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  1. Got my first 100% Metal Gear Solid game, albeit is the very short one Ground Zeroes.

    In all my gaming years, I really thought myself uncapable of performing in Metal Gear Solid games because of how precise the stealth mecanics are. I played a bit of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (A special edition of Snake Eater if I'm correct) but performed so badly on knocking out regular soldiers that I gave up on the series for many years. Then I got the legacy collection for ps3 and with it came the original MGS as PSone Classic. Played a fair bit but stopped around the half because, well, I thought I wasn't doing that good and had other games to play.


    Now, with announced shutdown of both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain servers on ps3, I decided this was the time to really try them. And I'm happy I did because not only it's a very good game, but I also conquered my inabilities regarding stealth in this game that I'm confident that I can in other games from this series.


    tl;dr Finally finished my first MGS game, it has been a blast!

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    2. Deceptrox


      Good job! You should definitively go for the other games.


      Tips for stealth:


      On MGS2, you can shoot the enemy radios on the back of their pants so when they spot you you can easily shoot them with the M9 or any other silenced gun before they start moving again.


      On MGS3, you can use the CQC slam to knock the enemy. Be careful not to run when the enemy is close, they can hear your footsteps. Shoot them from a distance with the MK22 or Mosin Nagant. Use smoke grenades to hide in the smoke or get past without being noticed when necessary.


      The other games are easier regarding stealth. 

    3. AJ_Radio


      I've only done MGS3 which is generally considered the easiest game to platinum. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be my next MGS, and perhaps MGS2 will be the final project I'll tackle for this year.


      I'm not going to have time enough to do both Fallout 4 and MGS2, but because I've been wanting to do both for a pretty long time at this point I have to pick and chose.

    4. StewartBros


      Well done!  Hopefully you'll give the other MGS games a shot too - MGS2 is regarded as the hardest of the series to platinum, while MGS4 really isn't as difficult as it's made out to be.


      I'm gearing up to start Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain soon, as I'm considering making the MGS V plat my 10,000th trophy. :)

