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  1. Yuck. My 600 didn't pop. Oh well, will delete save and restart, i'm not happy with these results.
  2. Yes. I was keep trying to connect. But it took me around 2 weeks to get in. It was horrible, glad you connected as well.
  3. This sale makes me dizzy, there is just too much on sale 🙈
  4. I am trying to connect to the online servers for Watch Dogs PS3. But it keeps giving me errors and Ubi server doesn't let me in. I have tried to reset things and my router or DNS and stuff like that but doesn't help. I will try to test it out wired and see if that will fix it tommorow. If more people had the same or know how to fix it let me know thanks.
  5. I remember this was a PS Plus title long time ago. I will likely do the PS3 version only since it wasn't cross-buy when i claimed it on PS Plus. And the Vita version doesn't seem to worth the efford, especially that high price tag. Probably after the Vanilla version of Shadow Of Mordor i will likely start the MP of Frozen Synapse Prime.
  6. If anyone can test the GOTY edition version offline while earning those DLC trophies I appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for testing. Other question: Does this work for both versions if the server go down for the DLC? Because some of you might did GOTY or Vanilla version.
  8. Oh damn that's dumb by Sony, because than Sony should ban users that doing trophies for people for money on their accounts (which i do from time to time, not lying about this) and sell games on accounts that are delisted. I was actually gonna ask a close friend on PSN claim those games on my account. I guess i will change my mind now.
  9. Just bought Crash Team Racing for €13.99 that's a good deal.
  10. My mind is saying ''do the regular PS4 version of Mordor, sale for Season Pass ends on 21 Nov' hmm'. What worked for me to let spawn a Vendetta mission: Sign up for WBPlay email verification not needed. Play 3 golden story missions: The Slaver, The Spirit of Mordor, An Interested Party. Switch back to your alt account that is on your friendlist if not add him. Than do the same thing with your alt account. After that go to random places and let him get killed multiple times by different Captains (your alt account) while free roaming. Than once that's done, switch back to your main account and free roam in the game. After a while a Vendetta mission eventually will pop.
  11. I don’t wanna sound harsh but OP you did actually plat My Name Is Mayo TWICE (the first game).
  12. It looks like there is gonna be 2 stacks. EU and NA. This is the EU version as I did the US version and still doesn’t sync. While the EU can sync now 👍 EDIT: It looks like i was wrong though. EU and NA versions share the same list. Mine did sync now tho. Maybe a different version later, i have no clue. So forget what i said.
  13. It's been a while since i posted. Here are the plats i got: Sea Of The Solitude (US) #453 This is a really good game, even for the stack. I enjoyed it for the second time overall! Mad Max #454 I had to get this done, no mather what! It was actually one of the best games i've played this year! I love the screenshot tho! No way i wanted to miss out on this game before the server shutdown. But i'm glad i did go for this one! Mafia Definitive Edition #455 I had a great time with this one as well. I totally recommend it. It's a fun platinum and has a good story line! It's one of those games that will stick into your mind for a while. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 Grand Prix #456 A LOT BETTER THAN THE FIRST GAME! Way more characters, and also had a good time with it as well. Actually the platinum wasn't really that easy, so i had to actually push myself through Insane Mode as you need to win 4 races in a row without losing in each cup. So it's just luck based. And with the right setup it's doable imo. Also i used 4 controllers in splitscreen to make this a bit easier, so the AI doesn't spam you that much with items. I actually did put my settings to English for this one. Because i like to hear the original voice acting from those characters, and don't wanna hear Dutch crap. That's why ''Trofee Gewonnen'' is now on ''Trophy Earned'' because of the English settings on my system. MINDJACK (PS3) #457 Oh boi. One of those meme games for the PS3, i actually do like them from time to time. And thankfully the boost was really awesome organised for this one and i had the online trophies very quikly. So i wanna thank everyone that boosted with me. WRC 9 #458 This was actually a pretty damn good WRC game far better and more improvement than the other ones. I'm deffo doing the PS5 version soon. I have to get back to WRC 7 and WRC 8, but i only did the online trophies in them, so i actually jumped from WRC 6 straight to 9 if you see it that way. But it was maybe better if i finished WRC 7 and 8 first and than do this one, but i will get back to them at some point sometime soon. Speed 3: Grand Prix #459 This was actually a very bad racing game but at the same time stupid funny, it was on my wishlist for a long time on the preorder list. So i was kinda late to get first achiever world wide, as WRC 9 was still in the way. But i did got second place, i was pretty close to first. Better luck next time with another title in the future . Monster Truck Championship #460 Another racing game, but this time they are back with another Monster game, i think it was actually fun also to go for the platinum. I like those games in general, if you gonna play this one, make sure to start on Extreme difficulty right away. Otherwise you have to do another playtrough, because you do lose all your upgrades and such. My Name Is Mayo 2 #461 Oh damn i didn't expect this one today. One of the better meme games of all time lol! I was suprised it was up in the store, so i got really hyped and purchased it and jumped on it right away..
  14. Just got the plat i ended up exactly at 10.000 clicks (I don't mind to do 20.000 though lol). It's a really refreshing game better than the first one imo lol. Just follow the story paths of each, it will tell you how many times you have to click. Anyway here is the trophy list from the top to all the way down:
  15. Oh damn just bought it tho will jump on it in a bit..