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  1. Sorry, but what does all this have to do with you wishing developers close more servers because someone made a silly change.org petition?
  2. Come on now, I understand the sentiment towards the petition, but please don't wish for this, better to have malfunctioning servers than no servers at all, Far Cry 2 trophy hunters will tell that much.
  3. Thank you for answering me back, very kind of you. I totally understand you and your partner have other priorities and didn't pursue this project due to lack of much interest by players. Also very nice to read what progress you made even the project itself doesn't go further, it's nice to read updates. Finally, I will still be keeping an eye on this in any case you and your partner decide to come back to this. Have a great day!
  4. This has been bugging me out a lot this last month. I've platinumed the game back in march, but got really addicted doing those weekly challenge tasks and doing bi-weekly FOB events, that I wanted to get as many event rewards such as camos/S+ soldiers/base colors among other stuff, that I happened to get so much resources that I started developing any weapons left to develop...and now I'm About 20 weapons left to developing them all, but still can't stop worrying about my unused online resources, online vehicles/gears and mostly important my online plants, wondering how those will transfer if at all.
  5. Your post is actually don't make any sense, I only understood something related to not being to sign in to use gaming sessions tab. If you can, explain your problem better, so that people might be able to help you.
  6. Any trophy can have it's timestamp altered to a new one provided it's actually an "old" timestamp, it's even possible legit case scenario (though not really recommended to do it around here, I'll explain why). Let's use FIFA 14 as the example. Suppose I played this game in 2015 and got only a single trophy with it and didn't play the game for some time, also didn't synchronize that trophy I won. Fast forward to 2016, I decide to play FIFA 14 again, but this time I'm using another console because my previous one broke down, and I earn that single trophy again and this time I synchronize the trophy, so it will say that in I earned in MM/DD/2016. Later down the line I managed to fix my old console and synchronize my trophy list...and now if I look at my FIFA 14 trophy list, it will say that I earned that one trophy in MM/DD/2015, it rewrote the timestamp to an older date. That all said, it's not really recommended to do that because it looks a lot like CFW in order to cover bad timestamps in the first place. Also, in TC's case, a timestamp will NEVER be rewritten to a newer date, say if got the trophy in 2016, no one can hack the timestamp to show 2022, only older dates than the first timestamp.
  7. It still shows on mine, no problem here. Just go to account management > transaction management > Services List. Look for PS Plus and then click on your current subscription to check when it ends. Or an easier way is just by going to any PS Plus game, press triangle > information > scroll down to check how much time you have left on it.
  8. Wasn't really worried too much about the contents of the update, I was more worried about the update process itself, but it worked out flawlessly on my ps3 (Had some issues with ps3 motherboard lately). Had to setup device passwords for my 2 alt accounts since those didn't have 2FA, thankfully I don't need to setup 2FA to generate those device passwords, would be very annoying to do so. My main account I didn't had to do a thing, 2FA and device password have been on for 5 years now... All that said, although it's a bit annoying to go through all this setup to just log on in PSN on PS3 and Vita, I really welcome this update because it adds a layer of security that those legacy devices really don't have the same level of security of a ps4/ps5 or modern compute & browser. Also it means Sony still is interested in keeping PSN alive on legacy device for more years, so that's always a good thing. On a side note, I believe that sellers of those 'shared' accounts will have to go through a lot of trouble to generate device passwords for each machine they sell those accounts for...
  9. @GinjAJ I was going to mention it's affecting Dark Souls II but you beat me to it. Had some server issues last week with DS II but trying again a couple of times solved the login issue, but it has been 3 or 4 days since I was last able to connect into DS II servers. Thanks for bringing up those tweets, at least they're looking into it.
  10. To put it simply, you can't. As in DaivRules' linked thread, accounts there were found using trophy hacks (Such as getting trophies with future timestamps) when they are auto-scanned, they are removed FOREVER and can't be tracked here at all. In other words, if you wish to track your games and trophies here you will need to start a brand new PSN account.
  11. "You're pretty good!" Awesome research, @baboon_overlord, it definitely helps those who still haven't started this yet because you can just rush to mission 22 to get the FOB event and then just revert/start from scratch to get the nuke trophies later on at their leisure.
  12. Oh ok, that's good to know. Speed up/down wasn't a feature in the original release, didn't know it was included in this one.
  13. Very nice list. Completionists will love it, going for all characters, endings and many level 7 techs. I wish I could transfer my PS One Classic Save that I'm currently at Fort Dragonia with every missable acquired + saves for the branching paths (And characters) done too. I already see many people complaining about the dragon feeding mini-game at the start of the game though, getting all 100 fed is kinda hard.
