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  1. I would like to put the oddworld games into a series. Oddworld: Stranger's wrath HD PS3 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD VITA Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD PS3 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD VITA Oddworld: New N Tasty
  2. I'm not sure if this happened to anyone else but while I was doing the 5 rounds for the slaughterstar 3000, I made it to the last wave and died. I then restarted round 5 and ended up completing the quest after a few kills, skipping the last waves and having the quest giver come out to the arena with enemies still alive. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, can this glitch randomly happen or is there a certain trigger to it?
  3. Killzone: Mercenary (3.95%) Transformers: War For Cybertron (4.49%) Oddworld: Sranger's Wrath HD VITA (4.63%) Skylanders: Giants (6.06%) Oddworld: Sranger's Wrath HD PS3 (7.31%)
  4. Surgen simulator. Unless you are determined to master a uniquely controlled game, dont bother.
  5. 1. Legacy of kain series -Give new people a chance to experience the series. 2. Half life series -People love these games so it would be nice to port them to modern consoles. 3. Persona 3 -if p4 gets the hd treatment, why not p3? Sure, it's a pipe dream but it would be interesting.
  6. Another great interview!
  7. About Red Faction It says here that the game was released on 4/24/2012 but that is for the PS2 classic version that was released for PS3. The PS4 version (the one the trophy list is for) was put on the PlayStation Store on 12/6/2016. PS Store page for PS4 release PS Store page for PS2 classic release
  8. To get the platinum for Dead Space 2, you have to complete the game on Hard Core mode. Basically the enimies are set to survivalist while item drops are set to zealot. The real kicker is that you can only save the game 3 times in a single playthrough.
  9. 16 games in this order Hawken X5 Blacklight Retribution X9 Rayman 3 HD X2 Killzone Shadow Fall X5 Quantum Conundrum X2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 X5 Minecraft PS4 X5 Tower of Guns PS4 X3 Minecraft PS3 X4 Aaru's Awakening PS4 X2 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax X2 LittleBigPlanet 2 X2 LittleBigPlanet Playstation Vita X1 Oddworld: New N' Tasty X1 Uncharted 3 X1 LittleBigPlanet 3 X1
  10. > 2 trophies for kicking babies I like this list already.
  11. Disappointment and Disappointment 2: Electric Boogaloo. On a serious note I'd like to see ether Mother Gunship, Night of The Necrodancer, Alien Isolation, or one of the ps4 Devil May Cry games (not including DMC 5 which released this year) get the ps plus treatment even though that's wishful thinking.
  12. Not to be THAT guy but considering the fact that this is a coop wolfenstien game, Machine Games missed a golden opportunity to bring back the mein leben trophy to encourage you and your partner to gain the knowledge and skill to efficiently work together. Unfortunately they instead chose to make the list just like most games released now. I'm not angry but rather disappointed.
  13. If you want something like Borderlands but as a rouge-like, bullet-hell top down shooter then Enter The Gungeon may interest you. Or if you are in to story driven games (and happen to have a PS3 or willing to pay for PS Now) I suggest looking into the Oddworld series.
  14. La noire because it's the most common plat on your advisor and why not?
  15. Anything with 2k in the title since they shut the servers down within 2-3 years of release.