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  1. I got everything I wanted from the PS5. Better hardware, quieter console and the ability for backwards compatibility. Bought one purely for the hardware upgrade and not the games. Getting a modern console on the release date has always felt like being a beta tester for the first year or so.
  2. PS5 and yeah he also sent the invite and I just accepted, like any other game.
  3. I've played the entire game with my friend, we havent had any issues joining, but there is really bad input lag. At some points it got so bad that anything revolving jumping puzzles he (host) had to solo and I spawned on him when he completed it because jumping was impossible me for. As for a patch, there hasn't been a patch since launch, I'm waiting for a patch for the adventurer trophy, hopefully there will be one when they release the new levels and fix the connection issues and the trophy.
  4. None, bought it for the hardware upgrade. Still playing my PS4 backlog. Seems like the best choice honestly since many games I have yet to play are getting PS5 versions.
  5. I would second this but also add for you to start with quick wins. Games you still own that are not too taxing and dont have DLC, that way you can visually see you're making progress. Thats what I started to do to get mine out of the 70%
  6. Like you, I've played the trilogy to death. Even now while I'm playing the legacy edition, I can pretty much speak the dialogue word for word. Never touched Andromeda though, always wondered, always pondered but I could never make myself play it. Just didn't want to sour my love for the IP. For some people is Final Fantasy, for other Tales of but for me its Mass Effect and I'm quite happy never getting another game again if they cant bring the franchise up to the original standard. I just don't understand why they went for the angle they did. The lore is so rich and a lot of it is part written within the codex's. Personally, I would have explored the first contact war or the Rachni wars followed on by the genophage. Heck, for all I care they could have made that a prequel trilogy. Not sure why they wanted to go for something different but, ah well.
  7. The values are pretty much redundant these days anyways. Theres plenty of games where you can just buy 11golds and a platinum.
  8. They said it was available to the US and the UK and I was stating reasons why I don't think its that viable in the UK. Is that not allowed simply because the higher demographic is the US?
  9. I know people rely on it in the US but its not the same here in the UK at all. I send money to people all the time using my banking app, takes seconds.
  10. I don't know anyone who uses Cash App in the UK. I cant even say theres a market for it here. All major banks have their own apps which you can manage your money, including sending money to other people. Then theres Paypal for online transactions which is FCA approved.
  11. Your opinion is valid, if you didnt like it, you didnt like it. Personally I think its a pretty good AA RPG. Reminded me a lot of old Bioware titles which I'm a complete sucker for.
  12. Article Jan 16 2021 talking about it - Article March 26 2021 talking about it - Reddit with tweet link from Dev stating it was happening Nov 26 2020 - They are allowed to change their minds and clearly with the success it got, it urged them to carry on content for the game. Like I stated before, theres been plenty of notice.
  13. I think this thread is pretty unfair to the devs. They did state from my earliest recollection back in november of last year there was a PS5 version coming and they were adding more content. So they didnt exactly just come out of nowhere with this.
  14. A well known loved IP and OP just walks in and calls it bad 😂😂 I commend you and your giant balls OP!