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  1. There is so many collectibles, and some of them are just annoying to get.
  2. Extremely bad sale. Get' m out of here
  3. Is this trophy still bugged? Or are all the trophies fine now?
  4. Battlefield V #396 World War Two Hero Collect all other Battlefield™ V Trophies
  5. Had 0.31 cents left in my US account, so i picked it up. Thanks Jarethgeason.
  6. I was passing almost out when i tried to get the first place on WRC 6 on the PS4. Witch i did. It was a abnormal grind around 100/135 hours since things glitched on me. And i was only focusing on the 1st position and nothing else. I was grinding like crazy everyday for like 10/15 hours. And I skipped sleep for a few times i remember it was a 22 hour grind for 1 day, and also i was starving while doing the grind and had a headache at the same time. 1 person was chasing me, witch was pureproteinman, and i remember he was spamming PSN messages asking me about things, while i sended messages back he was also grinding the miles at the same time. It was almost like there where 2 persons, 1 was chatting to me, and the other 1 was playing to grind those miles while talking to me to slow me down.... Anyway. I can tell you this, i will never do that again. But i tried to do the challenge and i was proud that i did it. I can't remember other things but theres probably lots more with boosting. Like 15 hour sessions in 1 go. Now i'm just doing it casually, i no more rush things that crazy like back in the day. I only will rush things if i rent a game, or if i have a gameshared game, or some game is in the way with space on the HDD, or if a game is shutting down.
  7. I picked up: DOOM (1993) DOOM II (Classic) DOOM 3 For 8.97€ that's extremely cheap for those classic games. And probably the best choice from this sale imo.
  8. I am getting it. Looks doable and hopefully it's also fun.
  9. Wreckfest #395 Master of Crashes Collect All Trophies.
  10. I agree. It will make the disputes easier. Especially if some people not saying their reason. And time is getting wasted for other members and the Cheater team.
  11. A Way Out #394 All The Ways Out Collect all trophies
  12. Keep up the good work . Also i didn't know Starbreeze studio where the devs from this game. The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena. Atari is running these servers. But i'm not sure if this one is going to be effected. Maybe someone needs to do some research about it. Syndicate will 100% get a 3 month shutdown warning by EA sometime soon. Since EA running Syndicate servers.
  13. I have now all the keys that i need. I only need to beat the challenges for the 2 DLC characters and grind another 150 rainbow stars to unlock them. And do those boss hunt trophies and i'm done. If we all keep bragging about those boss hunts to EA. They might as well put them up.
  14. Some nice VR marketing right there. I decided to sell mine after Bravo Team. I wasn't feeling to sticking around for more. But it was a good expierence atleast. I do agree there are some nice VR games out there, But there isn't really a huge selection of games i was looking for other than Driveclub VR and a couple others. There wasn't any good exclusive racing games for the headset other than Driveclub VR. The only other smaller racing game was Tiny Trax and it's a budget indie racing title. Other than that there is a nice selection of shooters and Adventure/Platform games like Moss and Astro Bot. Also a huge selection of games are pretty much crap like titles no other people wanna play at all. You maybe see max 100/200 game owners for those atleast, so it says a lot about the interest. Wipeout Omega Collection you can do this without the VR headset. Same as for Dirt Rally and GT Sport. I should have done Moss, Job Simulator, and a few others. But i didn't feel to pay for them almost 100€ for only a couple titles. The VR isn't for everyone, although for me it was not a bad headset, i wasn't getting motion sickness or anything after playing more and more with it. But i just didn't feel it was worth to keep to expierence more titles. Especially when i got it for Starblood Arena witch i couldn't do in time before the shutdown. So in my eyes the investment in the VR was a mistake pretty much. But i had fun with Driveclub VR, Doom VFR, Astrobot.
  15. I just got EA Access for 1 month for the price of 3.99€ for the first time. I actually decided to get it for FIFA 18. (Due daily challenges getting unobtainable today). But changed my mind after. And decided to skip FIFA 18 because i don't have the other FIFA's on my list. And i felt it was going to be a lot of work later on on the backlog. So it was the best to drop that one.


    Also i grabbed A New Way Out, FE, and Battlefield 5 from EA Access. So i'm going to try to finish these 3 games in less than a month. The other titles EA has i have already played or purchased them a while ago. (like the Need For Speed Games, and some of the Battlefield games like Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 and PVZ 1 and PVZ 2).


    And the rest i am not really interested to play. I am not gonna do Battlefield Hardline. That is like 40.000 kills in the DLC. Too much headache too much grind, and struggle.


    FE and A New Way Out are actually very good games. And also they don't really take that long to complete. So i will have hopefully enough time to finish off Battlefield 5 before 7 November.


    They will adding NFS Heat and the new PVZ game to their EA Access. Might subscribe in the future again if they have more interesting titles.