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  1. :platinum: #94: Max Payne 3.


    Took way longer that I expected, but it's finally done. Had the hardcore New York Minute challenge done back in june, just needed the level 50...which took so much grinding, over 30 hours to just to get this. My most rare platinum and in general trophy :dance:

    1. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. Burek_san


      Congrats :yay:

  2. Sent my answers for questions 1-7. Spent a good day researching every answer so it could be unique as possible, hopefully they meets the criteria. My favourite christmas memory is kinda hard to pick since I've got so many great ones. I'll go with the one I remember the first when asked that question: Xmas of 2005. I was a teenager back then and it was my first time I traveled alone in airplane, went to a very big city in Brazil called São Paulo (The economic center of the country), went to stay with my godmother and her daughter for 15 days. Everything was new to me since I always had christmas with my parents, never away from them, but it was really magical, went to a lot of different places that don't exist where I live, like a real rollercoaster/amazent park (Hopi-Hari), went to a lot of awesome museums and to the biggest zoo in South America and also ate like a bear after hibernation, it was truly amazing christmas holiday season for me. Then right after Xmas, on December 26, I joined my parents to another trip from São Paulo to little city in the south of Brazil called Gramado, a city that basically embodies the spirit of Christmas throughout the entire year and has Christmas parades and New Year events that everybody that travel would love to see. There also many xmas where gaming occupied my time and they were amazing, but none so memorable as the one above.
  3. AFAIK there isn't a PSNP official stance for bad/toxic players on boosting sessions. The session feedback system (That still is on trial) was a way some people hoped it would alleviate this issue, but as it is, it doesn't do much tbh since no feedback actually saved after a session disappears. So, unfortunately, you'll have to learn the hard way who are the good boosters and who are the bad ones and then either manually approving who is going to enter your session or kicking the bad apples if set to join without host approval.
  4. Try following the instructions on this post:
  5. Well, if you specificy which timezone you want players from in the session description and from other timezones still join you, you can always kick those who don't match yours. You can also do a background check on each player that joins your session and even set up so you can manually approve who joins your session or not.
  6. This is not the thread for this kind of question. You should make a thread here: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/846-playstation-network/
  7. The proposed change, as pointed out by @JayDeLosDioses, will negatively affect the world/country leaderboards as it will give at least one free hacked game, which could be used to gain unfair advantages on the overall leaderboards since those are based on score points alone. Here is a good example: If someone were to hack a currently an entire unobtainable trophy list, that said user would get all the points from that list that nobody else could do it legitimately and therefore is having an unfair advantage that can be exploited through the proposed change on the report/flag system. Having to hide the game and potentially screwing up milestones is annoying, no doubt about that, but most people that plan milestones are aware of games that can be auto popped through online play by hackers and as such avoid playing those said games or play only on private lobbies. A whitelist system which was proposed 2 years ago by ProfBamBam is a much better solution for cases like this since not only it doesnt count for any leaderboards (Game or world/country), it also doesn't count as strike, no need to hide AND also lessens the workload for cheater removal team since they can just tag any hacked trophy lists from the games in the whitelist as a whitelisted game, I.e preventing any unnecessary disputes over that flag.
  8. Awesome thread title, made me laugh quite a chunk XD. So, video-game item I could bring to the physical world? That's an easy one: Portal Gun from Portal series. Not only they're very neat if you wish to go places fast enough, there is so many wicked shit you could do with it, including getting catapulted into the air.
  9. Since some 'complained' that unregistered users aren't getting updates, let me share some knowledge on the matter: Most of those 4 million accounts tracked here were from back when PSN not only allowed to pull data from any profile entered in the search bar but also any all friend's profile from that profile. But then PSN changed it's privacy policy and demanded that no friend's info would be pulled from PSN/Sony servers without consentment, and Sly had to oblige to that. It has been many years since that happened. It doesn't make much sense to keep updating such old accounts since it both requires a lot of data traffic to go through, but also might block any access PSNP has to PSN servers (AFAIK PSN block requests if they are a huge amount in a short time). There is also the fact that pulling trophy data from PSN isn't always easy as some people might believe, Sly has commented many times how he has to adapt to how he pull data from there since Sony keeping changing PSN infraestructure. On top of that, there is the PSN ID change which does a big number of tricks when tracking the old and new profiles and that still give some problems around. So, unregistered users should remain unupdated really unless something new comes on that allows to pull data from PSN without any worry and at very low 'cost'. Registered members though do need to get auto-updated, even if only once a week (Profiles that hadn't logged in years) and Sly should do something about it if auto-update isn't working properly for those.
  10. Hi @ZCPowers . I recommend you following what's described in the post linked below, it seems to solve most issues regarding name-changing:
  11. Yeah best method for this, can also be used for getting some gold boosters this way. If starting from scratch you can do it in about 3 hours or so.
  12. User already removed his profile. For the record, timestamps don't work as explained by the disputer. Once you connect any console to PSN the first time, it register the date/time into a internal clock that you can't modify and this is the clock used to give timestamps once you get a trophy, not the time/date that you can chance on system settings. Playing offline then synching trophies at later date does not change it's timestamp nor it will look like HaserPL's provided pictures. Batman Arkham Asylum, for example, is a clear case of using downloaded saves until proven otherwise. If I were to bet, UC2:R and UC3:R probably had brutal trophies unlocked with every other difficulty trophies.
  13. I'm guessing 75 matches total.
  14. Just a nice heads-up from something I just found: The series tab is now click-able and appears to be finished! Everything seems to be working as intended AFAIK.
  15. I change themes a lot, but my current ones is this: https://www.ps3-themes.com/gaming/dark-souls-artorias-of-the-abyss-v2.html It's a very nice one with custom icons and Artorias of the Abyss (Dark Souls) wallpaper. Previously was also a custom theme from Dark Souls, but it had some annoying graphical glitches during ps3 start-up that made me change from it, it's a quite nice theme dynamic theme though: https://www.ps3-themes.com/gaming/dark-souls-artorias-of-the-abyss-v2.html