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  1. @s68sc Hey, nice findings. I also have both FFXIII and XIII-2 physical copies and on the hunt for Lightning Returns physical copy while I play the digital edition, but still no luck so far, it seems to be very rare. KH 2.5 Remix is also quite rare here, I've got a copy of 1.5 Remix many years ago but still can't find 2.5 Remix at all.
  2. Brazil Old PS Store still working as of now, bit weird seeing how every other country seems to be going down.
  3. While it can be used, 2TB are not advised in Playstation 3 since it may not recognise all that space and also may just complete ignore anything past 1TB at any point during it's lifetime, thus making losing access to some files a very scary possibility.
  4. Contact Cheater Removal Team through PM, Discord or by taggin them, they will give you a definitive answer https://forum.psnprofiles.com/staff/
  5. Sony be like: - "Hey, we have a huge sale going on right now, 300+ games on sale, come check out on your New and Improved! PS Store. *Playstation owner clicks the deals tab, then show all deals* - "So here we have all the games that are in a sale right now, would you be interested in some Red Dead Redemption with 10% OFF!!! ?" *PS user clicks on page 2 of all deals section* - "What do you mean you don't want that RDR 2 with 10% OFF!!!, I will put it on the second page as well so you can decide better." *PS user still finding nothing worth buying, click page 3* - "Well, well, I think someone is clearly missing our RDR 2 with 10% OFF deal and we couldn't let our precious customer lose this unique sale opportunity, so we are going to put on page 3 as well. *PS user just notices that he/she has seen the same deal for RDR 2 in 3 pages in a row, get a bit confused and checks previous page to see if anymore games keep repeating themselves. *PS user finds out that every 30 games in one page, 13 of may repeat themselves in a randomly order in the next pages. Confusion intensifies* *PS user finally realizes that the new PS Store is crap and doesn't work at all, then log-in in his/her Steam Account to buy those same games on PS Store, but with cheaper prices and in well organized digital store." - "I guess that user really didn't want to buy our RDR 2 with 10% OFF, huh? Who cares anyway, we're on top of game babe." P.S: This mockery was hastily done because I had to go bed, pardon any lack of substance in some of the lines or bad grammar.*
  6. @Doma8800 You could have just formatted the HDD anyways (Last screenshot), cheaper that way.
  7. Had somethig really similar to your situation happen to me about 2 years ago. The initial issue wasn't anything related to the HDD, it was a faulty cooling fan that wouldn't start then the system would display "the system is too hot, turning it off now." about 2 to 3 minutes after turning it on...and since the system still display the message "Your PS3 system wasn't shut off properly last time, it will do a file restore system to check for any corrupt files." if it turns off by the previous messsage, I believe I tried to go through that restore process 2 or 3 times but with the faulty cooling fan, it was turning off in the middle of it. Knowing some bad stuff was happening with it, I took it to a repair shop, waited some days so they could replace the fan and took my ps3 back home. First thing upon booting, I copied all the PS3 saves I could to a usb flash drive, but not all of them since some have the stupid copy-prohibited lock on them, which requires PS Plus if you want to make a backup of that and I didn't want to fork out the cash for PS Plus just for that at that time...a decision I still regret to this day. I also forgot to backup pretty much all my PSone and PS2 game saves. After backing up process, I restarted my ps3 in safe mode and ran the Restore File System option in the safe mode menu and everything went downhill from there, the system would start the process but say the file system was corrupted and couldn't be restored...tried a few more times but no dice, had to restore the whole HDD/PS3 to factory settings. I lost 100s of hours in game saves that had the copy-protection lock and got pretty devastated. Lost a 100% save file on GTA: San Andreas, among other PS2 games. I learned my lesson then, buy the freaking PS Plus and turn on save backup auto-upload feature and never ever worry about losing any saves, it's the only reason I have PS Plus even not owning a PS4 to play the free games or online, just have it for the Cloud Storage feature.
  8. As long the new PS App doesn't take at least 300mb of storage in my phone like the current PS Messages does, it's fine by me. I have both installed and PS Messages takes 446MB and PS App takes 276MB...hope they rework how much data is stored in cache, it's kinda absurd of how much storage space it uses.
  9. And another clueless person jumps right into the discussion, spouting big words while showing it's ignorance on the matter... Let's address the main points you clearly don't know much about: 1. CRT (Or another non-CRT member) leaves those links because many people don't know they hide the game and be back in the leaderboards. It's standard procedure that streamline disputes and make life easier for everyone. 2. CRT feeling good about flagging people for BLOPS 2 or Waw? This statement couldn't be further from truth. I've seen statements from B1rvine, MMDE, grimy that they would like just to have a white flag option for those games instead of 'hard' flagging people that had their trophies auto-popped by modders and the reason why they feel like like that it would cut their work down and needless disputes would be avoided. You can even search this thread even and find their posts about it. 3. Out of the 5 games you listed, only 2 of them actually have modders that can auto-pop your trophies, those games being GTA V (PS3) and Black Ops 2 (PS3). And the former is currently softly white-flagged by CRT if you didn't actively pursuited modders to unlock the trophies for you. So, Black Ops 2 is the only game with issues regarding auto-popped lists by modders that get flagged here. Yes, this still a situation that needs fixing, but please don't paint it worse than actually is. 4. (Here is just my opinion) You are disgusted by how the site runs and that developers shouldn't associate themselves with it, yet you aren't disgusted by those same developers that close down functionalities of the game without prior notice (Bounty feature in GTA V/League mode in Black Ops 2) or those developers don't give a rat-ass to fix their games and get rid of modders? That's some interesting logic... 5. And here you wrong again if you think CRT likes to spend their time flagging people that got their trophies auto-popped. They flag because it's their job, but if you actually knew how stuff worked around, it's the exact thing you're demanding from them (Save-files, timestamp manipulation, CFW in general) that is what drives them the most to do their job properly. I know for a fact one of them love tracking CFW users and taking them out of the leaderboards. 6. The site is not broken. Not even close. It works literally as is intended. You may not like the rules that are in place and that's totally within your right to do so, but that doesn't make something you don't agree with broken. Broken is a word used for something that does not work and the site, as a profile tracking website, works almost flawlessly (Outside auto-update not working properly for some users).
  10. LOL at these excuses. It's a so popular, so known to the public method, yet nobody knows about except you and still you can't give a single simple explanation of how this 'route' works. I hate going aggressive like this in disputes, but come on, you're literally beating around the bush and probably trolling at this point. Either actually provide an explanation on how you got all the hotsprings for different DLCs unlocked at the same time or just accept the flag and move on. If the method is a "secret" way that you wish to keep out of public knowledge then just share with CRT and then will assess the situation.
  11. Much has already been said about this and my words won't bring anything new to the table, but I thought it's good to share my opinion and experience on this. I don't own a vita, only a PS3 and a PSP, so I can't say anything about the Vita Store itself. For everything related to PSP, this new change in PS Store over mobile/webstore just makes me go full "non-legal methods of obtaining games", it's just too much hassle to go through a bunch of loopholes to buy overpriced digital PSP games when getting them free "elsewhere" is much easier and faster. That's some money Sony will never be seeing anymore. I will still buy a physical copy of a game I really for PSP for collection purposes, but I really doubt Sony gets money from that anyway. On PS3 side, I kinda comfortable but still annoyed at this change. I'm wrapping up my to-buy list on PS3 regarding digital goods, mainly some DLCs and PS1 & PS2 Classics left and most of those either didn't have a sale in the last 3 years or never were in sale to begin with, after the change I'm even less rushed to buy them. Whenever I need to buy something on the PS3 from now on I will go straight to the Game/DLC as possible and also check out as fast as I can since there's always the risk of application itself crashing. Then I can download it from account management on XMB whenever I feel like, saves me some headache. That said, I'm really sad for Vita&PS3 users who still have a big list of games to buy for those consoles because these PS Store applications were clearly never redesigned to work with efficiency after they were updated over the years. I know the frustration of navigating one of these stores and also know of particular horror stories of players having to format their entire console after the PS Store crashed on their system. Finally, if anyone is interested, I just bought PS Plus free games for October and it prompted me to go my download list & download queue...which I bookmarked the link, since when previously trying to find those only led me to the new library. I don't know if I will be able to access that link in the future when the new PS Store is fully online on web/mobile fronts, but for now I'm able to do that just fine and it helps a bit. P.S: So many good posts on this thread that I used my 25 likes quota today all here.
  12. Hi Ikemenzi, I believe Sly Ripper will work on updating the trophy level system when the transitioning is over:
  13. Talking through Discord might be the fastest way since he rarely reads his PMs on the forum. Tagging his user also helps, but there's no need to do it again on this topic.
  14. Don't know a thing about the game trophy list being disputed, but I already call BS on the excuse of PSN/XBL being hacked = loss of trophies. Your trophies, especially on ps3, are stored locally, they don't get lost unless the hard drive itself goes corrupt. Also, the 'hacking' of PSN in that year was just a DDoS attack, that doesn't impact anything in users profiles, it just make impossible to connect online because how clogged the servers are with bogus requests. If you wish to defend yourself better, start copying and pasting the reason stated in the flag report then address it. And no bad excuses as the one I just explained above.
  15. The dispute is for @KirbyTwoSecond Beat Saber list. @wltrsjcwvita is probably the main account of the disputer.