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  1. Appreciate the effort guys for those that that has good information about the delisting. But wouldn’t it be better with less messages like before? I feel like the topic is getting spammed too much. My notifications are on fire. I always getting nervous with these notifications. Maybe make a separate topic about the delisting of games for those who like to follow that? As myself I’m only interested in the shutdown announcements. I feel like those 2 things mixed together is better be split off in 2 different topics.
  2. This is a actually nice since many people couldn't beat the Crysis 2 shutdown on the PS3 including myself. And most can now enjoy getting this 100%.
  4. That sucks. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Already moved on and deleted both games of my console, but I can only blame myself that I didn’t start LBP2 extras edition that was sitting installed on my console for 2 years when I bought it on sale and LBP 3 on PS3. (LBP 3 is very easy online 3 simple trophies) while 2 takes much longer. I could say I had a lot of time getting both of them done online but I didn’t. So I am not gonna blame the devs or the studio for this. I already knew they were always risky, especially 2 that’s why I put it on a hold for some time. I have both not on my trophy list so atleast I am not stuck with a unobtainable. But I would have played them with a shutdown announcement I was actually expecting one soon. So this came to me as a suprise and for many others also. I say move on enough other games to do. But it’s still sad.
  6. Time to delete LBP 2 and 3 on my PS3 system and move on. NEXT LOL
  7. Wonder if it really shuts on Sep 16. Friend of mine linked the tweet of Rockstar: Wonder if it shuts either on Sep 16 (PS Store shutdown note) or Dec 16 from Rockstars Tweet. I will likely give the game a go after Sep 25 if it's still up by than. LA Noire and Max Payne 3 are however noted in the website link from Rockstars website. So most likely it might shut on that date Sep 16.
  8. I have sended another email at them, i might try to call them if there is a phone number somewhere. I won't give up yet, but it won't be that easy as DarkMizore said that CM got sold to EA now. Maybe EA handles those things now.
  9. Hopefully they will get back up online, as some players can still do it on PS3/Vita. So would literally make no sense leaving the PS4 version unfixed. As it is the most active version .
  10. Yes. Online still works, just tested it out. Not sure about Shift 1, but 2 still works.
  11. Play as a new character, i reached at the point getting a new character but the trophy didn't pop also Revelation trophy either pfff. How can i get this trophy? Do i need to play through the game again? EDIT: Did a new playtrough and everything popped fine.
  12. I just sended a email at: [email protected] for a reset for the Racenet challenges for Grid Autosport PS3/Xbox360. I recommend anyone still needs the trophy also sends it. The more people the better chance for a reset.
  13. Lets push all together over here and spam the crap out of them!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Only annoying part is, that they aren't putting the game on sale.
  15. Got Neverdead and Soul Calibur 5 a few days ago. They costed me 9€ together.