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  1. Yeah, the method my team used required no shooting at all, but that doesn't mean you CAN'T shoot them, it's just that we had so much cluster bombs that it was entirely unnecessary (i.e no risks of killing any of the bosses before they all got together).
  2. I don't know if shooting or not voids the medal/trophy, but I did with a very nice veteran on UC3 and his friend, it took only one try to get everyone trophy including that other trophy for not dying in coop-adventure map on crushing/hard. The strategy is to have to one guy with cluster bomb and one with army of 3. Since cluster bombs stacks to your grenade count each time you activate, you can easily have 4-5 cluster bombs if you exploit those chokers to get a lot of medals easily. Once 3 bosses get together in the already mentioned spot in this thread, one activates the AO3 and the other just chuckles cluster bombs after the other, no need to shoot them.
  3. You're the one who said " Being 24 seconds faster doesn't mean you automatically cheated.". Then you come up with 24 seconds ahead is an eternity in any game and conclude that is illegitimate time unless disputer disclosure some groundbreaking method to beat WR on Hotline Miami. Contradiction much? Also, B1rvine is the cheater removal team, is quite literally his title. LOL at "Please keep the conversation on Hotline Miami."
  4. I'm pretty sure Sly Ripper won't remove the PSN ID history icon based on what he said on this post: Also, I wouldn't do the procedure above in order to get rid of it since it's look complicated and run a high chance of Sly not manually recovering your profile if you did it to bypass the PSN ID history icon. Also take into account it took over a week before Sly was able to fix a single profile...
  5. I'd say with 20 days left, it's possible to get 100% from scratch...but you're going to need playing day/night to get all treasures and wins needed during those 20 days. Maybe if you started when the shutdown was announced 2 months ago, yeah, that would be much more doable. Right now it's still possible, just a huge PITA because you have to rely on RNG to get both treasure sets done. Treasures, if you're lucky and have a second ps3 + 4 all controllers in total, can be done in about 50 hours and that's excluding those from competitive modes and coop adventure. Competitive mode wins is another 50 hours or so, maybe less if you have a reliable team that doesn't fool around too much. Add another 20 hours to complete the crushing coop adventure/arena medals and you have about 120 hours of pure boosting to do in 20 days...which means 6 hours per day at the least (That's if you're lucky with treasures, as I said before).
  6. I'd like to see the game series finished first before anything else. I loved the idea when it was presented then partially implemented, but it stopped there 😞. I like to hunt for 100% for all games in some particular game series and that feature would be nice to search for ones I don't currently have or to decide which one I can go for next. Next in my priority list would be to fix the rarity leaderboard. That meaning fixing individual trophy lists rarity issues caused by cheaters and worldwide/by nation rarity leaderboard by removing cheaters from those. Don't mind what formula Sly comes up to calculate points for a rarity leaderboard, it's fine as long it follows the guidelines of "rarer trophies = more points".
  7. Not quite good as a human translator and never will be.
  8. "It's not impossible, but who is going to do it every day or for years after you've finished the game? I finished the game, I've no reason to play it every day with the 25km or more in races, if I'm going to play it again it will be either for fun or as a time-killer." @SMOKE-2012_ Qual Ă© a razĂŁo (reason) dada para essa denĂșncia. Se possĂ­vel, copie e cole o texto da 'caixinha' vermelha, isso ajuda bastante. *Translation note: I've 0 knowledge of the game, went for an almost literal translation of what was written. Hopefully nothing was left out of context.*
  9. I can provide any english-portuguese translations if needed. Willreaper translation post was quite good considering the original post isn't well written in portuguese to begin with.
  10. Last part is wrong information. Only time carry over between chapters in NYM, weapons + ammunition and painkillers are reset for each new chapter. @Solid-Fisch The guide you've been reading is definitely in the wrong if it says Payne in the Ass is the hardest challenge on the game. NYMHC/The Shadows Rushed Me is definitely the hardest challenge on the game, once you give a try or 2, you'll see why. Also there is a reason it's the rarest trophy for Max Payne 3 aside the platinum.
  11. Let's see about this one: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1522-ratchet-clank-3-up-your-arsenal/RawazFHK?order=date How did you get Stay Squeeky Clean (Complete death path on florana without damage) after getting Skill Master (Get all skill points)? In case you don't remember, completing death path on florana without taking damage is a skill point on itself, thus it's required for Skill Master trophy.
  12. This was actually a nice read. Btw, I feel very happy and proud of my completion percentage. Also I've come to terms that I won't ever be able to achieve 100%.
  13. You can use back-up saves pretty much as much as you want, you just need to remember to always synch the first time you earn that trophy so it doesn't get cases like All score attack done earned BEFORE half of score attack done (Using your P4A case). You can even play the game back and forth between many consoles as you want and upload the save to cloud/usb, just always synch the trophies the first time they pop, you'll never have trouble this way.
  14. Or just have someone in the group who can translate from your language to english and vice-versa. I played this game a few months ago, got the platinum and still helped much more people after it and many of those didn't speak english (Portuguese speakers) but we were using a english discord group and still went fine, me and another guy pretty much translated everything from english to portuguese and vice-versa and it worked out much faster than the sessions I did with PS Messages only. The real problem with Arkham Origins mp boosting is that you really need some good coordination + communication in order to do Predator Paragon and Clutch trophies as mentioned by @ReadyLeaderOne. And even if you can't speak english properly, you probably can understand what they are saying, so just ask them to give you orders and you respond with a simple "Yes" or "No" and work from there. You really only need good english talking skills if you're the host/leader and is trying to coordenate everyone, otherwise just listen and follow the orders gave to you.
  15. Your Mortal Kombat Trophy list is cheated beyond redemption: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/864-mortal-kombat/Dev3nitox?order=date 100% Story trophy before 50% Story, My Kung Fu is Stronger (All chars mastery) before My Kung Fu is Strong (One character mastery), Finish What you Start (All char fatalaties) before doing Fatality! (Do any fatality). It's like you didn't even try to hide you cheated this game... Reported him for Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection: Budokai 3 Tournament trophies unlocked with 7/8 seconds from each other...