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  1. Spare Parts on my other account.
  2. Ezio!
  3. Trying to play Advanced Warfare online. Lag is everywhere.
  4. Soon. Assassin's Creed II.
  5. Nope.
  6. I started with Naruto, and then i went for Death Note, which i really loved. It's worth to give a shot for Sword Art Online (First Season) as well.
  7. CoD: AW Complete ''Aftermath''. The only CoD from this generation i haven't played is CoD4, and so far i think Advanced Warfare is my favorite. Creative gameplay, awesome cutscenes, Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker, and an awesome multiplayer. I will definitely buy the Season Pass.
  8. I'm not a big fan of RPG, although i'm enjoying Dark Souls so far.
  9. I really like this mode, i hope it's on online as well, because it would be insane to play those skill races in first person view. I'm thinking about buying this again for the PS4.
  10. I have a different account where i test some games before i add than to my trophy list. Most of us? Are you sure about that? I'm not expecting Call of Duty on IGC, but just a good game, and not some indie crap like those for this month. Can't get really into ''Frozen Synapse Prime'', if i could get Dishonored, for example.
  11. I normally just play on weekends, so it's about 4 hours. The most time i played in one day was 15 hours in another account, just to plat Spare Parts. I still regret this.
  12. Yes. And it's not bitching since i'm paying for it. 60 games, 90% of them is completely trash. It's not about quantity, but quality.
  13. On my other account, it was PES 2011 and EA Sports MMA due to server closure. This one is so far so good, but i spent almost 2 months just playing FIFA.
  14. My entire profile so far.
  15. The Last of Us, Uncharted and GTA IV.