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  1. You must go to an individual trophy page (Like this one https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6142-injustice-2/1-world-destroyer) and use "add to cabinet button, clicking edit on cabinet on main profile page just allows you to delete them.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. One of searches I did before creating this thread recommended me VMWare Workstation Pro, but if it's paid, I'm going to skip for the time being. And since you and DaivRules recommended Virtualbox, that's the one I'm going for. That's exactly what I plan to do! I have very little experience working around command lines and using a shell, so I want to take things slowly, baby-steps even and what you wrote it's exactly how I think I should proceed. And since I do have a good bit of free time, why not use it to learn something useful, especially if it's free? Thank you both, your posts are greatly appreciated.
  3. Very recently I've started some basic course on how to use Linux and I want to practice what I've learned using a Virtual Machine. But I'm kinda lost what is the best Virtual Machine software and Linux distribution I should try to this. My computer is a Dell laptop running Windows 8.1 with latest security updates, Intel Core i5 4210U running on a Dell motherboard (Intel chipsets) and 8GB of DDR3. So how do I proceed best with this specs on possibly an Ubuntu and/or Slackware distribution. Free software would be preferable. I will be using it for learning purposes only.
  4. I've a fair interest in this dispute and would like to see if I'm understanding this correctly: 1. Lucantoo played on his ps3 first and didn't sync trophies but uploaded save file to cloud (Plausible) 2. Lucantoo then downloaded save file from cloud on Vita (Easy on this game, it has a cross-save function in the menu) which instantly popped all trophies. He doesn't mention synching this particular set of autopopped trophies as first. 3. He then deletes user profile on PS3 and redo everything from scratch, getting his first synchronized trophy list. 4. Finally he synchronizes Vita and have earlier autopopped timestamps. That would be a possible scenario, but it's very weird someone would go through all that in the first place. Also it would fall under deleting/recovering profile while backing up save flagging rule, but in this case it was the vita timestamps which messed up his trophy list. I'm 50-50 on this, because for one the cross-save function does allow for some shenanigans like this but it falls under the aforementioned rule. @B1rvine Can you determine which platform was used for the first synching?
  5. @Jowahh You simply started with the very best!
  6. I agree with you that the pinned thread for upcoming server shutdowns is really useful and even posts that aren't directly informing a server shutdown are still useful for people following the thread, since most people (when they become aware that a server is shutting down) knows nothing about the game in question and would ask away how much time and how difficult it is to get the online affected trophies. I visit it daily too and since it's only a few posts every day, it's easy to keep track on what's going down while also reading other posts that include info about trophies. It has been very useful to me and quite frankly, much easier than going to an individual trophy list and see if an upcoming server shutdown was announced or not, specially since most of the time I'm yet to start said game, which would require a manual search for each game.
  7. I will share only my honest opinion on all this: ArmoredSpyro account should be given the same privileges given to other accounts in regards to 3 flagged games. The user of the account is more than willing to hide the game with impossible timestamps and even though future timestamps are signs of CFW usage in both Playstation 3 and Vita, this doesn't seem to be a recurrent case for PS4 or PS5, is it? Taking this into account, what are the capabilities of a CFW'd or PS4 with exploitable kernel that a normal PS4 doesn't have? The point I'm trying to rise is, is it even possible to unlock trophies at later dates and how hard would be to get a hold of a "CFW" (Lack of a better term) PS4? I've seen so many, so many disputes here where blatant CFW'd trophy lists for Vita and PS3 just get the usual "You're over the 3 strikes, you'll be out of the leaderboards but still can use everything else on the site." and yet this case with just one game with future timestamps is an one and done, case you're out for good, it doesn't seem a fair treatment at all.
  8. This may not be entirely correct, but here's how I believe PSNP pulls trophy data from Sony Servers: Sly Ripper has written his own API to pull profile data & trophy lists from Sony servers and every time you enter a user name in the main PSNP page, it perform query on Sony Servers and it doesn't require a specific user to do so. After that first query the profile is then added to PSNP database and stays there for a good while (Is there ever been data purges for unregistered users?) and user of a profile already in PSNP wants to register itself, it just needs to follow the instructions on how to change and verify the "about me" code. In simpler words, anyone can enter a Profile ID on main page and that's how data gets pulled from Sony servers. If profile stay unregistered, manual updates must be mades in order to reflect recent acquired trophies. Regular and Premium users have automatic updates on 24 and 6 hours intervals, respectively.
  9. Just an amateur speaking but: It's the motherboard and it's dead. Had the same problem about 2 years ago on my Super Slim. It would power on, one second later it would power off. Had to send it to a repair shop, they promptly told it was a motheboard failure. Had to swap for a new one (Don't know if they had CPU/GPU lifted then reballed during the process, it was kinda cheap to be honest, paid about R$200.00 which is about U$35.00 after conversion nowdays, beats buying a new console. Had no problems so far after that (Console-wise) Also I have some bad news...if it's indeed the motherboard, the saves and games downloaded on the HDD are gone if the repairshop can't recover the motherboard =/, happened to me as well, had to redownload almost 500GB of games and lost some game saves I didn't have a backup for.
  10. Really sad news. Discovered MF DOOM about 5 years ago, through a stream in twitch that used to put his albums to play during the stream and instantly got hooked by it. Saffron from Special Herbs Vol 1 & 2 is my to go chillin' music.
  11. Shocked by the news that MF DOOM died. Really loved his songs, especially the Special Herbs Vol 1 & Vol 2, amazing stuff.




  12. If the owner (Sly Ripper) doesn't want to implement, we can't do a thing about it.
  13. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in this situation. Yes, you could prove you didn't intentionally cheat or sought a modder to pop your trophies, but that wouldn't still change the outcome since these auto-popped lists are not wanted in the leaderboards. The only thing you can is either hide CoD Black Ops II trophy list to reppear in the leaderboards if you wish to do so or you can remain with it on your profile and can still use all the PSNP features outside the leaderboards. There was a whitelist proposal for game like this years ago but nothing concrete came out of it.
  14. Yes, they are. Perfect Knight Day 2 is basically a mini-platinum, in which you need achieve 100% completion in one file.
  15. I've been in a retro gaming wave these last few weeks and it has been a blast:


    Chrono Cross: About 2 years I started a project on Chrono Cross to get a perfect file with all characters + Level 7 techs, but my save got wiped from my ps3 after the hard-drive got corrupted. Luckily I had only spent about 10 hours...jumping to the present, I decided to give another go and it's pure awesomeness to play this game again, doing branch paths and hunting elements.


    Super Mario 64: Started this yesterday and got 15 stars already. Last time I played this was over a decade ago, so it's awesome to 'rediscover' it.

    Castlevania - Dracula X: Another great game that only played a bit of it years ago and now decided to finally finish it properly and unlock all endings. For those who don't know about this game, it's port/remake of the original Rondo of Blood that came for Super NES but that had many things different from the original game while being sold as port. Up to stage 3 and damn, it's hard as bollocks, hard as Castlevania 1 & 3 from NES.


    Banjo & Kazooie: This one I've finished about a week ago. Really good platformer for N64, Banjo & Tooie are next.


    I'm planning on tackling through many other N64 games that either haven't played in a decade or that I haven't played at all, such as Castlevania 64, Donkey Kong 64, Tarzan, Mario Party(s), Perfekt Dark and 007:Goldeneye.