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  1. Your Mortal Kombat Trophy list is cheated beyond redemption: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/864-mortal-kombat/Dev3nitox?order=date 100% Story trophy before 50% Story, My Kung Fu is Stronger (All chars mastery) before My Kung Fu is Strong (One character mastery), Finish What you Start (All char fatalaties) before doing Fatality! (Do any fatality). It's like you didn't even try to hide you cheated this game... Reported him for Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection: Budokai 3 Tournament trophies unlocked with 7/8 seconds from each other...
  2. You can get from level 0 to 10 in like 4-5 hours maximum using Bomb da Base II infinite spawn glitch. ProfBambam55 made a very good tutorial video about it:
  3. Do you like tv cooking shows? Do you like to cook? What's the hardest recipe you tried to make? What's your favorite Dragon Quest game of all time? What do you think of street racers?
  4. Most of multiplayer modes in Max Payne 3 are dead, but you can find FFA/Deathmatches full lobbies on weekends, that's how I got my last DLC trophy for levelling up my M4 to level 10. As for base game online trophies goes, yeah, they can be done in one session (The other two trophies being the self-boosting to level 50). DLC trophies are no go though, you need like two sessions or more to set up everything right since it's so many variables for those trophies.
  5. Quick post about point 7: Yes, you're correct about the procedure, but you need to use to flower for less than an entire day, it mustn't let it wither. Once you use for let's say 20 in-game hours, put it back on storage and sleep away 3 days, then you can take it out again to use for another almost full-day. Never let it wither and let on storage for about 3 days each time you use it .
  6. Okay, there are a few good things you could change to improve death experience farming. You're going to need a couple of things first: 1. Have Fournival alive in your playthrough. He will be an invaluable source of Conqueror/Demon periapts. 2. Blast arrows can be bought from either Aestella in Cassardis in Post-Game (Grigori defeated) or from Camelia in Gran Soren after Come to Court quest. Since you mentioned using them, I believe you already have either of those two unlocked. 3. You'll want 2 Barbed nails accessories. You can buy those from Madeleine in Gran Soren in post-game I believe. Also some chests have in Pastora cavern have those. Look at here for more info https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Barbed_Nails 4. Change to Ranger vocation and learn tenfold flurry. It's a must, really. Strider damage with fivefold flurry doesn't even come close to the potential of tenfold flurry of Ranger. 5. Try to have a decent longbow. You can get a Dragon's Glaze (2nd strongest longbow in entire game) by having a moonbeam gem and opening the right door at duskmoon tower area (The are you first find Barroch). Enhance it and possibly have it dragonforged/gold rarified. 6. As for Death Spawn...I don't recommend using rancid bait meats if you're still on the first run through BBI in that particular playthrough. There is a room in BBI called The Bloodless Stockade where Death will ALWAYS spawn in the same position every time you get in & out. This particular room is just 2 rooms before the abandoned city before Daimon. You can find more info here https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/The_Bloodless_Stockade 7. For faster farming, you'll also need a blessed flower gave from Quina in one of the sidequests of the story. Provided you have one of those in stock or made a copy of it through Blackcat, you can keep using it give you double experience for one in-game day. It will wither and turn useless after that, but there is a little neat trick regarding storage in this game: If any item can perish after some time has passed, if you store it in your storage, it will go back to full condition after about 3 in-game days it's there. In my case when I hunted death, I had 2 Blessed flowers with me, one in storage, one I carried with me. After some time had passed, I would just go back put one in the storage and bring out the other so it could 'heal' inside storage. *THIS STEP IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL BUT IT HELPS A LOT* So, all those things pointed out, how you would go about killing death in one encounter with Ranger. A conqueror's periapt increases your strength by 25% each time it's used and can be stacked up to 4 times, meaning if you use 4x Conqueror Periapt at once, you get double strength for a limited time. If you use