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  1. Croissant is pro mode, you know he got that dual 3080s running for this specific purpose. It is a super silly trophy, I was saying could it be something else just due to each game being different and having different rules. Sounds like at least there is a method to cheese it.
  2. Are we sure it is actually what the trophy is? Or is that some sort of goofy mode within that game. If it is, F that. Someone call PS5 trophies and have him start giving boosts, or were all F'ed.
  3. Asked this in the thread that got locked. anyone know if squad goals will unlock this way as long as you are all in a squad before playing? or if a squad of 4 joins a custom game hosted by someone outside the party?
  4. So I'm guessing the squad goals trophy won't unlock even if you squad up with 4 people and play against a few others? Only need that and infallible so wouldn't mind knocking both of them out in custom
  5. Does anyone know how long this sale lasts? Or is it a permanent price drop.
  6. It's what should be a free (or 99c) mobile game that was reformatted to be a PS4 game. It's easy yes but its EXTREMELY boring, repetative, and just feels wrong playing it for the price. The concept wears off after about an hour of playing. As well, if you don't have a turbo controller the 10/15 hours is on the super low end. Game is probably 20-25 hours without, most of that is idle (active idle, so you need to have the game up and be hitting a car). Lastly, in a sea of ezpzs people avoided this one likely just for the price tag alone. You can buy almost 10+ platinums for the price of this game.
  7. I feel your pain, literally just got the plat today. Gosh darn it all to heck.
  8. Nope, you can roll as fast as you want. And for a few of the cookstar modes your going to have to roll super fast.
  9. make sure your stick is pointed as close to straight down as possible. move your finger down as if you were just going to back up in any other game (i.e. don't jam it or be super gentle, just a normal flick), and hold all the way through, don't let go until you see the hearts for completing it. It is def a bit finicky so you may have to retry due to random error, but that should work.
  10. Just got the platinum (currently showing 1st in the world). It's overall pretty easy if you play the 50 recipes before even starting cookstar. There are only about 10 different minigames in various forms with a few one offs (such as spinning/throwing a pizza). Once you get the basic feel for how each mini game works they are all fairly simple. Some of the grilling ones (putting items on the grill, flipping, and returning) are tough as the symbol for when something is ready is pretty small (its just a puff of steam). The egg cracking takes a bit to get used to, and putting meat onto parchment paper is really particular and tends to screw up. A few of the time trials a tough, specifically the deviled egg cutting section, pizza tossing, and most of the pouring sections. But all are manageable with practice.
  11. I've been playing this a bunch before the trophies were fully available and I'm about 80% through. Couple of notes 1) about 70% of the trophies are "story" related and will unlock just by finishing all 50 recipes. If not, while you are going through Cookstar mode. 2) The game does require a 2nd controller as you need to play the party mode which is local only. 3) The main "Challenge" is completing all 50 recipes on Cookstar mode getting a 3 star. Cookstar mode is a rapid fire mode that gives less instructions then the normal mode. As well, if you fail any step you have to start over. In order to get 3 stars overall you need to get 3 stars on every step of the process. So if you get a 2 star at any point its best just to start over. This may sound tough but given the average recipe only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete you can easily play it in normal mode, learn the steps, and do Cookstar immediately after. If you do the math it should only take about 4-5 hours tops to complete. You can also use practice mode for any tough ones (For example, rolling/placing meat on parchment paper & cracking eggs are a bit obnoxious and require really specific movements). Overall, the plat is probably about 10-12 hours and about a 3/10 difficulty. Its a blast for anyone that loves cooking mama.
  12. Make sure game is not private. This is likely causing the issue.
  13. This worked legit perfect. Thanks Midnight :).
  14. Can confirm confirm. Mine popped perfectly after deleting/reinstalling/migrating.
  15. I was attempting to buy AC Liberation HD remake and a price is not showing up to be able to buy. This happens on a few other products (mostly AC related as i'm trying to finish the series before the shut down). Is this a known issue or is this specific to AC games? Thanks,