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  1. Cool. Will be released around the same time as Elder Scrolls 6 then
  2. Thanks for clearing that up SpiralSage. Cheers
  3. Think about how many hours it took to get 447 plats. I guess, go for it?
  4. Mr. Massagy. No question.
  5. Yep. Online trophies suck. Especially when the multiplayer is tacked on in single-player games and takes as long to finish, or longer, than a story playthrough. Or when no one plays it anymore and you have to organize a boosting session. From recent memory, the worst ones have been: Bioshock 2, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Lost Planet 3 (all on PS3).
  6. Yea Japanese version of IAS is about 30-40 bucks plus shipping, but I can't find any information about an English dialogue update for the disc copy.
  7. I'm not so sure about I am Setsuna, cuz I grabbed the digital version. It is possible though. Maybe someone with the Japanese physical copy can confirm English dialogue?
  8. Ordered the physical copy myself and yes, I can confirm the update adds English subtitles/dialogue. I didn't even need to select the option from the settings, it just automatically started in English. This is great, because copies from the US are going for 50-60 bucks on ebay; this was a third of that asking price.
  9. Can anyone confirm that English is available with the newest patch for the Japanese physical disc copy? It's just that the Japanese version is much, much cheaper than the NA or EU versions.
  10. Still hitting those walls in tight-quarters combat.
  11. Don't listen to these guys. Add as many numbers to the end of your name as you can. All the cool kids are doing it. Make sure to add lots of 69's for the best outcome! Or 666's!
  12. 18.5 hrs average main story run according to this. More for the plat of course. Looks like at least 20 hrs mate.
  13. I loved and played the hell out of the original when I was younger, but seriously, this is 'wait for a deep sale' for me.
  14. A 2, but avoid this game. Play a good game.
  15. Orc Slayer for me too. I'm not judging other people's lists but I can judge mine. Pathetic game with a pathetic platinum. Plus the frame-rate gave me a banging headache for a few hours after. Avoid like a worm-ridden McDonalds burger.