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  1. I have to go with Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. My son and I had a blast playing it!
  2. Easy choice: The Amazing Spider Man 2.
  3. I've never had such contrasting emotions while playing a 'game' in my life. On one hand I couldn't stop laughing at the dialogue, grammatical errors and nonsensical story, but on the other I felt like banging my controller against my head because of horrible control issues, trophy bugs (collectibles didn't register even though they were picked up), and a corrupted save file. Well worth the time and dollar price tag, thanks NEKCOM. Awaiting the sequel with bated breath...
  4. 28 bucks US and 21 for both DLCs. Can't justify the price of the season's pass, but just buying both DLCs separately isn't too bad. Still a little expensive though, imo. Will wait for them to go on sale again later.
  5. Yea I thought 'A Scanner Darkly' was bugged as well until I found that paw icon too. Mash that paw button!
  6. Still a bit expensive for what it is. In the last flash sale it was 3.99 Canadian I think. Should have picked it up then!
  7. Guess I'll wait for it to go on sale again.
  8. Hey good to know, thanks readytofuky.
  9. I read that the achievements on Steam are bugged, so possibly carried over to the PS4 as well.
  10. Anyone who has played this game have info on the three gold 0% trophies? Are they bugged or just extremely hard? Curious because this has been out for months and no one's got the plat yet.
  11. Metal Gear Solid in 33 seconds. Laugh out freakin' loud.
  12. Not sure if this has anything to do with the recent patch, as it only came out a few days ago. But with me, all my progress was reset too. Not sure if it's a bug or if it's due to the patch? Either way, extremely annoying.
  13. Dead Space! What a terrifying experience that was popping the disc in for the first time. No other survival horror game scared me as much since...
  14. It took me 75 hours to get the plat, but still had a few quests, higgeldies to cook, etc to finish.
  15. That truly sucks. Damn these bugs. But persevere and you'll get that shiny plat. Go back to it later and give yourself some cool off time