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  1. How about you follow the rules for this dispute section instead of dodging every pertinent question is made to you: In case you didn't get: If you don't post the reason you're flagged and keep avoiding answering when asked about that by multiple users, your dispute will be locked and you'll stay flagged on those games. Trying to fool us around with those posts is not helping your case at all.
  2. How about answer my previous question: What is the reason for Naughty Bear flag? You can't dispute something if you don't provide the reason you're flagged for and counter that reason. Answering your question, even though I don't need to, there is some clear signs of CFW that I got tipped by some of the pros of catching those kinds of lists. Again, just need to find the list this was copied from. That and Killzone 2 VGC popping in middle of week without you being in previous week leaboards tells much about edited timestamps by using CFW ps3.
  3. The list for Naughty Bear is very suspicious. It smells a lot like edited timestamps (CFW), just need to find the list he copied out...What is the reason for the Naughty Bear flag, @G35coupe?
  4. I've been learning a little on how to spot CFW users...just give a little time to research on this. If not, MMDE will have a better idea on it.
  5. Just to make it clear, this trophy list is out order, because the first trophy disputer earned is defeating Bitores Mendez, which is not possible in normal playthroughs, you must earn some unmissable story trophies before those. It Begins with a Ring and A Rock and Hard Place must be obtained before A Bloodline Severed. Also What they're worth in disputer's list is unlocked before it's possible in normal play since you need to defeat Salazar before you have access to the final shooting gallery (And therefore last bottle caps). Lastly, he earns A Heart of Steel in his first playthrough, which isn't also possible since it's needed one playthrough on normal before unlocking Professional mode. While his story may be true, the order of the trophies is so out of place that it frankly can't be discerned from downloaded save usage and I quite frankly can't explain how he managed to get all bottle caps that early in the game (Based on trophy order he got it through mid-Castle). Here is how you can be reinstated in the leaderboards if this is your only game you're flagged:
  6. Well, I'm really looking to get a japanese yen card so I'm definitely in. My favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger.
  7. I was just discussing the same matter with ProfBamBam55 and he cuts clean on this: If you can't follow my instructions, you're out. So I suggest TC, you do the same, if you're out for helping people and they can't comply with you, are being douchebags, annoying the s*** out of, just block them off rightly so. Some people don't deserve to be helped, let them learn this the hard way.
  8. *I know it's heavily off-topic discussion by now, so please feel free to delete this post if it's out of context.* Sorry, but I'm going be rude on this...are you guys new to this whole trophy/achievment stuff? Because all the way back, when it was implemented at launch for 360 and in 2008 for some games for PS3 it was already frowned upon and people would not take any of your games seriously if you save files or other tools to modify your profile, getting trophies/achievements you didn't earn. It was so badly viewed that Microsoft would reset all your gamerscore and label with as CHEATER (Yeah, caps lock and all). Sites that were especialized in trophies/achievements guides also warned that it wasn't good practice to use saves and etc, among sites that tracked them down did the same. If we're still going on the analog argument that a crime isn't punishable retroactively, can you seriously argument that any kind of cheating in general gaming community was ever condoned, or better yet, promoted?
  9. There is some high-sensitive people over here because some people got high-sensitive about an account's ID which resulted in a ban. Irony at its finest.
  10. Pretty much what I've come to say.
  11. To sum up this whole-situation: Rockstar don't know how to deal with hackers, patch the game removing an important functionality and in the process hurts legit players that seek to get that trophy, then shifts all guilty unto hackers. Good job, R*, you're making me proud *Sarcasm* I feel for anybody who started this game in 2017, it's a real f***'d-up situation, having to resort to hackers to get a trophy that was disabled because of hackers activities and run the big risk of getting flagged here because it's officially 'unobtainable'.
  12. Big Shout-out to ProfBamBam55 for helping me and whole other bunch of members in attaining all MP trophies for GTA IV. I couldn't have done without his expertise and skill.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Otonio_Bruno


      Well, it's not 'hard', but it's a huge grind. You'll need about 10 hours or so just boosting races for AWP, then at least 5 hours at fastest method for Wanted. About 2 hours for team modes/deathmatches and another 1 hour for co-op stuff if you're doing with experienced guys like ProfBamBam.


      So basically, 20 hours stuff if you know what you're doing.

    3. ee28max


      Congratulations on your platinum. One of the platinums I respect the most. You deserved it. Now to see how long it will take me to get that platinum. 

    4. Otonio_Bruno


      Thanks, ee28max. It took some time but it was well worth it. Still gotta to get the 100% on it though.

  13. Hi xXspaniaXx. As others members have said, you can't get flags lifted based on the reason somebody else played on your account. What you can do to get back to the leaderboards is: Beware that you can do that only up to 2 games, so assuming that Fuel and inFamous are the only flagged games, you can still hide those games and be reinstated in the leaderboards. 3 or more flagged games and you're out for good unless you can actually give a proper reason in a dispute thread like this. You can check out what is flaggable or not in PSNP: Have a good day!
  14. Yeah, I noticed the rarity decreasing steadily ever since last november, when I was contemplating starting GTA IV and then I talked to MMDE he confirmed that ever since january this year there was thousands of reports for cheated platinums trophy lists for GTA IV. And while some may see this as witch hunt, I think this a great work by the community to clean the leaderboards from cheated trophy lists, especially one this one since GTAIV is a quite hard platinum to get and you must commit yourself to get it. Thanks to everybody who helped in this process.
  15. AFAIK you can only see notifications when you browse the forum, even for gaming sessions, for example.