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  1. oh yeah, I forgot about that damn trophy.
  2. You've got a massive list to choose from. From having a quick scan I would recommend going for the games that fairly quick, easy and dont have DLC (unless you bought the version that included all DLC) The ones that jumped out at me are; Subnautica FC: New Dawn Control Jedi Fallen Order Dying Light FC: Primal Dark Souls Remastered (You've done Bloodbourne) Infamous Second Son
  3. Definitely one of the better builds Sony has done for a controller.
  4. Devs have stated on their twitter that the saves dont cross over.
  5. if its popped up, its triggered. You need to sync your trophies. Trophy list - options - sync. If it doesnt sync you have an issue with your Internet/PSN. Happened to me last week with Conan Exhiles.
  6. Theres also a PS4 build of the master chief collection out there.
  7. I've had a PS5 since launch and I've ran LAN with no issues. Over the past couple of days since downloading the latest patch it just struggles connecting to PSN. I can run wireless and have zero issues, i've tested the ethernet cables and they are transmitting data. The PS5 even reads its got an internet connection but it cant connect to PSN. Has anyone else had this issue? I've never had this even going back to the start of the PS4.
  8. Finally, someone speaking the truth. The amount of people on this website who kick up a stink and cry because developers don't pander to them personally is really depressing.
  9. I like your account more for it. Reminds me of what it was like before I started being bothered about trophies back on xbox. I wish I was able to give games a shot and then if I ended up not liking them just leaving them behind, without grinding endlessly hating every minute of it.
  10. Never mentioned anything about whether trophies matter. The discussion is about people thinking value = game time and within that topic theres a lot of people crying.
  11. This thought logic of price being dependant on how many hours a game gives is the dumbest thing. First of all how many hours someone gets out of the game is dependant on the individual. Its subjective. You might spend 30 hours on a game and I might spend 100. Would you have happily spent lets say, 200 on Valhalla, clearly 100 hours of gameplay. No, you wouldnt, another thread would have been created crying about the price being too expensive. Stop being hypocrites and grow up. AAA games at release are 70 now and you just need to get over it, accept it or wait for a sale.
  12. I'm not surprised this game doesnt have a campaign. Do you guys follow gaming news at all or?... DICE, Criterion, DICE Los Angeles and Electronic Arts Gothenberg - are all of the studios working on this game, based on BF1 and 5 its clear that this is a last ditch attempt to make BF good again. For goodness sake even the teaser trailer for the game showed the top plays in games in like BF3 and 4. Riding a quad off a building to kill a helicopter or jumping out of your jet to rocket launch kill another jet and then getting back into your jet. Its all pandering to the older MP scene. If this game isn't good or received well, I personally don't think we'll see BF again.
  13. The rumours are that Bluepoint are doing Metal Gear Solid 1. Even if those rumours dont amount to anything, I doubt they will work with EA. They seem to very much be working with Sony.
  14. Due to finances and space I've mostly stopped buying physical games except from Steelbooks. Usually I only focus on Sony first party but there are a few that have slipped through the filter because I just like the look of them. You NA'ers make me so envious, you get a lot of steelbooks we don't get in the UK (cries in Mass Effect Legendary Edition) When I've got some time, maybe I'll post a picture to show you guys and welcome any recommendations you think I should have that have slipped my mind.