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  1. Just got DMC:SE on the Sale of The Dead for $11! Really good game at this price, even after beating it on PS3 I'm happy to have it again.
  2. No death run on cotton alley dark? Yeah I don't know about that. I can see myself beating 19 levels only to keep failing on 20 due to nerves. Props to anyone who can do this, I'll try but likely give up.
  3. SOB, I'm not sure I have what it takes for the cotton alley trophies ;( lol.
  4. Yeah it sounds like some kind of glitch, hopefully its no hardware related. Purple shouldn't be appearing.. perhaps Blue+Orange=Purple? So there coming on simultaneously.
  5. I must be one of the few peeps who doesn't enjoy this game, even for free. I've sunk a few hours into it and got pretty far, but it just gets too hectic and I feel like it's not even possible to keep all the enemies at bay. This is coming from a hardcore bullethell fanatic too. Then again I never played Tempest or liked it.
  6. Well, like a lot of more mature/hardcore gamers. I have zero interest in a Disney game, even if it is decent. However, this probably is a good thing if it gets youngin's to buy a Vita!?
  7. Yeah, I find this game pretty darn hard, but if I persevere I will get through the stages. I just beat the third boss and at first it felt near impossible, but just keep at it, and don't underestimate the orb. You end up using the orb a lot so get used to shooting it in mid jump, gets pretty tough when you have just a second to shoot it through a small gap. Cool game though.
  8. Strength doesn't only effect heavy attacks just to be clear, at least as far as I understand. It can be confusing, and you may think the damage numbers that rise correlate with the different attacks, but if you look its actually effecting the different weapon slots (Right hand 1, 2. Left hand 1, 2.). Honestly it still is a bit confusing but I think it's important to note these changes.
  9. No, the game won't make you trudge all the way to a boss like that throughout the game. There will be some long stretches without checkpoints but like others said, just keep exploring and uncovering (shortcuts), and eventually you have checkpoints fairly close to bosses.
  10. Yeah, I am also not with you, but hear me out, it's just opinion. I love R*, for the fact that I find their games fun, and generally well made. As of late though, I do hate how Rockstar does multiplayer... whenever I do MP I sit around loading more than I do playing.. the matchmaking is shit or basically non-existent. Why in a game with a consistently large player base do I have such trouble finding a game with even 1 other person? Why can't I consistently play fun deathmatches and races with 20+ players? It could be so much better... I feel as though all these fun MP opportunities are possible for me to play, yet they will never happen. F that.
  11. Bloodborne next week! Then after that my next title will likely be the Witcher 3, and eventually Silent Hills. Oh yeah don't forget Adrift, very promising. Argh, forgot another one.. SOMA.
  12. Although I would rather get a sequel I wouldn't mind RDR on the ps4, would look stunning.
  13. Well yeah, you have to be the leader for it to save your progress.
  14. Well I am one of the owners an I have 100% for the trophies. The game is quite fun, and definitely challenging, but not as hard as say.. SMB. It also has a unique feel, definitely NES-like but still unique in its own way. The difficulty comes from a mix of fast hands and memorizing the level and traps. Some of the later levels will have quite the elaborate traps to where the way through won't be obvious or even seem possible. Overall, I'm not really sure this game is worth $15, unless its really your thing. I finished the game in a few days, and once completed you can unlock all sorts of characters which actually have different gameplay, so if your willing, you could beat it with all the characters, although its not necessary for all trophies. BTW, I would definitely get the PS4 eventually, its amazing and the good games are starting to add up.
  15. You answered your own question. Although I'm not sure if you need at least a C+ or a B. Go for B's and you will get it.