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  1. Oh come on. Not this bullshit again. Let people do these games if they want. Go play your AAA games and leave Rat devs alone bashing them. It brings income and they can make a living and people like to stack to rank up fast on the leaderboard.
  2. Only picked up Birds Of Steel and Far Cry 2. The other games weren't interesting.
  3. Not sure about this. Still hopes out there. Some older games where fixed as well. Although it was a different company. Just need to stay positive, nothing we can do right now rather than waiting.
  4. 150 dollars atleast i'd say, 50 is nothing.
  5. Thanks KingGame for your info. I figure it out as well. I finished 6 times first place, and the rest where 8 place finishes. It gave me enough money everytime. So the system is really broken. Also weekend is the only way to get rep points sadly :(.
  6. Same here. I maybe updated a couple of my friends in the last few weeks and it gave me a IP block.
  7. Can anyone tell me how i can sign a contract in this game for a full season? I've been trying to figure it out, but it says: ''You need a full season to sign a contract'' when i try to enter the garage. I need to sign a full season contract for the upgrade trophies and the 10k. Does that mean i need to stick with 1 contract all the time? Any info is appreciate it.
  8. Looking forward to it. Racing with trucks on official tracks hell yeah. But 60 for this game is too much IMO.
  9. I will probably will get this next year if everthing is fixed.
  10. The deadline is already here for this game. So the shutdown doesn't matter. The servers where never gonna get a fix anyway. These guys are very lazy. Probably a simple reset will fix the issue. But they dedicated their times to add information in the Vita Store about the shutdown lol.
  11. Network pass is free right now in the EU store. ''Add On'' bundle make sure to download that. It comes with a lot of things, Network Pass included. The Network Pass is included in the ''Add On'' bundle via Playstation Store website.
  12. The devs from Deformers where keep resetting their servers as well after a single tweet when the servers didn't work. I like if they dedicate their time to that. Shows that they really care about it, same for StarBlood Arena, that Dev tries to stop the shutdown even link: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/03/starblood_arena_dev_trying_to_find_server_solution_after_sony_shut_down Now if more companies are doing this than i had no complains. But they just don't care. An example is Splintercell Blacklist, Uncharted Fight For Fortune and some others as well like you guys mentioned above me.
  13. Happy with Horizon Chase Turbo and Detroit Become Human.
  14. These trophies are the best in your first season. Just need to take the right answers. I'm pretty sure you need to win the race to get a interview. Because if you retire or lose you won't be interviewed. So it's the best to do these trophies in your first season, and second season. Also i think the interview thing only appears in the career, so it looks like you can only do it there.
  15. GT5 as well. And probably dozens of others.