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  1. When Tokyo 42?! WHEN?!?!
  2. @Sly Ripper Could you check this, please? About 2 weeks with this problem and it still persists.
  3. I just got the Hitman 2 co-op trophies. So for now, everything still works as usual.
  4. I've been with the problem for almost 5 days.
  5. Edit: Forget what I said, I got it know.
  6. Jesus Christ, boy, he is not complaining, just writing in bold. What a snowflake you are.
  7. PS3 version doesn't have online trophies.
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Well, that was fast. lol At least from Spain store.
  10. Hahaha you are so cute. 😘 Thanks.
  11. Just in case, on sale again.
  12. Close this thread... 🙃 🙄
  13. We have tried renting a server from the North American Store and nothing. Same damn mistake, they don't give us the server and they take our money. Also, we tried to extend the server provided to me by a player who finished his trophies and it didn't work either (I'll have to claim 7€ from Sony). This shit has us totally baffled.
  14. Some friends and I tried to rent servers today, but we always got the same error. There were 6 1-day server rental attempts in different regions (East America, Europe and Australia) and no server was provided. If there is someone who has a server that is about to expire and does not want to renew because their boosting is over, please contact me.