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  1. Ok thanks for the quik response. I guess i will play some Botzone matches everyday. I hope it's not gonna ending up like Transformers Fall Of Cybertron. Because the guides don't mention it is tied to the online.
  2. Aces High, and Full Deck are also online connected to the game? Can anyone can confirm? Aces High Attain an ace Valour card ranking Full Deck Collect a full deck of Valour cards
  3. Don't forget Uncharted Fight For Fortune that got shutdown without a warning as well back in 2018.
  4. Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2 #432 + 100% Platinum Get all trophies
  5. It's been a long time i posted here, but here are my 5 latest platinums from May. Override Mech City Brawl #431 (25th May 2020) Pierced The Heavens Collect all trophies MXGP PS Vita #430 (20th May 2020) MXGP Champion! Unlock all Trophies Need For Speed Heat #429 (15th May 2020) The Need For Speed Collect all trophies F1 2019 #428 (7th May 2020) and 20.000 milestone. Racing Legend Acquire every Trophy in F1® 2019 MotoGP 20 #427 (2nd May 2020) MotoGP™ Hero Unlock all trophies
  6. Thanks man. It did got better, it went up from 09:49 to like 09:58:450 around it.
  7. This game is a great masterpiece.
  8. It's not on the EU store yet, assume it still needs to be updated ''the one with trophies''.
  9. I got my top tier 1 time. It's a delta event btw, so only 2 tiers. Thanks to my friend x7eight for the event warnings.
  10. I got it for free, so don't care either way, they will fix it i'm sure of this. And also i 100% the PS3 version of it good game.
  11. Got a 04:30:757 on tier 2 with a couple mistakes. Better luck next time. Probably needed 5 seconds faster oh well.
  12. I just got the plat for the Vita version, it took forever. But there isn't much to add as Bizzy said to speed things up. Just make sure you do play in Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. You will get around 4458 fans for a double 3 lap race. I've done this grind twice on PS3 and Vita, good luck to any of you still going for this. Some screenshots earning the trophies.
  13. Thanks for the heads up mate 👍
  14. Here is the adress i used to make the Malaysian account: City: Kajang State/Province: Selangor(Shah Alam) Postcode: 43000
  15. Yup can confirm. Get it quik guys.