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  1. 7.8. Too much water
  2. Thanks for this tip. Worked like a charm!
  3. Enjoyed the story (kinda) in the first one, but it had some of the most mind-numbing repetitive side content i've ever played in a game. Play it at your own risk. Btw, RIP Mr. Lee.
  4. There are used copies on ebay going for $55 USD. European versions though, if that matters at all for you.
  5. Poison from Final Fi ...... ohhhhhhh, wait a minute.
  6. Someone may have already posted it, but Wheels of Aurelia was super boring. Dozens of playthroughs, although short, were brain-frying.
  7. Although I'm having lots of fun and it's a great game so far (about 15 hours in), there's some frustrating performance issues. Never had a crash (yet), but the frame rate is horrendous when you use fire spells, and the game almost freezes in the later chapters when you press the touchpad to get into the camp screen. Playing on PS4 Pro, so not sure if regular PS4 has the same issues. Keep this is mind if you're thinking of buying. Apart from that, it's a bloody great RPG with card mechanics.
  8. Odd. I just ran through this game 2 weeks ago and no problems with getting the plat. Hopefully replaying the end may get the trophy to pop.
  9. Damn, guess I'll wait a bit to return to it. Thanks for the heads up Misantropus.
  10. Can anyone confirm the recent patch still negatively affects the game, vis-a-vis what's written above? It's been a week since the comments in this thread and I'm thinking of going back to the game (on PS4 Pro) and don't want to mess up my save files.
  11. This cannot continue this cannot continue
  12. Shadow of Rome would be a cool remaster/remake.
  13. I have to go with Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. My son and I had a blast playing it!
  14. Easy choice: The Amazing Spider Man 2.
  15. I've never had such contrasting emotions while playing a 'game' in my life. On one hand I couldn't stop laughing at the dialogue, grammatical errors and nonsensical story, but on the other I felt like banging my controller against my head because of horrible control issues, trophy bugs (collectibles didn't register even though they were picked up), and a corrupted save file. Well worth the time and dollar price tag, thanks NEKCOM. Awaiting the sequel with bated breath...