that with Tenfold flurry skill + blast arrows, you'll be dealing heaps of damage in seconds. Those 2 barbed nails are used for keeping Death down the entire time since they boost your stagger/knockdown ability, essentially keeping death stunlocked while it gets up and down again. The blessed flower helps with exp and with a good spawning place,you could be killing death in less than a minute. Having no pawns with you also helps a lot since you get more experience and don't worry about your own pawn, he/she will catch up to your level 200 in no time, believe me. I did this with a sorcerer vocation (Min/max building - the vocation you level up influence your stats growth) and took me about 5 to 6 hours to go from level 120 to 200, did this alone using Demon's Periapts (These increase magick) and everything else I mentioned above with the exception of blast arrows and using a everfall post-game staff (i.e not that amazing for BBI). It's a lot to read and process, but this give you much insight knowledge on how to farm anything remotely hard on this game since everything I just wrote can be reapplied to any stronger mob in BBI with some adjustments. Even UR-Dragon can be cheesed with that strategy. By the way, here is a video of someone killing death in one encounter with Ranger vocation: https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/File:Death_slain_in_a_single_encounter-0 *Equipments may differ* EDIT: About gold, forgot to mention how to get that. Either farm wakestones in everfall post-game or keep selling purified weapon/armor you get from BBI, that's your best source of gold.
  7. I'm not waiting anything. Last 2 years I've been tackling any games with online components and/or trophies and I've been doing in a good pace. There is still some games I'd like to get the online trophies done, but I predict I'll have 90% of those done by the end of this year. My list: Max Payne 3: Currently working on level 50 grind. Payday 2: Just starting playing it again. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: Pretty close to the Sub-14 level mission, the one that requires online connection. Dead Space 3: Yet to start. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain: Yet to start Resident Evil Operation Raccon City: Yet to start (High on priority list) Resident Evil Revelations: Yet to start (High on priority list) (Ultimate) Marvel vs Capcom 3: Debating if I will get this one or not. Infamous Festival of Blood: Yet to start (medium priority) God of War Ascension: Yet to start (low priority, single online trophy for doing tutorial) Mass Effect 3: Yet to start (Low on priority, reports that you can do cooperative trophies by yourself) Some other games I'm still debating if I will play or not such as The Last of Us (PS3) before the server shutdown. Souls series also have online components but still easily achievable offline and some unobtainables such as Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo 5 I didn't even start by time they were shutdown, so I'm skipping those.
  8. Once all his armor is stripper off, you'll need to deal magick damage to him. With strider class, you're out of luck with skills since it has like only one how deal magical damage and it's pitiful at that. So, your best options would be either a naturally enchanted weapon such as the sapfire daggers or dragon's ire shortbow (Both are BBI weapons you get from uncursing Cursed BBI Weapon Lv.2). The second option would be to have a mage/sorcerer pawn that can enchant your weapon, which is easier but you'll rely on their AI to cast on you all the time you're fighting the Living Armor. Or can just switch to a vocation than can deal magick damage such as Mystic Knight, Magick Archer, Sorcerer and such.
  9. I know most questions have been answered by now, but I'd like to suggest this for anyone reading through this thread if you wish to get a very easy to understand path to The Hero. Read the following chart on this page https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Quests It states when each main quest and sidequests starts, when sidequests can fail or no longer acquired and there are also individual links for each of the quests with detailed walkthrough for those. If you have any question about Dragon's Dogma, please feel free to tag me here. I think after 600 hours of playing it, I gathered some good knowledge
  10. It is a very nice discord server indeed. Very organized with multiple text and voice chats for a plethora of games. I boosted Batman: Arkham Origins using DEX.EXE and it was pretty smooth. *Yes I do realize whom I'm talking to.*
  11. Max Payne 3 - New York Minute Hardcore COMPLETED.


