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  1. I always waited when all the Episodes were out on the Telltale games. And than i bought the Season Pass physical disc to get a full expierence about the game story. Not just play 1 Episode and wait for another 1-2 months till the next one is out witch was annoying. Other than that i love their games.
  2. You mean selling ''cheated trophies''. Also i think OP created a new profile and moved on from this one. Anyway, you got to many flags. And disputing your games is pointless, since the timestamps shows enough proof that you clearly cheated.
  3. Probably because these games are on a auto-flag system. So anyone with these timestamps will get flagged for timestamps like these. I could be wrong.
  4. This will be a hard one. And the GRIND is REAAAAAAAL.
  5. If you search him on PSN than it shows 956 plats, and on PSNProfiles it shows 953. Witch means he hided 3 games with plats. He didn't hide the other games yet.
  6. If you look at the latest achievers for that trophy, than the last earner was yesterday. So it still works. Maybe try to delete the game and install it again. Good luck.
  7. ONRUSH (PS4) #315 and 15.000 milestone. ONRUSH Obtain all trophies in ONRUSH Not a bad game at all. I ended up doing it for my 15.000 milestone trophy as well. Some challenges are really luck based. Overal not to bad of a platinum. Give it a 4 out of 10 difficulty.
  8. That was the reason why i skipped WRC 7 because it was the same bullshit grind like WRC 6. I will still go for it eventually if there is nothing to play. But the grind in those don't make any sense. As it comes for challenging trophy list, yeah that's fun rather than pointless grinding. You can put TT Isle Of Man on that list for sure and GT Sport.
  9. I'm totally getting this. I should get this first as F1 2018 is still glitched for 1 trophy. The trophies i'm not sure for the offline part. But for online yeah it's grindy. Everything can be boosted i think. Hopefully you can boost in private matches.
  10. Yes i'm pretty sure. I tried to back out. And it did say you need to be connected to the 2K. So i'm pretty sure you need to sign in with your email adress. To play the game.
  11. Easy peasy. Step 1: Do the boring tutorial first and leave the controller idle untill the guy explains what to do and press everytime circle untill the time runs out - Trophy popped - Gold. Step 2: Enter your email adress and confirm. Step 3: Do the carreer mode and and enjoy or maybe skip it is totally up to you. Keep skipping the cutscenes and you don't have to win the games or anything (you can leave the controller on the ground till the time runs out in the longer games). You will get most trophies. The boring part is that you need to play a few games witch can take a bit off time. You will can 100% easily without even watching or reading a guide. Everything is just story related besides the tutorial witch you need to select by yourself in another mode.
  12. They going to release alot more DLC to Destiny 2. They will milk that out now since it will be on Plus. Other than that God Of War 3 Remastered is great. One of the best games that is Remastered on the PS4. Again garbage stuff on the Vita and PS3. Free is free i guess. Nothing for me this month as i own almost all the games already besides Destiny 2 (witch i won't play untill all the dlc is finished).
  13. Motorstorm RC is cheated too. I'm not sure if that is one of the flagged games he already got. But just in case i flagged him for that one now. EDIT: Also flagged him for Kane & Lynch 2.
  14. You're grandpa's Vita collection? Interesting...
  15. Well i see OP hided Black Ops 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse.