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  1. These trophies are the best in your first season. Just need to take the right answers. I'm pretty sure you need to win the race to get a interview. Because if you retire or lose you won't be interviewed. So it's the best to do these trophies in your first season, and second season. Also i think the interview thing only appears in the career, so it looks like you can only do it there.
  2. GT5 as well. And probably dozens of others.
  3. Yes they did patched it to Hard 70%, witch is a tiny difference. Also they changed the times in challenge mode to easier AI, and changed the laps/times a bit easier, but also not much difference as well. Still it doesn't add much to it. Since no Restart button or eventually Rewind like you said. But atleast they made it a bit easier.
  4. That's true, they don't have to make it easy. I only send them a suggestion. But I managed to get first place on race 1 witch was a pain, i backed up my save, so i believe i need 9 more first places if i'm correctly to make that skip. But since theres no chances and restart you have to quit to XMB and try again if you mess up. On the older Motogp games you can restart that race and manipulate the settings as well (like 10/11 and turn on driving assists and 3 laps). Thats not included on this one so. You can imagine how tough this trophy is and how difficult. Thats why i making my complain to Milestone. If you get first place in Motogp 19 till race 10, you could skip till race 14 and be the champion. Since those champion trophies pop at Race 14 and 15. That will save a lot of time. I'm fine for or a challenge in a racing game if you can push atleast a restart and make the laps to 3 and leave the ai to their difficulty That's fine for me. As long you can change the settings yourself a bit. So the trophy is still a bit challenging but less frustrating. And of course leave the Pro handling to what it is. I think most people agree with this.
  5. Thanks mate. I guess i can order that copy now without worry. Big ups!
  6. I have my eyes on the Physical version. My question is, if I get the Physical version of the Collection version can I still download the episodes from the Season disc?
  7. Challenges are alright with practice. But they could make the golds like 2-3 seconds slower. Pro season is just really difficult. 10 laps, no rewinds, no racing line, ai on extreme 80%, no restart and all assists to pro makes this trophy really tough. I did send Milestone a ticket about it.
  8. That sucks for such a great game. I guess we have to look out for cheaters like these now.
  9. Look out when you sign with new contracts in your run, the trophy won't pop up if you win with Moto3, 2 or Motogp. I won all races with Moto3, but i changed my contract in the middle of my season, and the trophy didn't pop when i won the last race in the season and was the champion. I had a backup save, and used that one just before i signed in with the new contract, and got the trophy. So it might look that the trophies are missable since mine didn't pop for some reason.
  10. That's sad news. I guess i will do that as well than. Seems they aren't going to fix this one . What contact did you use for your refund?
  11. Is the DLC now done? Or does it get more free update DLC's?
  12. This guy is awesome. And no he didn't asked me any money. He helped me to get my last 3 DLC packs.
  13. It's super annoying that these events are not spawning while on the calender they said the Boss Hunts where there on June. Hopefully, soon enough they will be there.
  14. I don't own them so all good for me. Yes. When you plat the PS3 versions you can transfer them on the Borderlands server, and continue with these characters on the PS4 versions, if you download them on the PS4 versions. I believe also other trophies will autopop with it. Like the level trophies etc. That import function on the PS3 is still there.