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  1. This post clarifies it:
  2. 10 is indeed the magic number. Feels about right and don't clutter much of your profile page.
  3. Well, I'd say Elder Kai is big life saver if you know how to exploit him. Okay, you need level 80 in order to access him, but with all other DLC, you can get to this level pretty fast using Extra PQ 10 or 11 (The one with the Big Apes, the one that has Golden Big Ape). Anyway, I used Elder Kai a lot when I 'had' my save file for Xenoverse on ps3, since I wanted to collect every piece of all gears aside the requirements for Platinum.
  4. As per this thread, the DLC pack you want to buy is Ressurection 'F' Pack also called DLC Pack 3: Link to Playstation Store DLC listing: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0700-CUSA01341_00-DBXV0DLC03000000 This is the Free DLC movie costume pack that also completes the above DLC pack: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0700-CUSA01341_00-DBXVKEY15THTR000 I would recommend buying it NOW since it's on sale with 75% off.
  5. I came in just to say this! And to tell the truth, I also played on survivor just recently on the first Bioshock and I actually had a surplus of ammo, first aid kits and eve hypo in some places that I just stashed in some rooms using telekinesis if I ever needed them. I'm currently playing Bioshock 2 and I'm kinda dissapointed there is no Survivor difficulty...
  6. Bad idea. For two reasons: - New members will complete flood a game sub-forum making their own boosting threads. No matter if you say there is only one boosting thread, people will make new ones even after seeing a general boosting because they have 'reasons'. Then it will make moderation work much more in order to keep locking these threads and warning people to not do it. If it already happens with a clea rule of no boosting threads at all, imagine if you start creating general boosting threads... - People will start to annoy anyone that has ever posted in that thread, asking if you can help them with boosting, even though you did it 3 years ago. Gaming sessions work fine for both "Kill this player X on map Y with this weapon Z." or trophies like "Reach multiplayer level 100 on Prestige 50". Just schedule the session to be an ongoing session, like many people already do here, create a PS Messages or Discord group and keep adding any new players.
  7. So, I forgot to answer this. Yes, you'll need to use option 5 from Safe Mode menu, the Restore PS3 System menu. Once you have done it, you can try updating directly from the usb instead of using the internet connection version. I don't think it's going to complete for you after this many forced restarts. As most people reported, it should hang up in about 5 minutes at the 99%, maybe 10 minutes if internet is really bad, dunno. 2 hours seems way off.
  8. Well, if you're really worried it might mess up anything, you can always make a backup of everything important, including saves then update. I'd say that when it reaches the 99% is has some kind of hiccup then it stays like that for some minutes, but it should go to 100% after some time, as said by others users in this thread.
  9. Just so you know, turning it on and off multiple times during an update has a very high chance of soft-bricking your console, I heard many people had to restore their system (i.e wipe out all data in the console) in order for the system to update properly.
  10. I just updated it, it sat on 99% for like 3 minutes, but went okay after that, no powering down/restarting necessary, still don't like when the system does it.
  11. Which just happened, so yeah, captcha is better than no updates.
  12. Let me get this straight, you reported a bunch of people some years ago for having the same timestamps as yours on this game, because you're against cheating. Yet, you thought it was normal to simple hack more than half of these trophies just because someone on youtube said so, even though you actually knew it was cheating and bad practice enough to mass-report people with same timestamps as yours? I don't think you're a straight edge trophy hunter, more like straight liar... Hide the game to get back on the leaderboards, the flag won't be lifted since the timestamps are illegitimate and you admitted to have used a downloaded save to auto-pop trophies.
  13. I'm in the category of "I hate grinding+online multiplayer trophies". I don't hate multiplayer trophies per se, most of them are pretty easy and you can get most of them in one boosting session, the problem arises when they demand you to reach maximum level or even worse like in Uncharted 3 ; The Hoader and The Collector trophies, which combines the 3 most annoying things to put as a game trophy: RNG + Multiplayer + Grinding, the worst type of trophy of all time. I used to hate speedruns, even before trophies/achievements were a thing. Same for playing on higher difficulties. But then I upped my gaming skills and now I learned to like both categories to the point that I'll do those even if the games don't have trophies (Or trophies specifically for them). There is one on my list that I'm yet to achieve but I'll be one happy trophy hunter when I do: The Shadows Rushed Me from Max Payne 3. One speedrun I'm particularly proud of doing recently is the 10-Star run on Silent Hill 2 HD version, that one combines speedrun on highest difficulty + collecting 150 items + awfully hard minigame + killing 150 enemies (75 with melee + 75 with guns) + Not taking much damage.
  14. If I understood what you said is: All trophies glitched on you, then you deleted the game and reinstalled, the all of sudden they popped up, is that it? If so, you will have to find some way to prove a glitch like that exists for this game, since the pattern is pretty much like people using modified saves or that you deleted your profile after playing for the first time without synching these trophies.