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  1. i bought mine in second hand, the price was way cheaper
  2. Depending on the language, that might be normal. In french, it is the right thing to do ):
  3. and each DLC is WAY to expensive. NO GO for me :/
  4. note on your main account if they are digital only. I know there is a way of avoiding this, but i couldn't you give specifically how :/
  5. A really great board game. Not sure how well it translates to PS4 though
  6. then stop trophy hunting? A game that has some slightly difficult levels but that you can easily plat in less than a day is still way better than any game that requires 1000 hours of farming, or a game that you can free-plat in less than 5 minutes...
  7. With skills, most levels shouldnt take more than 20 minutes each. That's not really what i give as "difficult" :/
  8. never really understood how people thought this game to be so hard... Yeah, you won't succeed the first time, but come one, just a bit of practice and its fine.
  9. god damn yes. i played the first 3 episodes so much
  10. some of those game can be actually be bought on amazon for less than their value in the trade :D. too bad the closest game mania is half an hour drive from Brussel...
  11. why, though?
  12. open source does not mean that nobody will change they way it works Also, as far as i know, there are lots of CFW that are open source, no?
  13. isnt there a way to change your profile's region? Real question here