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  1. Loved the new avatar, it reminds me of this T-shirt logo I saw some time ago:



  2. This. It's precisely the reason I currently have PS Plus subscription even though I don't own a PS4 to enjoy the "free" games or online multiplayer, so I basically paying a $60 dollar per year just keep my copy-protected on PS Cloud in any case happens to my ps3 and I can't recover the saves on the HDD (already happened in the past). Luckily, through my own experience, Sony does not delete the saves on the cloud after 6 months, 1 year on even maybe 2 years...I re-subscribed to PS Plus in march 2019 after an almost 2 year period of not subscription since last time I had PS Plus was around June 2017, which makes around 21 months.
  3. If he cheats in one of the Grand Prix, he is out for the entire year's competition, possibly tainted for life (As not many racing teams would ever want to associate with him). That's way more harsh than the treatment you get here, since you can always hide 2 flagged trophy lists and continue to be on the leaderboards.
  4. I'll re-post this hypothetical question again since it seems that OP missed it the first time: What if Lance Armstrong (Former racing cyclist), who got many of his Tour de France wins revoked by usage of doping substances, if he ever won another Tour de France later on in his life, should all 'cheated' wins from the years before be credited back to him?
  5. A simple and plain no to this proposal, from someone who knows the big burden CRT already carries. Any people caught cheating already have 2 chances of going back to the leaderboards by hiding the cheated trophy lists. It's a very generous offer in my honest opinion. Milestones 'messing' up because of hiding a cheated trophy list is really minor issue, if it is an issue at all. You know the trophies are cheated, you even said it yourself, how come you want to display them as part of your milestones YET you still want to be on the leaderboards with them? You don't get to have both, you need to choose one. And all this proposal of re-earning all trophies in a secondary account just to prove you can do them so the first account gets the flag lifted is not only troublesome and lot of works for CRT to handle, but also doesn't work in real world. Say, Lance Armstrong (Former racing cyclist), who got many of his Tour de France wins revoked by usage of doping substances, if he ever won another Tour de France later on in his life, should all 'cheated' wins from the years before be credited back to him, is it a fair situation? In my opinion, that's a hard no. Yes, you can prove that it's not because you cheated once that you will always cheat, but cheated records should stay as they are, cheated, new clean records don't retroactively make cheated ones clean.
  6. You can always hide the games that only have the missing timestamps trophies and all your stats would be readjusted, including milestones and whatnot. Of course it's not ideal for any case, but it's an easy and fast solution that doesn't hurt "much" in the long run. No need to make the entire profile private, just the few trophy lists with trophies with missing timestamps. Talking specifically about the 2 discussion points brought in original post: 1. I don't think Sony cares enough to implement anything of the sort. Name-changing featured was highly requested even back when PS3 was Sony's main console and look how much time it took for Sony to implement it. I wouldn't really have any hopes of that. 2. While I support the idea of each user being able to manually set the date of missing timestamps and adjusting individual game leaderboards as that trophy list having MT (Otherwise it can really mess up fastest achievers), I don't know how feasible it would be from technical viewpoint and how much time it would take code that. I believe this has been suggested quite a few times in the past, but nothing came out of it, so yeah, I wouldn't have high hopes for this to happen either.
  7. There are many ways to detect cheating, some cases are very obvious and some aren't (And it's where more complex tools and methods are applied by CRT and are not disclosed to the public): Cheating trophies 101 ==> 1. Getting trophies out of order: A good example of this happening is Demon's Souls, many players get a 'starter' save that floats around the web that have a Soul Level of 712 (Maximum), all important items at 99x and many more useful stuff. This save puts right after a boss called Phalanx, because in order to be able to level up in that game you need to beat that boss first. So, all cheaters using that save file skip on the boss AND the trophy, creating an out of order trophy list, which is easily detected and flaggable. 2. Trophies too fast: Another easy one to detect in many cases. Just scan for any trophy lists where trophies unlock too close together that aren't either related and/or stack-able. For example, getting all combat challenges trophies in Batman Arkham City within seconds of each other, which is not possible for anyone playing the game legit. 3. Earning trophies way long before release date: That's a given, just check out game release date and see if trophy timestamps are from much before it even launched, if they are, it's cheated. That's the basic stuff on how you can detect cheating in trophy lists, but in most cases it's a combination of many inconsistences like earned too fast and/or out of order, usage of save wizard, custom firmware (In which you can fake timestamps) and so on. If you wish to learn more about how to detect cheaters, you can read some the disputes threads in the dispute section and learn what is usually flagged as cheating and what is not, those threads provide very good knowledge if you're interested.
  8. You can always lock your own thread if you believe your original purpose has been achieved, just search around the options in this thread. Hope it helps.
  9. Original Poster used a filter to hide the names of his friend's IDs.
  10. I think it's a standard agreement that even if some profiles are not active nowdays, they still deserve the position they're in. I'd go even further and say it's much easier for newcomers to pass anyone who has retired then it is for retired players to pick up the pace and get past newcomers, especially because of 100s of 1 hour or less platinum stacks you can achieve, while most of the people stopped at some point got 'rusty' in trophy hunting and don't know how to properly amass so much trophies in so little time.
  11. Ok, here is my entry/guess for this giveaway: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2278-final-fantasy-xiii-lightning-returns/Otonio_Bruno
  12. Finally broke the 100 Platinums barrier! The game of choice was Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII and I even though I like the game, I wish I had planned this a bit more and have other games in that spot. Then also got my Platinum on Payday 2 in quick succession, had that one waiting over a month because didn't want it as my 100th platinum.


    TBH, I just wish I had a PS4 so my 100th would be Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. That would have been awesome.

  13. Exactly. MW2 do have hackers plenty but they can't unlock other people trophies, you must run the mod menu yourself to unlock all trophies in seconds in that game.
  14. 10 years ago I played Castlevania: Symphomy of the Night for the first time. At the time, I was in a mentality of finish my games as fast as could while completing everything that wasn't too grindy/repetitive. And while I enjoyed the game, I didn't really sink in time and attention to really notice how good of a game it is.

    Then about 2 years, I grabbed my PSP to play Symphony of the Night again, mostly inspired by the Castlevania TV show on Netflix. And I'm quite glad I did it, this game has grown a lot on me. At first I would play it on and off, just clearing bits of the castle while farming enemy drops. Then in this year, during the quarantine, I decided to pick up the pace around finishing it, finally doing it a few days ago with a file over 80 hours for Alucard. Now I'm playing with Richter and it's awesome, everything about the game is GOAT content: The general gameplay, the graphics, soundtrack, enemy variety, story-telling, all the little details about weapons/equipment, different spells and animal forms.

    I truly had Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow has the best metroidvania style Castlevania I had played before I played Symphony of the Night again...and that has been debunked really hard in these last months, Aria of Sorrow is indeed good, but Symphony of the Night is simply perfection in form of a game.

    1. BG_painter


      hear, hear. 👏
      did you play bloostained? it's not perfection, but it's not bad. it has some feels of the past.

  15. Playstation 3 games haven't good sales ever since 2019 started. Here and there some games go on sale but it's very rare now and most of time it's not many titles. If you wish to find better prices, physical copies might be a better option these days.