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  1. Hopefully they will get back up online, as some players can still do it on PS3/Vita. So would literally make no sense leaving the PS4 version unfixed. As it is the most active version .
  2. Yes. Online still works, just tested it out. Not sure about Shift 1, but 2 still works.
  3. Play as a new character, i reached at the point getting a new character but the trophy didn't pop also Revelation trophy either pfff. How can i get this trophy? Do i need to play through the game again? EDIT: Did a new playtrough and everything popped fine.
  4. I just sended a email at: [email protected] for a reset for the Racenet challenges for Grid Autosport PS3/Xbox360. I recommend anyone still needs the trophy also sends it. The more people the better chance for a reset.
  5. Correct. They dissapear if a flagged game is hidden on the profile. The flag message clearly says '' Catherine: Full Body '' OP has 0% so no trophies are earned. Other than that i have no idea. Mods probably have better answers here.
  6. Lets push all together over here and spam the crap out of them!
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Only annoying part is, that they aren't putting the game on sale.
  8. Got Neverdead and Soul Calibur 5 a few days ago. They costed me 9€ together.
  9. I am getting Scott Pilgrim and Baja HD.
  10. Just tested it and it’s seems down for me.
  11. Glad i did Nascar Heat Evolution just in case a few days ago. Sucks when they shut without a warning as they only announced 2 and 3.
  12. Thanks for the confirm @Stevieboy appreciate it.
  13. Hi guys. I wanna buy this game with the DLC, but i heard there are some issues about updating patches along different versions between EU/US? If anyone can confirm i appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. I guess I will throw a few hundreds to pick stuff I want from Vita and PS3 Store and double check all cross buy games that I didn’t download. Always these idiots at Sony gives us a difficult time 🤨
  15. Atleast I’m happy that we still can redownload en sync trophies on the PS3 and PS Vita. Hopefully Sony will do a big final sale on everything in both stores before they close.