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  1. DLC

    Thanks good to know, too bad i sold the copy (EU version), it seems it's only 2.99 on the NA store with PS Plus subscription. On the EU it's not and price is 19.99.
  2. DLC

    Can you access the DLC straight away?
  3. Damn. I guess we have to hope and see if it might still be added before the end of the month. Maybe the recieving takes a bit more time though. But as of now, i don't have that much hope.
  4. I launched NA and EU stacks, skipped the tutorials and waited. It's been 3 days but sadly i didn't have 50k gold gifted yet.
  5. Should be approved again imo. Now everyone got screwed that got the trophy through this method, so things need to get sorted out fast. There isn't enough time, we need straight action. This is the same method as the Saints Row The Third method. Why not allow this? Edit: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/52663-what-constitutes-a-flag/ It is still approved!
  6. If anyone want to keep the server alive until the end of October or atleast another month we could all try to send EA help a pm on their Twitter for the server to be extended. I know the shutdown got announced back in July so they have all the rights to nuke it down today after the 3 months time frame. But it’s worth a try guys, 8 people I know already did it. https://twitter.com/EAHelp i just tweeted them private about it. You could do it public as well. Might be worth a shot.
  7. Yes you are correct, 2 copies and 4 controllers. 10 is a full lobby for that game. Survival Of The Fittest Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match This trophy will be a lot more easier with more people.
  8. Have you checked it at CEX We Buy? I have ordered 2 copies just in case. I believe we need to turn off the Fire wall for DIY PMC trophy to get it to work. But i am not touching the game before 20 Oct of course. Since the online takes about 8 hours to do, this could be still possible in a day for sure. But the server most stay active after 20 Oct just to be safe.
  9. I think it might get extended until further date that's what i am guessing. I mean Red Alert 3 and Mercenaries 2 going down at Nov 9, who knows Army Of Two might as well if it's still up after 20 Oct. Also both DiRT games are still up so that could be something promising. For selfboost i believe you need 4 people for some stuff that's what i heard.
  10. I do hope that you can finish it good luck πŸ‘. Everyday passed is a succes but also fearful at the same time. I think if it stays up 1 more month than I would say it might be worth it to start I think..
  11. I would love to do it, but at the same time i am scared to start it, since i don't know if they will shut it down or not.
  12. You can boost this game with another system. Just make sure the other system has 11 different users and the plat is yours ''without quitting the game''
  13. Some idiot thought it was a cool idea to add both games in 1 trophy list πŸ˜†.
  14. Assume the only test is, if the trophies pop for completing the campaign on different difficulties. But i don't know why it wouldn't unlock if the knockouts will etc. I also don't see any reports on trueachievements on Hyperbrawl forum that stuff doesn't progress. If there is any source about it, than correct me for that.
  15. I was able to test earlier before the shutdown so disabled my internet connection and earned trophies like that. Was just able to sync them just fine, tournament trophies and some of the misc ones. So it should only have 11 unobtainable trophies, which are all the Blitz trophies only and the plat itself (also showing exactly on PSNP+ as well.) So you should be good. 7 Days to Die is online i can send invites and make a private game, also a was able to join a random game as well just a few min ago in public.