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  1. Like KillerUni12 said, never delete your save files. Always keep them. I made the mistake deleting my save file for Table Top Racing after the plat. Now i'm fucked, because of the DLC. And i need to grind out coins to get cars and upgrades again.
  2. Yeah if you play 1 version to 100% and you start the second stack, it will autopop after each different mode etc. Some trophies you have to redo again, but most will autopop.
  3. I just tested the online like 5 min ago, and it's still dead. I having a bad feeling about it, if they even going to bother fixing this one.
  4. You're welcome mate. Congrats on the plat. Saved indeed a lot of time buying that double booster. I also have my plat as well .
  5. I was looking yesterday on pstrophies.org. I was really shocked when i saw ''Shut down''. Glad it's coming back again.
  6. The best way to level up is buy the double credit booster, and than go to single event, 450, track selection and online tracks. Search the track ''Credits Boost SX'' and keep doing that one. You will get around 250k XP in 3 min excluding loading times on easy difficulty. If you put Realistic difficulty you can even getting more.
  7. We get another WRC game this year, looks like they updated the grafics etc. Hopefully it's not the same long grind like WRC 6 and 7. Release - September 2019.
  8. Unfortunately the above method does not work. EDIT: Guy messaged me back with the above method. '' worked for me, on the physical edition from playasia for PS4. Don't know what else to tell you, other than I simply held the PS button, closed application after each world (by this I mean, world is the group of levels per number, 1-1, 1-2 etc and then watched videos for the next group of levels and repeated.''
  9. I still need to work on Dirt Rally. But that will be a backlog game. I had it for a cheap price and bought it from the sale. So theres no rush for that, but i most knock off the online trophies ASAP. Before they might shut down some community events maybe.
  10. Nice, can't wait when i get my game.
  11. Singularity. Got this cheap today for a couple €.
  12. Really looking forward to this one. I had fun playing the other Deponia series .
  13. Syndicate. Got this cheap for a couple € today.
  14. Someone posted this on Youtube: ''For anyone doing this now (I only just got the game), the easiest way to do the 35 minute trophy is to complete a level and instantly hold the ps button and close application, the timer pauses while the application isn’t open. This is a bit annoying to do but it allows you to watch how to do every level before even going into the level, no remembering anything, which was my biggest problem...I would completely forget levels.'' I will test this out one of these days.
  15. I bought it 4 days later when the server got fucked. Luckily it was only 5€ though. But as a Uncharted fan, i really like to have this one also on my list. Because it will be an incomplete series otherwise.