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  1. A new Avenger, from Marvel vs Capcom 3: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/769-marvel-vs-capcom-3/17-a-new-avenger I love fighting games but doing the required combos for these missions is really hard for me. I'm steadily advancing but who knows when I will be able to achieve 320 missions.
  2. Quoting Grimydawg: "You glitched yourself out of the leaderboards."
  3. BIG UPDATE: 3rd time is the charm, I guess, used the live chat again and asked the representative that I needed to talk to his supervisor. The supervisor was a much more intelligent human being and actually listened to my problem. First she made me go through the troubleshooting process they all do, but once I did all she asked for me to perform on ps3 (Install newest update, delete/reinstall Playstation Store, boot the console on safe mode and etc), she acknowledge it was weird issue that the games weren't appearing on my download list and that she could see I had those games. Finally she said she would open an investigation with tech team to see how it can be fixed and that I should wait about 5 to 7 business day and enter in contact again with support. This gave me a small hope that all is not lost, maybe it will be solved after all.
  4. Easier said than done, Daiv. Sony/Playstation blocks new attemps to use chat or phone if you used recently, even if your issue wasn't solved at all. Also there is the issue that most representative are so adamant on not solving any issues you might have.
  5. There is no e-mail option for my regional support, it needs to be either live chat or through phone. And I tried both, more than once each. They don't listen to what my issue is, they just ignore it and assume I'm at fault and that's it.
  6. Got in contact with Playstation Support again via live chat, explained the whole thing, even linked the playstation webstore page where it explain you should get all your content back if you renew your subscription you should get all your content back...just to get a snarky automated answer then the rep just closes the chat without asking if I got my problem solved. God, I HATE SONY CUSTOMER SUPPORT, it's like trying to solve a problem by punching a brick wall. Went ahead and filed a customer legal complaint against them since they won't listen to me anyways.
  7. GTA V Heist trophies on PS3 were always considered DLC trophies, with the "+" beside them.
  8. Really? I'm trying this right now, maybe they fixed the issue!!! EDIT: Nope, tried what was described in the post and it didn't launch the game at all, download list stays the same. Just to clarify, I tried in 3 of the PS Plus games still on my hdd and all of them gave me the content expired message. Even tried launching the game on an alt account and still same results. Maybe vuleslash got really lucky or I'm very unlucky, waiting to see more reports. EDIT2: Local gaming news websites started reporting this issue. It's a good start so this gain traction and Sony finally has to acknowledge the problem and fix it. Let's see how well it will develop.
  9. If you don't remember which you have purchased through Plus, it's quite hard finding I your download list. My best suggestion would be when last subscribed to PS Plus after letting it run out previously, look for the downloadable content from that period, if you feel it's missing something, then you probably got affected too. You could also go through the list of PS Plus free games on any website that list those and match them with the time you started subscribing to Plus.
  10. It's not related to Brazilians using american accounts. The reports come from everywhere, first user to notice this here on PSNP is japanese. There are people from all over the america with the same problem, my own account is from Brazilian PSN and I'm having the issue. I should have also mentioned in this thread that my account had been non plus for YEARS back in 2016 to 2019 and I still got all tjose PS plus games back when I resubscribed back in 2019. It's an issue on Sony's end, they know it and they are pretending it doesnt exist.
  11. To those who didn't even read OP posts properly: This isn't a problem on user-end, it's on Sony-end. I have been affected and countless others here on PSNP have been as well. Sony is not willing to fix and they are aware of the problem. They are simply ignoring because ps3 is past it's due date, so you're either SOL if you get affected by this or can choose to fight back through legal means (That's what I'm doing).
  12. Does anyone know about this gaming pad Krom Gaming Key: https://www.kromgaming.com/en/controllers/key I was looking to buy a cheap turbo controller just as 2nd/3rd controller and this came up when I searching.
  13. Trophy-list auto synch by PS Plus settings definitely work and at least once I week my trophy list get synched by that because I forgot to do after I finished playing for that day. What is a mystery to many is how PS3 automatically synchronizes your trophies if you're playing an online game but never hit the trophy icon to actually perform a synchronization (There are many reports of that around the internet, even here you can find some).
  14. Now you really sold me on this game, I must buy it!
  15. Actually no, and I'm pretty sure Sony won't fix this at all unless you go the legal way. I'm still trying to sort it out, it has been 3 weeks now and so far nothing.