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  1. The dregs of Steam with horrid asset flips make it to the PS store once again.
  2. Telltale games trophy lists.
  3. Riptide GP2. Slightly better than Wave Race 64.
  4. Look at that pic of Ainsley Harriott though. Does it look like he cares about consent? With his spicy meat and all...
  5. It's ok. You've got 8 years or so to prepare.
  6. 8 years? Maybe they had a backlog of offensive handles to go through. Hey, BigRubberBumBum, you should watch yourself. You're next.
  7. Relax. The game's only been out for 8 days, and as someone already pointed out, 5 people already have the plat. It's possible. Chill and grind it out.
  8. $120 Canadian for the gold edition. Yea, no thanks. Wait for a deep sale on that one.
  9. No. My Name is Mustard, however, is flagrantly shameful to plat.
  10. Such great memories of this game. Bought a PS1 just to play this game when it came out, as many people probably did.
  11. 'Choose the Impossible' - Bioshock 2 multiplayer level 40. Man, what a terrible grind that was. Oh my word. Archaic multiplayer setup and trolls constantly jumping into matches made me want to destroy my living room.
  12. DLC trophy 'All-Pro Warrior' is the devs take on this petition fiasco. If there's more upcoming DLC, don't be surprised to see more Mein Leben runs.
  13. Grinding for this trophy reminded me of Assassin's Creed Black Flag solo wolfpack grinding. Brutal!
  14. Probably a 3 or 4 for me. Not difficult at all, just lengthy. Some lengthy, annoying dungeons. But a great game imo.
  15. Harder than the 3/10 difficulty listed on, imo. Maybe a 4 or 4.5. Some sections to get the Daemonologist trophy, acquire all charms, were super annoying. Mostly because of the restarts involved, and you can't skip the act intros. Apart from some grindy parts, pretty fun plat overall, and a fun 2 player hack n slash.