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  1. How many people do I need for online trophies?
  2. I'm already at rank 14, I see this getting longer and longer. I think that afterwards I will have to repeat this whole process another 5 times and it gives me depression. 🙃
  3. Jesus Christ... Spellbreak grind will be strenuous. 😓

  4. Based on the calculations I made with games averaging 1500 XP and 13 minutes in length, it should take around 21 hours to get from level 19 to level 20 with ONE class.
  5. I still have the game in my library. I'll download it anyway.
  6. What about the soundtrack? Will it be the original?
  7. The same thing happened to me, but after closing the application, starting a game, playing a few rounds, and exiting the game, I saw that I received the crown and kudos. I guess the streak in that case holds, but it's just my guess.
  8. All the fucking time!
  9. Yes, sir.
  10. Let's see if I have luck. Thanks, mate!
  11. This STILL works. I got "Zip on Lock" killing a teammate.
  12. Can I complete the game -and get the platinum, of course- solo or I need play it coop?
  13. Thank you so much! 😁
  14. Hi @jayboo1991. Could u explain me how yo get "Sense of Rhythm"? An easy way to get "Where's my Parka"? Do u know a way to boost "Without Protección"? Because my boostmates and I never coincide in the same match when one of us chooses to be a Werewolf. Thanks in advance.
  15. Of those that I have completed, I recommend the following: Bleed 1 & 2 (6 lists in total) / Very hard games. Metal Slug Anthology / Pretty easy to be a UR. Super Cloudbuilt / AWESOME GAME! 100% recommended but quite difficult. Velocity 2x / Another great game. PS+ Free Game years ago. Butcher / A pixel art game. It's pretty cool. Mighty No. 9 (2 lists) / Very easy despide their %. PS+ game. Bound / Another hard game, PS+ game also. Android Assault Cactus / AWESOME GAME! It's very addictive and entertaining, as well as a good challenge.