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  1. Just tested it and it’s seems down for me.
  2. Glad i did Nascar Heat Evolution just in case a few days ago. Sucks when they shut without a warning as they only announced 2 and 3.
  3. Thanks for the confirm @Stevieboy appreciate it.
  4. Hi guys. I wanna buy this game with the DLC, but i heard there are some issues about updating patches along different versions between EU/US? If anyone can confirm i appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys, I have some questions. I really want to change my country flag to the Turkish flag. I also want to be visible on the Turkish leaderboard itself on PsnProfiles. Is there maybe an update coming for this soon? I made my profile to Dutch since i live here and it's also my native country, but i am Turkish myself. And i really didn't want to have a Turkish Playstation Store to deal with the Turkish TL when i made this account. Because it will be difficult. I believe on PSNTL you can change your flag and country rank. Why do i want to change it? Because, i like to have it this way. And i was thinking about it to change it to Turkish when i made the account, but like i said the Playstation Store was the issue. I know the Turkish Playstation Store is the same as the Europe one though.
  6. I guess I will throw a few hundreds to pick stuff I want from Vita and PS3 Store and double check all cross buy games that I didn’t download. Always these idiots at Sony gives us a difficult time 🤨
  7. Atleast I’m happy that we still can redownload en sync trophies on the PS3 and PS Vita. Hopefully Sony will do a big final sale on everything in both stores before they close.
  8. If this is true, and I can’t redownload purchased games or sync trophies on Vita or PS3. I will quit this hobby for good and I will sell everything I have all of my consoles and games and probably sell all of my accounts tho lol. Why should I even bother if stuff like this takes the fun away cus we can’t redownload or purchase games or sync trophies to complete and finishing them to 100% since most of us care about this anyway.
  9. I will get probably a €100 psn card just for this sale. I LIKE IT 👍
  10. Ok thanks guys 👍, I will try to secure the online trophy
  11. Thanks for the list. Got Offroad Racing and Santa's Xmas Adventure.
  12. RIP headphone users
  13. If the server for Games Of Glory work stable, i probably will step in some nice UR trophy, but currently a 50/50 for me. 🤔 So annoying that they not gave a warning before the closure though. 😫
  14. What about Hitman 1 are there any online trophies in that one? If so is there any risk to look out for?
  15. Almost the same list like 3. I probably will get both stacks once i got the PS5. I don't know if the PS4 is upgrade free to PS5. So waiting for that info.
  16. I will be picking up: Valley, and Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe. The rest don't interests me. Most AAA is available physical for cheaper. Thanks for the list like always @Neocarleen!
  17. Yuck. My 600 didn't pop. Oh well, will delete save and restart, i'm not happy with these results.
  18. Yes. I was keep trying to connect. But it took me around 2 weeks to get in. It was horrible, glad you connected as well.
  19. I am trying to connect to the online servers for Watch Dogs PS3. But it keeps giving me errors and Ubi server doesn't let me in. I have tried to reset things and my router or DNS and stuff like that but doesn't help. I will try to test it out wired and see if that will fix it tommorow. If more people had the same or know how to fix it let me know thanks.
  20. This sale makes me dizzy, there is just too much on sale 🙈
  21. I remember this was a PS Plus title long time ago. I will likely do the PS3 version only since it wasn't cross-buy when i claimed it on PS Plus. And the Vita version doesn't seem to worth the efford, especially that high price tag. Probably after the Vanilla version of Shadow Of Mordor i will likely start the MP of Frozen Synapse Prime.
  22. If anyone can test the GOTY edition version offline while earning those DLC trophies I appreciate it.
  23. Thanks for testing. Other question: Does this work for both versions if the server go down for the DLC? Because some of you might did GOTY or Vanilla version.
  24. Oh damn that's dumb by Sony, because than Sony should ban users that doing trophies for people for money on their accounts (which i do from time to time, not lying about this) and sell games on accounts that are delisted. I was actually gonna ask a close friend on PSN claim those games on my account. I guess i will change my mind now.
  25. Just bought Crash Team Racing for €13.99 that's a good deal.