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  1. no i got the game because im a huge south park fan and because of that i want to platinum it, the 2nd playthrough would be the exact same as the first so was just curious if i would able to do it in one. lol still dont understand why people always bring up the whole "wow you bought a game for a full price" statement, ahaha ofcourse i did because i want to play the thing back onto topic i just read the PowerPyx article so glad theres nothing missable will be able to enjoy the game alot more and wont have to worry about missing anything
  2. does anyone know if there is any missable trophies in this? In the last one like a quarter of the trophies could of been missed. really want to enjoy the game but try 100% it at the same time without have to play through it again
  3. ok guys thanks for that, i think i might just upload the lifeless planets when i come across them alot easier
  4. hey guys im really struggling to find all fauna on planets and have often given up with only 1 or 2 left to find even tho i did countless looking around, yes i am aware that some are in water and in the air, but is there any tips or tricks on tracking them down or where any could be?
  5. i missed the ones from the ball and i kept the money instead of takings zoltans i think any missable cards? theres a good chance i missed all of them as i only got into gwent after i finished play through
  6. ive tested it you have to play whole story to get the trophies
  7. aslong as you do some of the sub plots with main characters (like their side quests) before certain stages of the game, like for instance the game warned me that some quest wouldnt be available after this mission, i then started it saw what ones i failed loaded a previous save then did the missions, one of them did ended up being a sub plot trophy but dont stress too much majority of the time the only missions you can fail are the little exclamation ones that dont mean much
  8. just make sure you do everyones (all the characters needed for the main quest) side quests before you battle the hunt at the castle then they all should turn up at the castle to help
  9. yeah ive started it on the hardest at the moment and dont know if i should change to easy and enjoy the game and story and have that as a main save to 100% on and try the glitch and if that doesnt work to just fly through a quick play through on the hardest when the trophy is neededm (when its last trophy left)
  10. ive heard for that trophy you can play the story on any difficulty right up to the last mission where you can change it to death march do the mission etc etc and when credits role youll pop the trophy, any thoughts on this guys?
  11. yeah i wouldnt mind getting helped by someone on this. first time ive played a borderlands and planning to platinum im only lvl 16 atm but if anyone can help me get any trophies i would really appreciate it
  12. i started a new game from a random mission and quickly did an easy side quest and got the trophy after completion also did a safe zone and got that trophy now the only trophy i have left is the buggy collectibles one probs have collected 100+ collectibles and still no trophy pop
  13. never mind, did all the quests and the trophy didnt pop
  14. has anyone got a spare shroom potion i can have, finished every side quest except the ones you get from after drinking the potion, but i dropped mine ages ago
  15. looking for an experience team to attempt to get the flawless raid trophy without dieing, im lvl 30 and have done it numerous amounts of times on hard, i have new methods for passing the hard parts even after patch ADD MEE !!