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  1. Confirming it's still doable. I got the last multiplayer trophy on May 4th.
  2. Currently working on the following: Vita: Persona 4 golden Ps4: God of war
  3. Got the trophy as well.
  4. Just completed the standalone Freedom Cry. Add me to liberator please.
  5. Assassin Creed 3 Finished up getting the trophies from the tyranny of George Washington dlc.
  6. Just got my 4th creed platinum, ranking me up to Disciple!
  7. #20 Master Assassin Assassin Creed 3 Finally finished getting the platinum, while the game does have its share of glitches, I loved recruiting people and building up the homestead. The perfectionist and original gamer were the hardest trophies to get. Now to clean up the dlc and achieve 100%.
  8. #19 He Went Commando Ratchet and Clank Going Commando Big improvement compared to the first game, love the new weapons and the mix of rpg like aspects. I preferred using the rhyno 2 over the zodiac weapon. Up next will be up your arsenal.
  9. I bought the ps3 bundle which had batman arkham origins and the last of us with it. The first game from the bundle I played was origins.
  10. #18 - Ratchet and Clank Gadget Master Loved replaying this classic game felt so nostalgic. The last boss was annoyingly difficult without the rhyno. Hardest trophy was getting the 1,000,000 bolts. Looking forward to get that going commando platinum next.
  11. Currently trying to finish up Ratchet and Clank from the hd collection and Assassin Creed 3.
  12. I usually get my games from either Amazon or Ebay, majority has been from amazon.
  13. Transformers: War for Cybertron Platinum #17
  14. AC4: Black Flag Finally completed all the dlcs trophies. Loved freedom cry!!
  15. Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst Enlightenment Finally got the last trophy from full burst dlc.