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  1. Read all of it, I can honestly say I totally understand disputer's point of view. Imagine being already flagged for Black Ops 2 with the goal of platinum every Call of Duty available but then also getting flagged for GTA V, meaning any new CoD game in disputer's trophy list could become the 3rd and final flag because everybody know how full of hackers those games are. Case in point, there is an ongoing dispute about Black Ops 3 where modders can insta-level to max prestige, something that wasn't really a thing some years ago (At least dispute-wise it's the first case I saw). Could the CRT and the disputer find a middle-way to solve this case? Like CRT would lift the flag on GTA V on the condition the game would be hidden, so stats wouldn't count for fastest achievers on that game, but also disputer would be only at 1 flag instead of 2. Finally if GTA V was ever unhidden it would be flagged for good again with no recourse. I know there is precedence for this, so maybe it's worth a shot.
  2. Most of time, if you start a synch and cancel at even 7/8% it will synch the newly acquired trophies.
  3. How about trophies with an earlier timestamp? Should those not overwrite a trophy with timestamp already?
  4. Because while PSN may not show, it records the timestamp up to second when trophy was unlocked (Not only hour:minute as you can see in a console) and PSNP can get that "hidden" info through Sony's API.
  5. This thread really shows how many players are actually new to this whole "trophy/achievement" feature. A little bit of gaming history for those players: When achievements were implemented, back on XBOX 360 on 2005/2006, all games were required to have an achievement list and if they were retail games, those said lists needed to have an attainable gamerscore of 1000G. With the implementation of Xbox Live and Playstation Network at the start of 7th gen of consoles, developers/publishers saw the opportunity to launch extra content packs either for free or paid on those said networks and along with it, extra achievements that would be added as part of the main achievement list already mentioned. So, if a game had 1000G plus 250G extra from DLC content, it would become 1250G for the total 100% bar. That was before trophies even existed in the first place, which were introduced in 2008 if I recall right. When Sony implemented the trophy system, they actually planned ahead of time and instead of only having gamerscore, they have this platinum trophy which would indicate if all trophies for the base game trophy list was attained. So in fact they already knew DLC trophies affecting the overall completion percentage would become a thing in the next decades and put something to reward players that don't care enough about DLC. Then steam achievements came to exist...and it's the exactly same system as the XBOX 360/X1 system, only it's worse because there is no control what can be achievement and what not. With everything being considered, Sony just followed suit from the achievements system but still thought out of players which don't like buying DLC. All this "issue" is not new to PSNP or even to PSN. Want to blame someone on how the system it is? Go complain to Microsoft. About game developing and DLCs: It's very clear some people in this thread also have ZERO knowledge on how software development works. When a developer (i.e a company) starts a new game software project, the CEO and higher management staff must take 2 important things into account, budget for the project and time needed for development of said project until it hit the shelves. Budget for a project is given there isn't much needed explanation for it, just that the more time you spend developing a project, the bigger the budget is going to be (+Employee Wages, static costs, opportunity costs). So, let's get an hypothetical example of a game for PS5 that have the budget of $10 million to develop + 2 years full stop from scratch to the game media hitting the shelves the exact day it's planned. The budgets and time for development are good estimates on what that said company will need to the product to be a successful and stable one that can generate revenue for about 2 or more years. Now let's say they need like 100 000 labor-hours for this project to be complete on how they are designing it to be. Would you believe that not many companies have the work force or budget to actually develop DLC ahead time, some DLC that can take let's say another 30 000 labor-hours to be completed, which in counterpart would need a higher budget (Or extra development time)? People have this wrong belief that many developers create the base game + DLC at the same time and just decide to split it so they can profit more. There are indeed some DLC content that is develop alongside main project, but it's very far and few between all games with DLC, most of DLC come either from the form of content not able to be finished at the time the software needs to shipped or brand new content they take months or years to develop for because they were issue a new budget finance project for said DLC. All this coming just from a guy who likes to read a lot on how game development takes place and from indie developers/people on the gaming industry. The reality of how DLCs come to be is definitely far more complex than we gamers know.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not that, they would love to have someone with great knowledge on how to cheat on PS4 and PS5, what they don't want is someone who can actively damage their work by getting paid on the outside to lift/remove flags while also damaging their reputation as CRT.
  7. I'd like to point out that thread's title is bait-ish and should be changed to something that doesn't make people feel PS Store isn't working as its usual.
  8. Which is weird in any scenarion since both games are physical only. HD Collection also only physical if I recall right. Got both Downpour and Homecoming some years ago for around $15.
  9. It got fixed for me but problem came back again right now =/.
  10. There is no fix for this. Once a trophy is earned without a timestamp, it will stay forever without a timestamp.
  11. From what I read, you have 3 or more flagged games and unfortunately this above the limit you can hide games and still be reinstated on the leaderboards. Should have followed MMDE's advice on your first dispute.
  12. Since this hasn't been solved yet and there is actual misinformation being spread on this thread, I'd like to point out what is the current CRT standing in regards to GTA V modded lobbies and trophies being popped: 1. Level-up trophies being done in quick succession are not flag-worthy in the usual sense for this game because while you can delete your profile (And thus those trophies), levels are stored on R* servers. The next time you play online those trophies would pop in quick succession again and while there is also a way to get those levels reset, it's a very cumbersome and non-practical method that can still leave you vunerable to get your online level hacked again. This is why these trophies are usually not flagged (Or if flagged, they are lifted in a dispute). 2. Run like the Wind has been a matter of great discussion around here, but the consensus was the it would not be flagged unless it was proven that player was intentionally seeking a modder to put a bounty on him/her. There has been cases that fall under this exception that turned to be in disputes, those caring enough may search for that. But if you weren't searching for said modders, you shouldn't get flagged for achieve Run like the Wind after R* disabled bounties. 3. In any case a whitelist is ever implemented, those trophies mentioned above would get a 'white' flag, meaning you wouldn't need to hide them but they wouldn't count for leaderboard purposes. 4. Now, if any of those trophies pop alongside singleplayer stuff, for example, that's a sign you've been using a GTA V hack mod on CFW PS3 and those are indeed flaggable offenses. GTA V is different in some regards to CoD: Black Ops 2 since the latter is quite easy to revert any hacks and on GTA V it isn't. Unless CRT has revised their stance on GTA V hacked lobbies, this flag will most likely be lifted (Provided disputer wasn't caught purposedly seeking modders)
  13. Then don't reply to those posts. Most of time, only CRT words are important in dispute, everything else is just "noise" in regards if the flag is going to stay or going to be lifted. Don't even need to reply to mine. Try to don't stress yourself too much about it, your dispute will be solved when any members of Cheater Removal Team get online (Most likely will be lifted).
  14. Let's calm down a little. I took a quick glance at your GTA V list and aside the usual level up trophies being popped with seconds of each other, your list is completely fine. I get it's stressful to get flagged for something you don't have any control, but allow some time for CRT to look into your dispute and if indeed only the level up trophies being the problem, the flag will most likely be lifted. Mistakes happen and that's why you can appeal through disputes, just give it proper time.
  15. Having the same issue on my ps3. Not sure if is something on my end (router) or on Sony's end.