    Finally got :silver: The Shadows Rushed Me by beating NYMHC on Max Payne 3. After almost 20 tries, some very frustrating and others funny ones, I managed to beat this nightmare-ish mode. Still need to grind the multiplayer level through self-boosting to get the Platinum, but the worst part is over.



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      @Otonio_Bruno I will get it and it is doable but like you say, it's very frustrating. I'm close to getting the Level 50 trophy so that's one nightmare soon to be done. Not sure if I'll have chance for NYMHC this week but I am getting consistent in reaching the later chapters so I am getting better but congrats dude :)

    3. ee28max



      @ChristIllusion12 you'll get there too. Your Max Payne 3 NYMHC posts are my highlights of viewing status updates on here. Good luck :) 

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  12. It has been a long while since I last posted here, so it's time to update my attempts. - 11th attempt (Chapter 3): I've had been very rusty, almost 2 months with no tries between this and the last one, I got up to the part Max go in a elevator and then has to gun down some guys down in the stadium bleachers, doing pretty well with time and painkillers but I forgot to pay attention to the bullet count so one of the soldiers put me down in LSM and died straight away since I had no bullets. -12th attempt (Chapter 10): Very good run all things considered, managed to get past most troublesome chapters for like chapter 6, part 2 and chapter 8 with no problems at all. At the start of chapter 10, after you get out of the bus graveyard, where there is two gas pumps and a bus. Well, I was taking cover on the left side from where you start and they tossed a grenade at me. I promptly notice and get away from it before it explodes...I was like 10 feet away or more, but still grenade took me down from full health to insta-death. I raged hard on this. - 13th attempt (Chapter 6): Another good run up to the failure point. By now, I had pretty much muscle memory on chapters 1-4, would only die if I really goofed. Anyway, in chapter 6, part 1, I was in the middle section of the offices, right after that IT dude hides behind in closet. One of the soldiers shoot to me LSM (My fault, didn't want to use painkiller atm) and he was behind some kind of bulletproof glass after he shot me, resulting in me dying again. Learned to take things slows on this chapter. -14th attempt (Chapter 5): This is the most hilarious one. In the past atttempts, I decided to take a break here and there so I could either relax or take a little nap. No big deal. Did the same on this, after finishing chapter 4, part 2, I paused the game at the start of chapter 5 and went to take a nap. When I woke up, I noticed my ps3 had turned off and I was like 'wtf?'. Turns out, I forgot to change my power-saving settings after my ps3 had to be formatted, a.k.a the console turned itself off after two hours because of the default settings. I laughed because at least I didn't invest much time and learned about it, imagine taking a break like that but on chapter 13 and the console just turning off because you forgot to update settings? -15th attempt (Chapter 10): Okay, another awesome run, up to chapter 10 with 15 minutes on the clock, things were looking up. After last failure because of grenade in left side, I decided to take another approach and go for right side, near the gas pumps and the bus. All is well as I get close to the bus and BUM, a gas pump exploded right near to me without any warning. Thanks game, I really like you had cheat like, especially on chapter 10. I was starting to hate and dread this chapter. -16th attempt (Chapter 7): Second funniest failure. On chapter 7, after you go inside a building, notice some kind of sex party and go up some floors using a chain (While killing some dudes, there's a trophy for this part), I got through the entire building with little problem, except when I was almost getting out I managed to walk through some glitched section of the floor and Max Payne fell down to his oblivion, and after some seconds in this nowhere place he decided to died because life wasn't worth it. Funny stuff. -17th attempt (Chapter 7): Again, same chapter. I got pissed. This time, no glitch happened, just that molotov guys right at the end decided to burn me like Judas, they probably threw me like 3 molotovs at once, couldn't even heal up fast enough in painkillers (And I had 9 of them). Ouch. -18th attempt (Chapter 14 - NYMHC Completed!): And for the winning run...I really got an awesome and lucky as hell run. Got so many spots that I was put into LSM and enemy was behind some kind of soft-cover (Couldn't see it, but red dot gave away), chapter 10 almost died twice in row as in, someone put in LSM while another had a grenade thrown at me. I luckily kill the guy in LSM so I get back on my feet but the GRENADE didn't explode. I desperately jump with shootdodge to survive the blast and I do, defying death twice in 2 seconds, had no literal health left after the blast, the game took a pity on me. Chapter 11 another big close call during the boat section where you need to climb an upper deck and some soldiers are waiting for you. I consumed all my painkillers going up there, almost died, had 10% of my health left when I managed to go past that part. Chapter 13 also gave me a lot of close calls, most of time during the part where smoke grenades are thrown and laser soldiers come in. Chapter 14 was actually easy and a relief, made it to end with 7 minutes left. Here is my end-game screenshots:
  13. I know that google translate exists and everybody knows about it, but since I think it's better to have something translated from a native speaker of the language: For all 3 games flagged, disputer is claiming that his account was hacked. That's it.
  14. I agree with this suggestion. It could also benefit if you could choose the time of auto-updating, starting say at 10:00AM, would be nice for both regular and premium users.
  15. You may need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5), this will refresh the cache in your browser and may solve the issue you're facing.