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  1. Q1 Answer: Higher charisma dwellers inside a radio room decrease the time to 'call' wastelanders. You need to click on the icon that appear in the radio room after enough time has passed and it will have a chance of finding a wastelander. Protip, forget about wastelanders, they suck big time and some of them don't even come at level 1, screwing your endurance if you care about maxing their hp points. Q2 Answer: In short, parents with 10 in all their S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes have a low chance of giving birth to a legendary baby, which has 45 points distributed in S.P.E.C.I.A.L (Don't quote on this exact number). Aside that, all babies are born with very low status unless you keep the mother of the upcoming baby with a pet that have bonus for that (I have on my steam account that gives +2 to each stat, there is legendary pet that gives +3).
  2. I love your new avatar, I'm kinda mesmerized by her eyes color and her mouth form, it gives a very intriguing feeling.

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      @eigen-spaceI never got to finish Battle Mania so I never saw the dracula zombie boss :D:giggle:

      @Sergen Oh Thank you! i know, it's this one :) It was my first cat painting. i sold it 3 years ago, so I don't have the original canvas anymore. I finished another cat painting last week, I was my mom's cat. I have a pic in my cell, but it is charging now, i'll post it tomorrow ^_^ You know, I am always happy when friends like my work. Thank u Sergen!



    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      "And her mouth form" ;) it's coarse, rough, and it gets everywhere when it's all said and done I'm sure 

    4. BG_painter


      omg master jedi lol :giggle:

  3. Oh, you mean a European Union regulation about the internet? No, thanks, I'll pass reading that. I despise any type of internet regulation by the government.
  4. @ars What you've wrote in past few posts is complete horse manure. All the data that PSNP displays here is publicly available from Sony servers, and if your profile is set to public in any Sony console, you're allowing everybody to see it. PSNP just gather information of any profile that is MANUALLY typed into their search function and if it isn't in their database, it gets added. And even then, they stay as 'unregistered' users, i.e they're not part of the website. If someone has a problem with a website posting their PUBLIC PLAYSTATION PROFILE DATA, their solution is quite simple: make your info private. So, please, stop the bullcrap about 'people not agreeing' shtick. Public information is public.
  5. I know Dead Space isn't being disputed in this thread, but just to give clear information from someone who just played the game: The game supports multiple save slots and since you can make separate saves in the same playthrough, one can get the 30 weapon kills and keep a separate save for One Gun. Also, the Plasma Cutter is very good weapon once you start upgrading it, probably the 2nd or 3rd best weapon in the entire game, so it's plenty possible to finish the entire game on Impossible difficulty with it. The most common savefile pattern usage for Dead Space is someone beating the game on Impossible difficulty on the first playthrough and this isn't the case. Legit trophylist for Dead Space. inFamous seems cheated though...
  6. Not that I agree it should be flagged, quite on the contrary, but it can be flagged. I know MMDE particularly doesn't touch any reports for Run Like The Wind, he said it himself, but I don't know about grimydawg. Anyway, here are some disputes where it was brought up: Just within the first page for Grand Theft Auto V disputes. So, beware if you choose to get a bounty through a modder, you'll run the risk of getting flagged here.
  7. To OP: See the bright side of all this, you only got a 7-day ban, it could've been much worse. And now you know how to deal with people sending those hate messages to your inbox, just report them and instead of getting banned, it's their turn to get banned. I know, pretty stupid situation, but you'll live through and you learned a lesson: "People will always be stupid, don't let their stupidity screws you over."
  8. That is factually wrong. Just hit up the dispute section and see how many people get flagged for having run like the wind trophy...
  9. I've played with @Ellieeeeeaeeeeee on Assassin's Creed games and he seemed a legit player to me, so I believe his story about GTA:O, myself having experienced in first hand getting thrown out to modded public lobbies if you get a connection error while playing in private-invite only lobby.
  10. In the particular case of Jak 3 or any other Jak games, what you've wrote makes no sense at all. If someone used the debug menu before it became publicly widespread information, at least one of those people disputing Jak would have brought it up, this isn't something people easily forget and there is also plenty of other auxiliary evidence showing if someone used the debug menu or not to auto-pop their trophies. So yes, it's unreasonable to think that many people got flagged for Jak 3 actually used the debug menu before it became public knowledge and yet not ONE of them ever used that as reasoning why their trophies have 'impossible' timestamps. And still is quite simple to flag people for Jak 2&3 with debug menu out, you just look for dates way before it became public knowledge and if orbs are out of order, that indicates external save usage, of course it will much harder to someone now prove that they used a debug menu no one knew about beforehand, but it's not impossible either (i.e auxilary evidence).
  11. Another B3 here:
  12. A step in the right direction, I must say.
  13. It's possible to get Insomniac dev times solo in all stages, just did it a few days ago. First, you will want to know what you need to do in order to move the 'stage' forward, i.e activate key nodes/get swingshot if necessary/activate planetary defense system. Once you learn the obligatory objectives for each planet, make an attack plan that makes you go through the stage in the fastest time possible. As for the weapons, I suggest two as utterly necessary: buzzblades lvl 5 and doppelbanger lv5. Groovitron gloves lv5 is a good optional weapon for stages 3&4. Basically, after getting buzzblades lvl5 from the weapon pod inside your base, just got the nearest weapon pod and try to get a doppelbanger lv5 and deploy 3 of them on base entrances, them buy one or two chrono mines near those deployed doppelbangers, if done correctly you don't need to worry about defense at all while activating key nodes. On the last stage defending your base, buy a pair of warmonger turrets as further from base entrance as possible and deploy 3 doppelbanger where the dropships arrive, this will speed things even further. Groovitron gloves helps with bigger targets like air bombers and tanks so you can shoot it with buzzblades. Finally, if you can get other skillpoints to unlock infinite ammo, it will make things even easier and faster since you won't be needing to search for ammo. That and the fastest hooverboot upgrade also helps a lot.
  14. I'd rather see the whitelist idea to be implemented: Not only a whitelist doesn't require the burden of proof to whether you 'cheated' or not, it also doesn't leave much space for people with ill intentions as AvengedEvil pointed out as the idea proposed by topic creator.
  15. In my point of view, yes, it would be different. Note that I think that both trophy system manipulation and team accounts should not be allowed on the leaderboards. If this kind of trophy manipulation (Where one gain trophies in one account then transfer to your main account due to an exploit in the system) is allowed, people could backup entire profiles from a cfw vita and those profiles would have unsynched trophy lists and then transfer that profile to a unmodded PS Vita and use the exploit in opening post to synch all those trophies into a 'legit' account. It's a similar case to when someone buys an used ps3 that already had an user with completed trophy lists but that didn't register to PSN, then someone just sign in using your account, getting hundreds, if not thousands, of trophies without actually having played those games. But unfortunately, for the ps3 case it can't be detected...for PS Vita it might be. Also for the record, I'm not against people using tricks/bugs/exploits for the to play digital games from other regions since the lock is pretty absurd in the first place, Vita is region free console but with the moronic 1-user allowed per system mechanic you can't play digital games from different regions like a PS3 and PS4 does. My beef is with this particular method is that it uses a bug in the trophy synch system for PS Vita which could open the door to other nastier things. But you're right about the timestamps...if they look legit, they should remain in the leaderboards, unless you're caught with timestamp manipulation done with cfw systems. Finally, I loathe team accounts, it completely destroys the purpose of trophy hunting in general. Same as selling/buying trophies...