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  1. The flag box should go away after he hides his game. If Rainbow Moon is his only flagged game, he will also return to leaderboards soon enough after he hides this game.
  2. After much sweet, work and possibly blood, I achieved 100% on Uncharted 3. Good journey, but not looking on doing anything similar so soon.

  3. Yo!

    Hi @KazuoAkashiya, it was nice playing with you on Uncharted 3 coop. Hope you like PSNP as much I do
  4. So, I'm back trying to get NYMHC completed, got 2 more tries in: 9th Attempt: I was away from the game from a long time and my skills got rusty, on 2nd chapter I died at the rocket launcher sequence you need to shoot twice. Could've been a good warm-up but ended prematurely. 10th attempt: I almost had it in my hands, like it I was minutes away from completing chapter 14. Started this attempt with no pretentions of completing it, just for practicing more and I somehow got up to chapter 14 (With not much time on clock tbh, less than 3 minutes) and was doing well, with a good number of painkillers, got up to the last fight in the hangar, need to kill 3 or 4 footsoldiers and bam, a grenade hit outta nowhere, despite me being very quick to destroy them when they were launched. The feeling is quite sad, but at the same time it proves I can do it, I just wish I didn't have to invest so much time again =/.
  5. I was led to believe by other members posts that for question #5, it does get an increase from 10(?) to 25(?) likes per day. Might be wrong though, so anyone please feel free to correct me.
  6. Ok, I found what was the issue and solution for it: I'm playing the Uncharted 3 Digital GOTY edition, which is basically, a small download file for the Free-to-Play multiplayer mode and everything else is listed as add-ons, including singleplayer experience. Along with F2P, you get a level 75 unlock add-on and a level 25 unlock add-on. My character is at level 75 at the moment so I just downloaded the level 75 unlock add-on, not the 25 level too. And it seems the game glitches out if you don't download both, thus not registering you can get experience, levels, updated leaderboards stats and more. In another words, the solution was to download level 25 unlock add-on and money/experience was obtainable again. Got the solution from here: https://community.playstation.com/content/pdc/us/en_US/pdc-communities/uncharted-series/uncharted-multiplayer-discussion.topic.html/not_earning_xp_after-9Z3J.html
  7. Hi PSNP community, I'm quite worried right now. It has been over a week since this started happening, but I can't get any medals, money or wins to register in my Uncharted 3 account. Any kills or medals I get simply do not get recorded and I don't know what do. I've searched NaughtyDog website for a support/contact page but there isn't anywhere an option to send a message or anything. Does anyone here any experience with multiplayer glitches or bugs and how to solve them? Or at least know how to contact ND so they can fix this issue for me? Thanks in advance.
  8. You do know that all profiles here must be manually typed at least once to get into database? Or do you expect PSNProfiles to pull data of millions and millions of accounts of people who didn't even signup for this site? Yes, unregistered users not having their profile data updated might cause some disparity issues, but auto-updates for registered/premium users is what works now and the administrator still is doing works for when PSN ID name changing is open for everyone, this site will be ready for that.
  9. Nice avatar. Just watched the first season of Sun & Moon anime and this little thing called Rowlet won my heart.



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      What do you think of Grookey?

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      He is on the lower tier of grass starters from what I've seen so far, more interested in the water starter tbh, but we will see what happens with the evolved forms!

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      I like Scorbunny the best.

  10. I believe that is Leona Heidern character unlock for that game, am I right?
  11. Answering the thread's title: Never Case in point, there are so many games I still play after getting Platinum because they're not even close to experience 100% of the game. Just grabbing my recently platinum games to show some examples: Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD: I already have the platinum but I'll be damned if I stopped there and didn't get all characters to level 100 and also have gotten all available capsules. Will it take a long a** time? Yes, it will, but I don't mind doing it. Batman Arkham City: Some people would be fine with only completing the necessary medals for all 4 characters, but I won't stop there, I must get every single challenge medal available, even if they don't count for trophies. Fallout New Vegas: Spent around 300 hours on this, mostly looting everything that was possible, getting all GRA challenges done, getting every skill book (Who played knows how long it can take), got one of every unique weapon (+perfect condition) along other good amount of stuff nobody ever touches in this game after getting 100% trophies on it. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: A favorite one. Went way above what the game ask you to do and simply got all weapon, all armors, all skills, everything gold rarified, every single item at least x5 in inventory, mastered my pawn with all knowledge stars and much more stuff. I think I'm currently sitting at 600 hours for my file in this game. Resident Evil 6: How about getting S rank in every single stage for every single character in every difficulty available? Or getting at least one of each unique medal for all game modes, including the DLC ones? Well, that's me alright XD. Anyway, as some may have guessed, yes, the OCD is strong with me when playing games. There was a time in the past where I got burned out of doing this, but then I learned to live with my condition and now I take pleasure doing it. P.S: If you're like and want to get 100% in any game that I own and has online components that most trophy hunters don't bother to do, send me a message and we will see about getting that done.
  12. They announced the closure in 2016 but the servers are still up, just yesterday I was playing. Nobody knows what's up with that, if WB forgot to turn it off, if they turned off but the servers are P2P or any other mysterious thing going on. Despite that, I wouldn't postpone doing those online trophies in AO forever, gotta do them while you can.
  13. Unfortunately, any games that are from other regions synched using the Vita trick that results in impossible/strange timestamps will be flagged even if the situation is explained, this is the flagging moderation team policy on this, so I would advise to not unhide those at all even if you manage to synch the rest of missing trophies. The vita trick is treated like "Do it at your own risk, if you mess up timestamps, you'll get flagged for it."
  14. The servers are not down. Just played yesterday. Those clickbait titles are always bad IMO.
  15. That's what I always do in cases like this. Quick and simple and safe.