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  1. Sorry for oncoming rude post...but WTH is wrong with you, guys? This defeatist attitude is simply ridiculous and funny at the same time. People were mocking other players for starting a petition for Mein Leben trophy for Wolfenstein II and now almost everybody is acting up because Rockstar finally put a decent challenging trophy? "Oh, it's going to hurt my 100%." Deal with it, there are many 'worse' games out there that keep on releasing new DLCs/patches that forces you to keep playing if you want that shiny 100%. Rockstar releases new content, for free and with new trophies and people complain "Rockstar is being greedy." "I won't buy RDR2 because of this." Are you guys really serious about this? This whole thread made me like this (Except for the post of Prof. Bambam and Sergen, which were on point): https://imgur.com/gallery/iWKad22
  2. I've been putting some thought to it...and there is a very easy solution to all this debate about disputer stats not showing properly either because RE.net is buggy or because it's suspected he unlinked his Revelations data from RE.net to hide hacked data. Here is the solution: Ask the disputer to upload his play data and synchronize it in RE.net as soon as possible. If he indeed didn't unlink his account there, he should be able do it now and not wait a full week to do it. If he did it, he won't be able to do it. The whole process should be pretty fast since you just usually needs to start the game and choose to send the data to RE.net in options menu (If it's like in RE6) or maybe play a chapter or quick match in Raid mode. Once the disputer does that he just needs to click synchronize data for Revelations in RE.net and all data from his entire Revelations playthrough should be uploaded in less than an hour. If he isn't able to even do something so simple as uploading his data to RE.net, it's because he is indeed hiding something. *Btw, it's pretty to spot hacked saves in RE.net, as proved before in this same thread, so if he does use them trying to deceive us, we can verify that too.*
  3. Just for the record, here is what shows in RE.net for someone who never played Resident Evil Revelations (Me): https://www.residentevil.net/en/p1094934.html https://imgur.com/a/kpoea
  4. This is 100% true. The production for ps3 here has dwindled but still there is plenty ps3 on shelves on chain stores or even small gaming stores.
  5. I should mention that a PS3 is capable of playing pretty much 90% of the entire series, excluding only outbreak volume 1&2 and Resident Evil 7, all the rest games are available as psones classics or HD versions, or some rarer games like dead survivor games can be played on the ps3 emulator for psone discs.
  6. I'm a gamer that is usually one generation behind the current one. I have accepted that fact. So as far Playstation 3 is concerned, I think Sony had a good run with it, library-wise there is so many great games to play that you could skip entire generations if you wanted. The only real problem are servers going down for some more popular games such as Demon's Souls recently, but one has to live with that, especially since playstation 3 online play is completely free. Now, I just wish Sony doesn't drop digital sales entirely for Playstation 3/Vita/PSP and even if they dwindle in frequency, they keep at least one good sale each month for those in older platforms, since there still some games and especially DLC that is heavily overpriced for older consoles: Each Fallout New Vegas DLC piece still is $10.00, that's a tad to much for a 7 year old game.
  7. There was no point really, just that I had in mind to get a perfect inventory save with all items at x99 and naturally Master Sphere was one of them. But yeah, DY is a good way to farm for armors with Ribbon set, save a lot of dark matter farming but I already had those by the point I farmed him so I just sold those anyway to make cash for expensive bribery item such as special or black magic spheres.
  8. Not trying to be an ass, but sometimes it really pays to have OCD in cases like this. I simply erased any attribute node that had less than 4+/300HP/40MP using clear nodes, farmed the hell outta of monsters that dropped those attributes spheres, got all stats to 255 except agility (caps at 170, more than that is virtually useless), while accuracy and evade at base stats (no nodes). So basically I have a team full of 255+, 99999HP, 999MP and I pretty much steamrolled Dark Yojimbo with just quick hits, hell I probably killed around 500 or more DY just farming for master spheres (dat x99 master spheres save), that at some point I didn't even look at the screen anymore while fighting him, just kept pressing X to spam quick hits and occasionally checked if he dropped any master sphere. Yes, I know this post won't solve TC problem, but I gotta say that investing the time to farm properly for stats in this game still beats the sheer annoyance of relying in Yojimbo to Zanmato everything for you.
  9. Man, it sures looks like Naughty Dog is going out of their way to prove to us that Jak II is indeed the worst game out of Jak franchise, all other games play fine but Jak II still get those annoying glitches and bad programming.
  10. They didn't patch the orb glitch again? Oh well XD.
  11. You're supposed to include the reason for the flag so we can check it's warranted or not. *Checking his trophy list for Batman: AA and I didn't find anything suspicious Scratch that, just saw MMDE post and yeah, he started the game and suddenly finished without getting any other unmissable story trophies. I was looking for the usual save usage for combat/predator challegens. My bad.
  12. Just to confirm what others said: You need to defeat Seymour Omnis in order to access the second area of "Inside Sin", which has some specific monsters to it, including Barbatos. Omega Ruins share some monsters with Inside Sin area but it's just a few and not of all them. So, the fact he defeat Seymour Omnis after defeating Nemesis is suspicious enough, but that's not the only thing I found suspicious in his FFX HD list: Look at the times between learning all abilities then, defeating nemesis, then completing one character sphere grid, defeating penance then completing the sphere grid for all characters...it's a very short time for all that. Not saying isn't impossible, you can prepare the sphere grid to pop both sphere grid related trophies pretty close, but the case is how he managed to completely fill the entire grid in about less than 24 hours (Using his other trophies as evidence, he would probably started getting the stats nodes after getting all aeons). Again, the second paragraph isn't saying it's impossible, just highly suspicious and you'll need a heck lot of preparation in order to pull off getting the complete sphere grid in such short time span. Care to explain how you did that so fast, including defeating Penance and Nemesis back to back along getting a complete sphere grid for all chars?
  13. I dunno how stuff is going on for now, but I'll update my points with the newer score for each trophy using my trophy log, so I guess that's one less to keep track along the way. Btw, I think there is a typo in the new scoring system, it says UR Platinum between 2%-3% rewards 2000 points and 3%-4% rewards 3000, I guess those are switched up. Also, just want to confirm if UR Platinum with 4-5% is 1800 points, since it's only mentioned "at least 1800 points".
  14. Just to provide further evidence: You can refuse to do any tests after the first one and still be able to ride a chocobo. So, in this case, the flag is incorrect and I see no other trophies in disputer's FFX HD list in wrong order or impossible times.
  15. Here is the latest discussion about this: