Far Cry 2 is in my opinion worth it if you just comment there, instead of here. I do know that it will take some time before the servers are back online for Far Cry 2, this has happened in the past many times that the server came back up after a few months. But if anyone wants to give a opinion about the situation they can do so in that forum. It's their job to handle all of that as a Support Stuff or Community Manager. I don't think they will get annoyed by it. Because they do care about their titles and also fixing them or announce a shutdown for any of their titles. It was a suggestion, because there aren't many comments over there. And it's their job to do that, and most of the time they just reply with 1 statement about the situation.
  7. Latest post by Ubisoft Support Staff: Ubisoft Support Staff Ubi-Karl 1318 posts Apr 18, 2022, 3:34 PM ''Hey guys! I do fully appreciate where you're coming from there with the need for more visibility, however we do not have any further communication visible and are still waiting for further updates, so anything in relation to how long it may take for this to be addressed, what will be the case going forward and other details it isn't something we will be aware of as of right now, I'm afraid. As far as the post you're referring to Faqtur-matur, it has been confirmed that details that were provided by Halvors have been forwarded by Ubi-Mushi, as it may indeed aid further investigation. We will try to keep you in the loop guys as we go and thank you for bearing with us for the time being.'' We need to bring up some more noise in here guys, so post your comments in here if you haven't done it yet: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/145342/far-cry-2-multiplayer-not-working-on-ps3/25?lang=en-US&page=2
  8. Yes, everyday i bought most of the items that cost Kudos around 4 items a day. Since i was very low on crowns i was saving the 2-3 i had. And manage to buy a item for 1 crown and than bump it back at 2 crowns again since the Legendary color items are most of the time 2 crowns while i was doing the challenges everyday that bumped me up to 1 crown in a few days as well. So i wasn't running out of crowns like this. https://fallguysultimateknockout.fandom.com/wiki/Colour_schemes This is a good website to track them down, most of the colors are all 2 crowns each. So it’s important to save 2 crowns in your wallet. I was tracking them and counting them as well. I had around 46 already when I get my legendary. There are around 104/109 colors in total I think. I don’t know if the ones from the old season will rotate as well it could be!
  9. I finally manage to get my Legendary color today it was a Draconic! After more than a month it appeared around 6 weeks of constantly checking. Good luck to anyone than still need their items you will need it! This will make you so annoyed everyday. It's the most dumbest trophy i ever had to do. DON'T LOSE HOPE YOU CAN DO IT!
  10. Well done man! You are finally free from this game. Today I had a Epic color. I am sitting at 40 Color items including 9 Epic ones but so far nothing for me yet. Hopefully soon 🙏
  11. Thanks. I ordered a copy from Amazon.de.
  12. Yeah same here. I have been buying many items as well, Legendary Pattern has shown up for me 7 or 8 times already. But no Colour either. The devs are stupid for not adding this in the featered shop before 30th April. But i will back off with my words if they do so before 9 May. The only thing is to bring it up at support, and hope they do realize a lot of people are asking for that and that they will decide to add it before 9 May. Yeah sure it can appear every 24h but that's not a guarantee.
  13. Until 30th April there will be no featered Legendary Colour: https://fallguys-db.pages.dev/store
  14. A bunch of DLC's are on sale currently. They aren't fixing the contract server but continue to sell their DLC packs for this game in the PS Store. What a joke.
  15. @GUDGER666 Thanks a lot that you made this forum post about some of the games leaving PS Now. I am definitely following it and I hope you keep updating us 👍