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  1. Too much grind for that less time. + I don't have this one, so skip for me. Don't understand why these devs/company's only give like 15 days warning.
  2. The PS3 version was broken for me, my disc always frozed on the end fight against Zeus. The game was always frozing when i almost beated him. Maybe 200 times. I think something was wrong with my disc. And also i had to watch the credits as well to earn my trophy, and even than it frozed. I recommend the digital version of this game though.
  3. I'll do this one, i had never the chance to do the PS3 version since DLC was removed etc. Other than that the list looks quiker than the original list on PS3 witch is good.
  4. That's why i won't buy them anymore on the release, same goes to MotoGP 18. Theres always a trophy that will glitch, same goes to the WRC game series.
  5. For Mercenary difficulty, do you need the physical version, or can you do that also with the digital version to use the glitch?
  6. I didn't expect that they were going down in the weekend.
  7. Just Sing has been shutdown, when you start the game and you try to connect to the server it will fail.
  8. Yeah, but people didn't earn it anymore since a few days. So not sure what is going on.
  9. I read the platinum is now unobtainable again due Sell Out Trophy is this true? https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/335-skate-3/7-sellout
  10. In my Web store it says "On June 22 the servers will be shutting down for this title, you can still play the offline mode". So it looks like it is down for good.
  11. Nice thanks for the share. Looks like it is worth to pick up than. I'm ok to pay 4€ more for the disc copy. Atleast the online is quik and easy to boost than.
  12. I might grab the physical version of this game. https://www.bol.com/nl/s/algemeen/zoekresultaten/Ntt/rogue%2Btrooper%2Bredux/N/0/Nty/1/search/true/searchType/qck/suggestedFor/rogue+tr/originalSearchContext/media_all/originalSection/main/defaultSearchContext/media_all/sc/media_all/index.html Only 14€ so i will go for that. And i don't really like digital games unless they are a few €€€ $$$.
  13. How did you get BigFest? Or did you buy it when it was on the EU Store before it was delisted?
  14. You can't play FUBAR at the beginning of the game. You most beat the game on "Suicide Mission" difficulty first to unlock FUBAR difficulty.
  15. Nice job. I started this game yesterday, and selfboost this with 2 PS3 and 4 controllers, and feel already bored to do some modes 100 times to get the wins lol.