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  1. yeah, "all you need".. Come on, be realistic
  2. i really, really doubt you'll be able to find 300-800 players that are willing to play this game daily so you can get your trophies...
  3. Well, in order to unlock that content you'd still need the online service, so that's indeed even more stupid..
  4. the real question being: will autopop works or not
  5. looks nice, but is this from the same studio as Mirror's edge? Otherwise, they risk a lawsuit
  6. There are tweeter account that give you an alert when a website gets a stock of ps5 :). Use those! I preordered my PS5 back in september and received it a week after release (i still consider this as "day one" though xD), but since then i was able to buy 2 more console for my friends. I just happened to be in front of my PC when the tweets were released :).
  7. Lockdown rooms are easy in biome 1. The melee attack kills the small ennemies in a single hit, and stun the bigger ennemies for some Time. Once they are stunned you can spam the melee attack and they won't recover from the stun before you kill them. So no, i didnt restart the cycle if i encounter one. But you might do so, i suppose. I just didnt want to restart the cycle withiut knowing for sure the room wasnt there :-p
  8. Sorry to say, but i'm totally sure what you say is wrong ;-). First of all, the "first" blue door does not make sens. Usually in this kind of game, each world is generated at once, at the start of your playthrough or when you take a teleportation gate, etc. Once the biome is generated, each room is fixed and will not change. Since the world is completely generated before you start, there are multiple blue door that could be "the first you visit". And since the biome is fixed once it is created, well, the blue door behind which the collectible lies might totally not be the first you visit. Now, i agree on one thing: the most efficient way to get this rare collectible is to "bruteforce" it. I'll get back to this. When i first began to look for collectible, i did biome 1-2-3 in a row. I quickly had the trophy for biome 3, so i could focus on biome 1-2. I missed like 10 collectibles in biome 2 and only the scout 9 in biome 1. So, since i needed to have some good stuff to make my way through biome 2, i tried to 100% biome 1 on each of my run. This means visiting each room, killing all ennemies, etc. Since i had to complete biome 2 at least 10 times to find all the collectibles, and each run in biome 1 takes like 30 minutes to 100% complete, i could easily say that i spent 5-6 hours in biome 1 without finding scout 9. Sure enough, i finished the collectible of biome 2 before finding scout 9. Now i know i could only focus on finding this specific collectible. Let's simply resume what we know with an absolute certainty: - Each special room can only appear once in a given run - The special rooms may or may not appear in a run - Each room has multiple "variant" (the same room size, shape, etc, but with a slighly different layout) - Scout 9 only appear in a specific variant of a specific room. - Said room can only appear behind a blue door Now, how to bruteforce it? It's simple: maximize the number of blue door you enter, and if any variant of the special room you are looking for appear, you know for sure that other variant of that special room will not appear (that's a certainty). So either you found "the good variant", that contains scout 9, or you found another variant, which doesnt contain anything usefull. I applied that yesterday: play as fast as possible through biome 1 without caring about anything. Just rush through all rooms. Do not kill ennemies, just run. Enter each blue door. If it's not a variant of the room, continue your run. If it's a variant of the room, then you know for sure that either the collectible is there, or you have a bad variant, and you can restart your game. Rushing through biome 1 takes at most 5 to 6 minutes if you don't care about anything else than the special room. Sure enough, 35 minutes later, i found the collectible. Since i already spent 5-6 hours in biome 1 after finishing the game, and i'm pretty sure i already spent at least 10 hours in the same biome in my previous playthrough, i could easily say "it took me 15 hours to find this collectible", like some people said. But here's the thing: i ran through biome 1 like 15 times "in a normal playstyle", and maybe 10 to 15 while specifically searching for this collectible, restarting as soon as i could. The first 15 run through biome 1 took 14 hours in total. The last 15 run took 35 minutes. The only difference is that i was looking for this exact room and rushing through everything else. Which is "kind of" what you did. The way you did it also greatly improve the ratio between "normal room" and "blue door room". But i'm certain that your theory is just plain wrong: the room can totally be there, even if it's not the first one. And of course, in my case, it was absolutely not in the first blue door room . But whatever, i got the plat yesterday (finished 100% of biome 1-2-4-6 yesterday evening) and already sold the game :). Took me about 62 hours, 35 deaths, 10308 ennemy killed, 111 parasites,...
  9. I just got the platinum and yes, it can crash. It crashed for me.... Once. In over 60 hours of playtime. So yes of course, it's one time too much, but i couldnt say that the game crashing is such an issue
  10. i think biome 2 is somehow buggy. I only got 18 ciphers for the moment, but the trophy tracker says i have 95% of ciphers. So maybe one of the ciphers don't correctly increase the counter. Maybe that's the one you didnt yet find?
  11. i don't want to be rude, but yeah, looks like you might not be able to finish the game 😅. But perseverance is key, and playing will only make you get better! If you like it, you might die a lot, but with practice you should be able to go further in the story!
  12. i managed to defeat the first boss after one death, for the moment, i really like the game. But clearly, each run will take some time so i'm not playing another run tonight
  13. edit: wrong post
  14. yes, i installed the ps4 version and i had the deluxe contente (vintage look, The ripper) available. It's the first game on which i try to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 version, so i might miss something, but the store still says i can pay 10 euros to unlock the PS5 version, and i see nowhere any option to download it :/
  15. Hi guys! When the game came out, i bought the collector's edition, platted it as any THPS fan would :D. Today, i saw that there is a new trophy list on PS5 and i'd like to either plat it again, or autopop it (not sure yet...). i saw that a free upgrade is given to the owner of the digital deluxe edition. Inside my game, there is a flyer that says "redeem code on back to access digital content: digital deluxe edition" i never bothered to used that code before, but since i wanted my free upgrade, i claimed it. But even tough i used the code, i can't download the PS5 upgrade for free... And the PS store says i used a code for "Contenu Digital Deluxe" (which translates to "digital deluxe content"). Is this code not a "true" digital deluxe edition? Do they want me to pay 10 euros while i paid the most expensive version of the game when it first came out? Or am i missing something? Thanks !