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  1. No, but knew someone would ask, so figured I'd report
  2. Just for anyone wondering I bought the "regular" $1.50 version and this "turbo" $3.00 version and played them back to back. Literal only difference is in turbo the fries bounce faster. Regular takes about 5 minutes to plat Turbo takes about 3 minutes to plat That is all
  3. You would be playing a game about a kangaroo. SMH
  4. Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for point out lego builder. i removed it. Everyone else is added! Trying to get it up and running again! Nice work Master Builder :). updated!
  5. I'm not 100% sure but i would assume yes. I am currently working on it but it will likely be a few weeks before i have the platinum. If no one else responds by then i will!
  6. Trophies are pretty simple. Everything can be cheesed and honestly are likely to happen at some point if your playing with 5-6 people for 10 games like required. I got 10/31 trophies after 2 games without even looking at the trophies. The game itself is sadly a little disappointing. It's VERY similar to "what the dub" just with TTS. The clips need to be a little longer (for a little more context) and the explanation at the beginning assumes you've played things like Jackbox, which isn't super non-gamer friendly. I'm a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 so I had high hopes for it. Feels like it was a rushed thing to get a quick buck.
  7. How did I miss Lego builder, I swear it was on there, it should be part of the main list as its not overly difficult and is readily available.. I am not 100% sure for brawls, i need to see the trophy list and see how hard it is. Depending, it might be bonus OR part of the list. Since I did increments of 10 for each rank it won't change of of them but Master Builder. Also added the two recent ones!
  8. Rhythm of the gods (284) - Cute little rhythm game that has a really unique concept. A little shallow on content, but fun for what it is. Five Dates (1,217) - FMV game that is about dating during COVID. Very interest concept and will make you brush up on your dating skills. Rainbows, Toilets, & Unicorns (740) - A fun Shmup that meme's hard. Play for a good laugh. Reverse Crawl (251) - Turn Based Strategy where you play a the bad guys, cute little indy game with a surprising amount of depth. Worth a play Kotodama (2,355) - A match-3 dating sim that has a surprising amount of twists and turns. Its also fairly difficult to get the "good" ending without a guide. Just some fun one I didn't see mentioned in the last few posts.
  9. Added
  10. Sir this is a Wendys
  11. Updated all 3 of you & added myself. Cheers! Let's keep em rollin!
  12. Project Platinum: Lego (New School) Welcome everyone to the new and improved Lego Project Platinum. The original's (Linked here: Lego (Under Construction)) creator has been absent from the site for almost 1 year as of the original posting and therefore is no longer being updated. I figured who better to take over than myself. Someone who has all 51/51 Lego Platinums & 100%s available, and only one of two people in the world to do so (or at least, that have made themselves known). I plan to update this weekly with random additions as I feel fit. So lets get cracking! Thanks to Kevvik for his work on the previous Lego PP and for the basic format. You are a Lego god amongst men for your service. Thank you! Special thanks to xZone Hunter for coming up with the idea of Project Platinum. If you want to create your own Project Platinum, go to this thread for the rules and requirements to make one. Also, thanks to Cassiopria for starting this PP and all the great work. Note - You will need to reapply for your rank Rules Every platinum has to be earned LEGIT. Hackers will be found out and banned from the event. Only unique games are eligible, no double plats. PS3/4/5 versions count as one. Vita stacks are considered unique, so they will need to be obtained for a higher rank. When a new game is released you'll have to re-earn your place in the Hall of fame if necessary. The hall of fame requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases. The order of the Hall of Fame is by order of sign up. First come, first served. If you want to sign up please refer to which Hall you are eligible and provide the list of your games. Lego Rock band and Lego Dimension DLC are not required for master builder, they are given special roles. Lego Dimension platinum however is required. This is due to the proprietary/cost prohibitive equipment needed. Hall Of Fame Lego Master Builder - 100% completion in every title available (this includes DLC) Lego Architect - 30/38 or more platinums Lego Builder 20/38 or more platinums Lego Giant Minifig 10/38 more platinums Lego Minifig 1/38 or more platinums Lego Brick 0/38 or more platinums Special Roles Lego Rock Star - Obtain Lego Rock Band platinum Lego Dimension Hopper - Obtain 100% & platinum in Lego Dimensions The Games Hall of Fame Lego Master Builder Lego Architect Lego Builder Lego Giant Minifig Lego Minifig Lego Brick Lego Rock Star Lego Dimension Hopper Good Luck! Have Fun! Note - This is a working document, so I may change images and format as needed. Please make sure you are not set to Private on PSNP.
  13. I'd love to but you need to have 200 posts on PSNP, I only have 70ish, been around forever, just don't post that often
  14. He is great for the puzzles, but isn't super great for just hanging around. The lack of double jump makes quickly moving around kind of obnoxious. The droid lift method also breaks the puzzles and works just as well. I could never get the Anakin kid combo (where you beat kid Anakin up with a Jedi and slowly rise) to work, not sure if it got patched right away.
  15. I think I posted but I don't remember, I should be a Lego grand engineer. I have all Lego platinums including all stacks. all 100%s, minus the Skywalker Saga which I am actively working on both stacks. (Should have at least 1 by EOD tomorrow). Thanks!