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  1. I have all 5, Kagura status please. Also have neptunia game platinum.
  2. Should have 10 (Ultimate Warrior Status) DW: 6 Empires (First platinum I ever got!!) DW: 7 DW: 7XL DW: 7 Empires DW: 9 DW: Strikeforce WO: 3 WO: 4 Warriors Legends of Troy DW Gundam 3
  3. Should be at Veteran - AC 2 - AC Brohood - AC Rev (100%, PS3) - AC 3 - AC 3: Lib (Vita & PS4) - AC 4 (100%, PS3/PS4) - Rogue (PS3 & PS4) - Unity - Syndicate - Origins - Odyssey - Valhalla - Freedom Cry (PS3 & PS4)
  4. Finally got my dimensions 100%, with that, I officially have at least 1 stack of all Lego Platinum's/100%'s.
  5. Completely agree that it probably isn't' worth it unless you made saves, but its good information to know that you could make saves before Susexe, prophecy storyline, and a few collectibles out from that. That's where im at, have a save that i need to do all collectibles in Jotenheim and a few random ones around England but have Asgard, Vinland, Norway, and 95% of England done so thats not going to be terrible. BUT I have no story saves so i'll have to replay the whole story Orlog also doesn't take a crazy amount of time and is decent fun.
  6. I still am not fully understanding why everyone else is not understanding this. I searched the PSNP forums and a few other forums on the internet and nothing was related to if you played the PS5 version of the game and wanted to do the autopop of the PS4 version. I don't think its safe to assume that it works the exact same way both ways, and from what I saw, it doesn't. More seem to pop from PS5 to PS4 then PS4 to PS5, they are also different trophies that do not/do pop. Also relax, i just looked and there are about 4 out of 70 threads that are related to auto-popping. Also things change and no one's going to go back to page 3 of the forums to look for a possible out of date answer. This is an "live" game that changes on the weekly, I think its important to keep the info flowing.
  7. Somewhat answered my own question. Played for about 20 more minutes on my 100% save. Fast travelled, played a game of orlog, opened a chest, completed a mission (the new snake pit/dagger mission), wandered around a bit, fast travelled a few more times, bought stuff from the store, and after all that no trophy popped. I accepted a contract mission and went to it. Killed the first bodyguard and BOOM trophies popped left and right. In the end, all but 4 trophies popped. Calling in a Favor - Completed the Suthsexe Arc As It Was Foretold - Complete "the Prophecy" Storyline Completionist All the Way! - Complete all territories Orlog Champion - Beat all the Orlog players After these popped I completed the contract, went and grabbed another and completed it. Slept. Checked the alliance map, went to Asgard, then to Norway and no more trophies popped. So most should pop now, however its a question of why those 4 random ones did not. I'll poke around a bit more and let everyone know if I am able to unlock those 4
  8. Pretty sure no, this is if you played the PS4 version and then uploaded the save on the PS5. I'm asking the reverse order if it works the same. I did try to play a game of orlog and get a random chest to activate the related trophies but doesn't look like its going to happen. I do have a save about 2 hours out from all collectibles (just needed to do asgard/jotunheim), maybe i'll use that save and hopefully some stuff will pop while im just running around.
  9. The fact that there isn’t a thanks section and I’m not on it is so offensive. Just kidding bro, nice checklist! Everyone watch out for this dude, he’s an up and coming guide writer!
  10. Quick question in regards to the trophies auto popping if you played the PS5 version first. I just got the platinum for the PS5 version of Valhalla. I bought the PS4 disk version (for obvious reasons due to the multiple copies of the game) so I was debating doing the PS4 stack of the game. I've seen a lot of information in regards to auto-popping trophies if you played the PS4 version first, then uploaded/downloaded your save on the PS5 version, but very little information on the opposite direction. I did try and nothing auto-popped but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Has anyone else tried this or had issues with this? I realllllllly don't want to do the 800+ collectibles, 19 rounds of Orlog, & grinding all of the stuff for the level 6 village if at all possible. Thanks!
  11. Method worked great, takes about 5 minutes, 1 run per level, 2 for the last few levels at most.
  12. Easier compared to XIII. Difficulty is maybe 3 or 4 out of 10, you can play the whole game on easy and pick the biggest/best faction in each scenario. Time is probably 50-75 hours, each scenario takes a minimum of about 5 hours, with some taking 10-15. You will also become very good at skipping menu's/bouncing around as you play more and more.
  13. Game actually has an okay amount of quality to it, its a kids game for the most part, although the geography and flags will test even full grown adults (google will be your best friend). I don't see a problem with the game existing, main thing is the price is superrr high.
  14. The no shell is going to be rough, I’m playing through for trophy guide currently and it’s basically no upgrade form the entire time
  15. Anyone find a release date on this?