  14. :platinum: #110: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


    My first platinum in the Metal Gear series, very happy about it. I've always desired to play MGS games to completion but didn't have enough confidence/ability to do it, so many years later I've finally achieved my first platinum in the series. My next will be Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD then Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD, hopefully those will be as good as TPP was.



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  15. Sorry for the long-time delay on answering your posts @Sauron-The-Great. I'll quote/answer what I'm knowledgeable with, so not everything you asked will be covered. Yes, the restore file system option in the PS3 safe menu can indeed cause a loop if performed repetitively, but it's good that you're able to keep playing and using the game saves in this SSD. I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to clone a ps3 hard-drive/SSD using a computer and then use the cloned drive on the ps3 while mantaining all the data stored on it. I know that any drive inserted into a ps3 is formatted and then encrypted to be used only with that ps3 unit, probably the system creates an unique encrypted key that can only be matched with the another paired key that is stored in the drive itself and if you happen to insert that drive in another unit, it will not match those encrypted keys and thus will be asked to be formatted in order to be used. If cloning the drive using the computer clones all the data, even this kind of encryption data, then maybe it's possible to use cloned drives on a ps3 without problems, but that's a huge IF. As for greyed out save files when copying that's because they're copy-protected and can only be copied to PS Plus Cloud Storage and even to PS Plus Cloud Storage they must be copied one at a time (Can't select multiple of them at once). I believe you talk about this in a later post. 3 years old definitely is not old for a SSD. Hard-disc drives, which are much more prone to failures are expected to live at least 5 years, so 3 years for a SSD sounds like it's pretty new to me. Do you mean just changing the user name of the local profile on your ps3? If so, it shouldn't cause any issues with saves as long it's connected to a PSN account, since the local profile can be anything once it's attached to a PSN, the save files are tied to your PSN ID, not the local profile. Playstation 3 drive system is very wacky and even if the drive itself shows with 0 problems when scanned on a PC, it can and will say that it's corrupted every time you tried to restore the file system (It's a poor wording Sony used on ps3 software). But if drive itself can complete the entire file restore system (i.e it doesn't throw any errors like it couldn't be fixed) then it's all good on that drive. Also, it's good that you managed to use the backup utility and use the new drive to pass the files into it, I had very bad experience using the backup utility feature myself. Put all those 3 posts together since they pretty much talk about the same issues. I'm not sure why an official firmware update is being recognized as corrupted. I wouldn't usually trust hacking-scene sites to download OFW but sometimes that's the only option when you can't find anywhere else. About system file being corrupted, I already addressed that in above paragraph, it's a poor wording choice on the ps3 software. As for the backup containing bad files: it's a possibility indeed. To be honest, at this point I'd just backup all the saves I can to another drive or to PS Plus Cloud Storage and then format the entire new 500GB SSD you just got and then download/copy back those save files to your newly formatted SSD, while updating the system itself to newest OFW (4.88 I believe) through the internet (in the PS3 system settings), then after all that is done, download/reinstall the games you want. Or don't do that and just download/update your system through the internet as mentioned in the previous paragraph and keep playing on the current SSD/drive while making periodic backups of your save files. If it works fine for now, that there isn't much reason to keep trying to fix it. I'm going to give my own example: My ps3 had some issues with damaged traces on the motherboard about 3 weeks ago. When playing, it caused the console itself to simply turn itself off for no reason and every time it shut down, it prompted me to perform the restore file system thing, but it couldn't actually do it because the system would shut off much before it, so I just chose to skip this operation a few times while making some backups before sending the system to the repair shop. In the repair shop, they were able to fix the problem without having to format my HDD (which made me very happy), but still the system had those 'pending' restore file system operations that skipped or just outright didn't complete because of system malfunction. Could those sudden turn off cause some corruptions in the file system? Yes, most likely. But I'm not going to manually perform the file system restore thing through PS3 safe mode because the last time I did, it said the hard-drive was corrupted and couldn't be fixed in which my only solution was to format it, leading to huge loss of data, so I'm not toying with that option. My system itself is running fine for now and I have a PS Plus subscription that automatically uploads all my save files into the cloud storage every day, so if it happens to corrupt sometime down the line, at least I'm already covered on that. In another words, file system corrupt or not, I'll just keep playing on it as it is, maybe I'll perform a file system restore once it decides to crash or turn itself off in the future, but not for now.