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  1. It's a not problem, actually, nor an update can 'fix' it as MMDE pointed out. The flags are there to remove impossible timestamps from that game leaderboard here on PSNP and you're allowed 2 flags per account so you can still hide flagged games and be reinstated back on leaderboards. Once you're over the limit of 3, you won't ever get reinstated in the leaderboards for PSNP unless this site administrator increases the limit for flagged games (Which isn't happening at all, the last time he actually decreased the limit from 5 to 2) or you happen to overturn enough flags through disputes, which seems even more unlikable from this point on. Not much to add after the post above me. If you really want to stay on the leaderboards, start a new account and don't cheat this time.
  2. Once you're over the 3 flags limit, it doesn't matter if you hide those games or not, you're off the boards permanently unless you can overturn those flags (Which isn't happening from your dispute thread). You'll either need to live with an account without access to leaderboards or you'll to create a new account.
  3. Hi Yes, I did read everything, twice to be precise. In dubious cases like this I try to verify and understand everything before posting to not make it an even more confusing discussion. I would say, normally, that his cases is full of 'reasonable doubt' and he wouldn't deserve to stay flagged for this game. But, looking at his lists again (2nd time) ordered by date and reading all posts again, especially his last one in this thread, I will have to rethink my position on this one dispute. 1. His wording is the key here. He knew about the about DYI PMC before starting this game, proved by this particular phrase: : 2. Using the same phrase above: If he knew the game required one trophy that you created a mask on a website that was long dead, one would think he would actually remember he did a create a mask back then. But: He says he remember this only NOW, 3 years later than he started getting trophies for this game? This isn't only a suspicious statement , it's a made-up story. Refer to point 1 one above, he knew about this trophy beforehand, he knew the requirements, but only 3 years later he remembers he already had a mask for the trophy? It doesn't fly with me. Another point of consideration, he says he can't show you any pictures of this save because he (supposedly) don't have the game anymore...hard to believe since he got last trophy just 3 months ago, you'd need to believe that he got platinum and as soon as that got rid of the game just 'because'. P.S: About consistency, I was merely trying to point out that you lifted many recent flags using the reasoning that you didn't find any other flagged/suspicious games in his profile and that in this case you're going in completely opposite way of how you handled flags. I still think that pointing out that he did it because he thought he could get away is a weak argument all in all, but I give that you're right on this one. P.S 2: Proof-read my post, but still hella confusing to understand in some parts. I'll try to explain better if needed.
  4. Sorry, MMDE, I'm usually with you in many disputes, but on this one your logic is completely BACKWARDS. If you actually read the thread it was linked in the post you quoted, you would have read that many people created the mask years ago and came back to play it later, attaining the trophy in a "impossible" time (Which isn't really impossible, btw). Yes, I get that some of those people can use that as excuses to not get flagged beforehand, but the fact is: This doesn't exclude that the method is LEGIT and it can be done as long the servers for this game are still UP, even if some cheaters get their way by lying about this too. In another words, the burden of proof is on you now, since the disputer and other posters provided a LEGIT method of getting that mask trophy after the site went down. You must prove, with no substantiable doubt, that he is actually lying and he cheated on this trophy. And now, quoting you again in many disputes: This user doesn't seem to have other cheated games in his profile, including games that he would be inclined to cheat since they have shutdown servers, how is this any evidence that he is actually lying on his defense? I really respect your job here, but you need to be consistent in cases like this.
  5. I'm definitely in but I don't know how I'm supposed to report my progress...
  6. Only when they are used to create impossible timestamps. Backuping on your own save just before the point that will award you with two (Or more) different trophies depending on the path you take is allowed, so is to plan your trophy acquisition by timing them to popping as close as possible. This doesn't seem to be the case where disputer used a external save set to pop trophies he didn't achieve or backup on his own saves in order to get impossible timestamps.
  7. MMDE, actually the disputer meant he got a save from the internet which had everything unlocked already. Since there is no real dispute about that, I'll link the disputer to info on how to hide flagged games and be reinstated in the leaderboads:
  8. Humble Bundle have been doing nice giveaways in it's summer sale. I've got The Walking Dead Season 1 & Outlast (+DLC), had Psychonauts previously as a gift from a member on this forum and I failed to get Abe's Odyssey in time =(.
  9. The flags are on the account, not on the person who played it, so it doesn't matter if it was you or your brother. If the flags are legit, the flags won't be lifted because it was someone else. Can't see DmC or Jak 3 list in date order, they're probably hidden now so I can't check dates and stuff, but Fuel does seem heavily cheated since there is many trophies popping within seconds of each other, many of them with very different requirements, and as you said your brother has admitted to using saves. 1 or 2 times are honest mistakes. 3rd strike is already over the leniency. You either can keep using this account with all the features PSNP provides except for leaderboards or you can make a new one and learn over your mistakes.
  10. Grimy, just so we can be clear on this, the game prize for this contest is going to be a physical game or a code/account for the chosen game?
  11. No, because you get flagged for using downloaded saves, forcing to hide the entire trophy list in order to be back on leaderboards. Don't do it, move on and forget about this or have a vain hope of Nordic fixing this.
  12. I'm not sure if the PS Vita is different from the ps3 version on this particular trophy, but I've missed about 2 citizen E through the campaign and only went searching for those after I finished the game, so unless the Vita version doesn't have the replay sequences feature from other Assassin's Creed game, I'm pretty positive you can get them later if you somehow miss them through your normal playthrough.
  13. I would say it's time to close this dispute since the disputer never bothered to came back, it has been almost a week since he last posted.
  14. The last decision is: You're out of the leaderboards for good. Start a new account if you care that much about leaderboards, and don't use saves to cheat your way through. You pointed out yourself that you've hidden 5 (flagged) games, that's over the limit of 2 flagged game to stay on the leaderboards. You would to overturn at least 3 flags in order to stay on leaderboards but given your explanations in this dispute, not even both Call of Duty are going to get unflagged since you admitted to using a save to unlock trophies in an impossible order in CoD Classic and many people are reporting your Modern Warfare 2 list to be impossible too. Quoting flagging rules for reference: