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  1. nothing official, again. only rumors. edit: well, except the post from playstation blog xD. That seems official.
  2. that is still an unconfirmed rumor.
  3. i started skateboarding after watching my cousin play the first episode ... Of course i'll buy it
  4. guacamelee 2 in promotion, but not the DLC :(. I own the game and wanted to buy the DLC, why couldnt those be in promotion
  5. the rope is the only one i never completed, so yeah, of course its the hardest :p. I still plan on doing it, since its pretty much the only final fantasy in the main serie for which i don't have the platinum
  6. aerith's triangle attack is really powerfull for non moving ennemies (or slow moving ennemies). Take advantage of it
  7. haha, i had to fight him twice because i forgot to equip the right materia the first time
  8. It is saved, but the quest you did, you can do them again. Certain quest have influences on the rest of the game (for example, what dress you'll wear at don corneo's), so you always start a chapter with "no quest finished"
  9. True, but the errors are so punishing that you can't basically make any. But yeah, since it's only 1'30'' for each try, i agree that this trophy shouldnt take that long
  10. was tonberry ever a problem in the first place?
  11. The problem is: the game is currently not complete! In the original game, there was also a lot of things you didn't know before reaching certain point of the game. All the missing story point (who's zack, what or who sephiroth is, what's wutai, ...) will be answered in the game. But the game is not complete right now.
  12. I have 2, but i don't remember where i got them
  13. the best way to grind: - equip the materia that speeds up AP/XP gain - load chapter 16 - follow the main road for like a minute to get into the parking - win the first 3 fights (lots of ennemies, easy and quick to defeat). Once its done, reload chapter and repeat
  14. They should do what everyone wants: a port of Crisis core, playable on PS4 or even PS Vita
  15. decent way to make money? Well, first of all, its not really that quick, and honestly, there is no real point in earning money in the game :D. Also, at no point in the game i felt the need to level up my team.