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  1. There are no modded lobbies on Batman Arkham Origins that pop other players trophies (With or without their consent), so drop that lie. Also very interesting that you're unfamiliar with the term CFW but know that the console needs to be 'jailbroken' to use it.
  2. Both flags should not be lifted. Arkham Origins trophies are all over the place, his first trophy is Clean Streets, which is one of the most time consuming trophies in single-player since it requires you to finish every single sidequest in the game (Aside from getting the first riddler trophy from Enigma), then get the Gotham Proctetor trophy...all that without getting the first unmissable trophy right after going through Blackgate/tutorial. Oh, should also mention that disputer managed to get the platinum only an entire month after getting the last trophy in the base game. Arkham City: Starting the trophy list with a complete midway game missable trophy then already gets the 24 challenge medals trophy without even doing the first 3 unmissable trophies. Platinum only unlocked 13 hours after last trophy here, disputer is improving, I guess... Both games are heavily cheated and if I could wage a bet, through CFW.
  3. You mean just like this same disputer did with Twisted Metal back in 2018 and got mad when people didn't believe him and the flag stayed? *Which also led RD4 to leave the site in anger for a good amount of time, making claims that Sly Ripper is paid off by Hakoom and other accusations* Please, stop making wild assumptions about the CRT, especially when you don't know half the story it goes beyond a single dispute.
  4. For both Transistor and Driveclub, nothing can be done outside hiding those games as they fall under the flaggable category. Darksiders Genesis on the other hand might be worth a shot having someone looking deeper into it since the game has some known to glitch trophies...then if successfully get it lifted, you can still remain on the leaderboards by hiding the 2 above mentioned games.
  5. So far, Darksiders II due to closed servers, already arrived to late when got around playing it on ps3.
  6. There are many possibilities for this, I believe: 1. Cheaters. Sony servers take into account everyone who have the respective trophy unlocked in their profile, through cheated means or not. PSNP on the other hand don't take into account those cheated trophies if they are reported and as such will show 0 achievers if the trophy is unobtainable/glitched etc. All that said, PSNP still sometimes count cheated trophies for some games when it's regarding platinum/100% achievers list. It's a known issue for some small indie games and so far there isn't a fix for it. 2. Number of PSN users vs Number of PSNP users. PSNP tracked members is only but a fraction of total PSN members, so from time to time someone may earn a trophy on psn but is not tracked here and thus you get that difference we're talking about. 3. This is a guess of mine, but there is also a possibility of a game not being to be synchronized here on PSNP due to Sony not actually allowing it to synch (view threads of games that were never synched to psn) and still somehow Sony count up those stats in regards to number of achievers.
  7. Gotta say this dispute thread is a total dumpster fire. Sometimes I really think that only allowing CRT members to post first and then opening it to the public to post would be a good idea, so many uninformed posts here that completely add to nothing...
  8. A.k.a He cheated all games in his entire profile, not a single one is legit.
  9. Then it's probably something on PSNP backend on how it's trying to fetch data from Playstation Network servers, probably only Sly can address this.
  10. Manually update his profile and it should go back to normal updating schedule (6 or 24 hours depending on his membership).
  11. Just startd playing L.A. Noire for the first time and I can't believe how gorgeous this game looks on a ps3. Also that I should've not waited this long to play it.

    The cars, the city, soundtrack, everything is so well done that I regret not having played it before when it was launched (On Xbox 360). The car handling in this is pretty smooth, kinda a shame the game doesn't encourage driving around L.A that much since you can just use your partner to skip the driving.


    1. Copanele


      I absolutely loved that game too, the atmosphere was exceptional. It was unlike any other game I've played so far. 

      If you go for platinum then you will be forced to drive a lot in order to find all those cars. I think this game has one of the best collectible trophies though, those cars are super fun to find and collect. 

  12. Just got around playing Festival of Blood yesterday, could start and finish it within 4 hours, grabbing 100% of the trophies. Fortunately I think I didn't spoiled too much on the plot of the first two games. Now unto purchasing a copy of inFamous 2 and flying through the story mode to get to the point of doing UGC missions and knocking these all then going back to the first inFamous game. Thanks to everyone who answered me, you were a great help!
  13. Nice quote from something posted two months ago. Whatever made Sly Ripper change his mind, be happy about it. Don't know why you're angry at the messenger though 🙃
  14. That could explain the issue with your trophies popping together, but unfortunately it is not wanted in the leaderboards. What you can to remedy the situation is: If you still have your old ps4 and can perform a trophy synchronization on that console, before doing so, contact a member of the CRT such as MMDE, B1rvine or Squirlruler and explain what happened and that you wish to revert to the old timestamps within the old console. Do not synchronize your trophy list before contacting them since they want some assurance you're not just using external software to manipulate the timestamps in order to avoid the flag, wait on their instructions and if you're telling the truth, you might get unflagged.
  15. This game is on my list for quite some time but I'm yet to buy inFamous 2 and Festival of Blood, thanks giving a nice headsup this servers are not that stable anymore, I'll try to get those 2 games online trophies done ASAP. For Festival of Blood I've read you need to finish the main campaign in order to have access to UGC part of the game. How about inFamous 2, how much do I need to go in before having access to UGC stuff? Also, how much spoilers will I find if I play these 2 before the first inFamous? Thanks for anyone who can answer this.