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  1. that's a shame :(. I didn't have any problems on the EU version though, if that can help anyone
  2. well, try it? its not like it will erase your saves
  3. can't you shareplay?
  4. no it's not patched yet. I finished the platinum today. You only need a second controller and most of levels can be obtained by yourself, controlling one controller at a time.
  5. I did it this evening and yes, for me too, it didnt unlock at first. I had to complete challenge n°2 about 5-6 times for the trophy to pop. At first, i did hold the touchpad button at the end of the level (to make the animation go faster), and the trophy didnt unlock. It unlocked when i finished this trial and didn't hold touchpad button at the end of the level. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but there might be a lead there
  6. Even if you did a lot of challenges like i did, you'd be stuck around level 90-91. So yes, grinding the rest is mandatory. I did the grind manually tough, which took 8-ish hours
  7. to be honest... What else did you expect? There is a PS4 list and a PS5 list, as you can easily see on psnprofile. You play the PS4 version, it installs the PS4 list. Then you play the PS5 version, it installs the PS5 list... Having an upgraded version is nothing else than "downloading the full game", so you did indeed play 2 different version of the game, thus installed 2 trophy lists.
  8. Hmm yeah, somewhere around 5~7/10. It's not especially hard, but be prepared to lose time "for nothing"
  9. 100. Finally did it. with the new tours, i finished 100% in both THPS1 and THPS2 for all skaters, finished all challenges in multiplayers, i was still level 93. Just took 3 and a half our of my life to purely grind the last 6 levels.
  10. this... this seems perfect. Awesome job!
  11. Well, i don't know yet, but my local store will sell PS4 and PS5 game at the same price. I'm considering buying PS5 editions because of second hand sell value. I guess PS5 games will lose less value on a short period of time, while PS4 editions will most likely take a big drop. I'm not sure i'd be able to handle doing the same 20-ish hour platinum game twice in a row, so i might as well buy it on PS5, sell it, and sometimes later, buy it again second hand on PS4, losing less money, and avoiding playing the same game twice in a row
  12. just downgrade your game for that specific trophy...
  13. Is it normal that we can't buy the games from the PS store? and dont even see their price? I havent been on the PS store since its update I'm looking from my computer
  14. beating your own time again and again seems hard to manage
  15. In my opinion, golden run is not the hardest trophy. It's time consuming, but not really hard. During every level, just brake as much as you can, avoid all jumps, go at a really slow pace. You basically can't die if you go carrefully. For the first two bosses, you can simply ride around it, si you can complete them without even jumping. At the end of world 3 (Canyon), on the boss level, you'll have to make the first mandatory jump. It's not hard at all, you just have go as fast as possible from the last checkpoint, and line up with the ramp. You don't even have to jump, your speed should be enough. The world 4 (peaks) boss is the only obstacle for this trophy. Not because it's really hard, but because a single fail voids the trophy, and there is like 45 minutes of gameplay just to be able to make your attempt... But you know what? There is a level generator in the game. If you give it the right seed, you'll be able to practice on a boss level! For example, the seed 41044444444 will let you play on Peaks boss level. So there you go, just practice that boss with seeds that begin with 410 (or 430 if you want to practice fire node boss), and the next time you'll take a try, you should make it :). For me, the easiest method to beat the last boss was to go to the last checkpoint, respawn by pressing O, then just let myself go. No accelerating, no braking, no jump, you just go straight to the jump. Most of the time, this made me land on the ramp lifted by the helicopter. Once you're there, you can continue and do the second jump or, if you feel you don't have enough speed, press O and try again from the last checkpoint. With a bit of practice, you should be able to tell if you land correctly enough on the first ramp to be able to make the second jump. While trying this trophy, i died 2 times on the third world's boss (canyon), and 2 times on the peak's boss. So yeah, it probably took me around 4-5 hours for this trophy alone, and of course, having the feeling that you just lost the last 45 minutes of your life because of a single jump is indeed infuriating. But it's not hard, just time consuming. For me, the trophy "Go the extra mile" was harder, because for that trophy you have to complete the fire nodes in all worlds, complete the boss jump WITH the ring of fire (each boss is really hard with the ring...), and then finish the bonus level in Volcano's world. And that bonus level is not that easy. PS: make sure that you practice that bonus level a lot, with the seed "1005" (you'll be able to enter that seed once you finish volcano world). That trophy probably took me 10 hours alone. So, to finish this long post, i just have to say that i absolutely loved the game. It's not really hard, but highly rewarding when you finish those trophies. I only need the sponsor-related trophy, which is easy but have to be done on 15 consecutive days :D, then i'll have the plat ^^