  2. I believe that as most people in this thread the issues comes from trying to download Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations Free DLC from HK Playstation Store, correct? I 99% already got those downloaded back in 2019 after my hdd corrupted for the last time, but I decided to check if I could download then or not using my HK PSN account: All Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DLC were all able to be downloaded flawlessly in the first try, but any of the Assassin's Creed Revelations DLC give the same error from thread title (Error 80029780). To be honest, I kinda used to having error whenever trying to downloading something from Playstation Store circa 2016, getting error like these over and over and the only solution being keep trying until it actually starts downloading. I'll be checking my other 2 accounts (Brazilian main and an US alt) to see if I find any problems on DLC or full games, but I don't think I will find any problem since I actually downloaded stuff from both accounts after the date mentioned in the original post. US account is pretty fine, no errors at all. Brazilian account still show error mentioned in the above paragraph (Error code 8071040C). It takes some tries before it lets you download the file.
  3. I'm fine with the removal of debit/credit card payment options on the actual Playstation 3/Vita Stores if it means they will stay online for years to come. Adding funds to your wallet using the Playstation Store web version either on PC or mobile is pretty simple and shouldn't be much of hassle in the long run. The only drawback really is those CERO Z games that won't be buyable anymore on the respective stores...maybe Sony could come up with a solution that you would have a [japanese] credit card on your account and that you could verify the age through some kind of settings.
  4. I know I'm very late to answer this, but there is a way to farm mythrils even if you reached the "Final Rest" room in End of the World: 1. Go to Deep Jungle World Terminus in EotW (Those purple pillars that leads you to fragments of a previous world). 2. There you will fight 3 waves of Powerwilds and Bouncywilds: Before hitting any of them, summon Bambi first. Kill the first 6 Powerwilds that spawn in first wave. 3. Second wave is 4x Bouncywilds. Those are your 'target' here, because they can summon more Powerwilds. In the farming routine I do, I kill one of the bouncywilds right at the start of 2nd wave and let the other 3 go around do their business, hoping they do the summoning attack. Once they summon, it will call 2 more Powerwilds and I usually kill those 2 + the bouncywild which summoned them right away (Thundaga works nicely). 4. If possible, I wait until bouncywilds from wave 2 to summon Powerwilds two times, but if not, I kill them before they disappear (which is quite annoying). 4. Finally, on wave 3 you have 3 powerwilds + 2 bouncywilds, totalling 15 heartless in this room (Not counting extra summoned powerwilds). If in the previous wave I only managed to get one or zero summons, I try to get them here, leaving both bouncywilds alive as long as possible. Otherwise I just kill them asap since the kill count should have reached 19 by now, provided you two different summons on previous wave, which gets you 4 extra heartless. You get roughly a 50% chance of a mythril shard dropping after killing 12 heartless and around 30%, maybe less, of a Mythril drop when you kill 18 heartless. Definitely not the best of odds, but it beats having to farm mythril shards, mythril stones and mystery goos individually so you can craft mythril. You can also use all extra mythril shards you get in this process to transform into a mythril. Obs: The summoning attack is very distinct and with just a few minutes of practice you will know when bouncywilds start to perform it: Do not kill them until the whole animation is through because otherwise you won't get any extra heartless. The summoning attack can also fail, symbolized by a "?" mark over their heads and unfortunately there is nothing you can do prevent it. Lastly, all bouncywilds will disappear after a while and they also have an unique animation prior to that, so that's your cue to kill them whether they summoned any extra powerwilds or not. With the above farming method, you can still let 1 escape if you managed to get 2 summons in waves 2/3 since they would total to 18 heartless.
  5. You need to contact Sony's support and have them open a investigation for you. So far that's the only solution we know, nothing else really works (outside trying to restore the licenses on the ps4)
  6. It's not. I think someone even attached a Playstation Store printscreen in this thread that clearly states all games that were previously purchased through PS Plus will be back once you renew your subscription, even if lapsed (There is no mention any "maximum" time period). What those representative say are just gibberish so they can get you off the hook. Try again, but this time make sure you demand to talk to a supervisor or anyone at management level because any base level representative won't solve anything, a door is smarter than those people.
  7. Well, I know that for me the issue has been fixed. It took about 2 and a half weeks after I managed to open a investigation after chatting with a Playstation support manager (Had to escalate the issue since base representatives wouldn't do a thing). Question for you both: Did you guys renew your subscription through the recent PS Plus 1-year membership 50% off sale? I suspect that these recent PS Plus 1-year membership sales are the culprit but I have very little data to corroborate with that.
  8. Some people reported that issue was fixed after contacting Sony. I also might have read somewhere that other didn't need to do it...but my memory could be faulty on this. It's best that you contact Sony Playstation support ASAP.
  9. While you nailed on the reason being because they're convex, they easy to press but hard to kept pressed if there is any force feedback while you "shoot". The Dualshock 3 L2/R2 design is great for racing games or stuff like GTA, where the buttons feels like accelerators/brakes, but horrible for shooters. So that's why L1/R1 were used by many games on Playstation 3 as the aim/fire buttons. On Xbox 360 it's the opposite, the LT/RT were amazing for shooting because of their actual gun 'trigger' concave design, but not so great when you want to slightly brake in racing game. Another reason is L1/R1 were the Playstation 2 default shooting buttons for many Playstation 2 games, so maybe they just continued over that trend in playstation 3. When Sony saw that the 360 controller triggers were much more favoured for shooting, they went for that on Playstation 4.
  10. I'd definitely use it IF it was approved by Cheater Removal Team as B1rvine already pointed out the requirements. I mean I'd love to get rid of unobtainable in my profile, but at the same I don't to get flagged. Anyhow, thank you very much for this project, even if it leads nowhere. This kind of effort is really appreciated.
  11. As Joseph would say:
  12. Actually there is no need to open a dispute post then hide the game on your console. If you're flagged in 2 or less games, you just need to hide from your console and earn a trophy, then the words "soon" will appear in profile here meaning you've been reinstated in the leaderboards, the whole process is automatic. The purpose of dispute threads/section is to clear any flag you know it's wrong by providing proof how you can unlock the flagged trophies in legit manner, then the 'mods' lift the flag and the user is allowed back on the leaderboards automatically. In another words, the CRT 'mods' don't "put" you back in the leaderboards per se, that part is done by the site itself once it detects you have no visible flagged games (Of course 3+ hidden flagged games still means you're out of lbs).
  13. The issue is that is has been years of public disputes and nobody has ever come close to providing proof that you could unlock that trophy outside playing in the appropriate game mode. On the other hand, there was a certain save file you could download everywhere, that wasn't encrypted and that allowed you to get the trophy even after the game mode went down. Also if a patch alters the requirements for obtaining a trophy, it will say so in the patch notes. There is no documentation on the internet that tells anything about Fifa 09 patch that allows Real World Winner to be achieved in other game mode then the one of trophy description.
  14. BINGO! You singlehandely solved the entire world's problem of theft/robbery/scam/fraud/embezzlement/etc. Just gotta convince all those criminals that they can always make money with a legit job, easy peasy.
  15. So did mine! I was checking each day for about 2 weeks now and nothing was solved until today. Thankfully Sony finally fixed this and I can now buy the games I want on PS Store (I refused to buy anything there until they fixed this problem). Today is a happy day!