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  1. Looks like a decent game.
  2. Seriously? Trophies like this must be worth while to get decent platinums lol.
  3. Looks like a fun and easy game to both platinums. Both EU and NA versions.
  4. Has anyone play this game before?
  5. Hmm this better be an easy platinum.
  6. It's been what now? 4 years right? It's been hell of a long time for something like this game to be in the making. Details and Updates is shown the link below.
  7. Since the other person didn't put this one up. I thought why not. Anyway post and screenshot your first PS4 game. I'll go first.
  8. Normally, I would say easy platinum. But this might be a tricky one. So you guys getting Guacamelee 2 and how would you rate the difficulty at? It's a great game.
  9. To be easy platinum or not to easy platinum that's the question.
  10. Sweet. Another CREW game returns and trophies looks easier then the first!
  11. What's your reaction and thoughts about Darksiders Warmastered Edition and trophies?
  12. Looks like another fun and easy to platinum.
  13. Can you purchase chinese PS4 games on HK store instead of CN? I just wanna know if i can get CN and JP version games of Dying Reborn at the same time.
  14. What is the easiest platinum for Playstation 4? There are different regions with the same games you guys forgot to input in.
  15. Nexuds121 I Am The Hero I apologize for this. Because I didn't know anything about this rule at all and I try to fix the problem and nothing happen. Mixups by POWGI I apologize for this as well. Because I didn't know anything about this rule and I try to fix the problem nothing happen. Heroes Trials I apologize for this as well. Because I didn't know anything about this rule and made a mistake by accident. Please I maybe banned from you guys but I didn't deserve this.
  16. So it seems Bioware has slated a release date for Anthem. Source: Anthem will Release on February 22, 2019.
  17. To all of you out there. How many Backlog Games you have on your download list? I have over 200+ Games.
  18. Hmm I hope this one is another easy platinum.
  19. Another tasty game with same trophies.
  20. Mmm I hope this game is a decent and easy platinum.
  21. My opinion has changed: This game will be a hard grind in the ass.
  22. This one is 100% easy platinum to achieved.
  23. Looks like an easy platinum.
  24. Trophies looks pretty ok to me. Easy or Hard?
  25. I know you guys play Black Ops and Battlefield Games in the past, so I wanna ask you guys a question. Which game do you think it's better before the release date: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 or Battlefield V?