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  1. Up to that point, can I avoid unlocking any trophies? Thanks in advance.
  2. I just made my little contribution. I hope more users join.
  3. Dude, you should pay more attention to the trophy dates.
  4. Apparently ORESHIKA: TAINTED BLOODLINES will also shut down its servers. Although there appear to be no related trophies according to the guide.
  5. I had a horrible problem. My PS3 crashed in the final cutscene of the game and deprived me of the "Where is my Andy?", "Perfection needs no arms" and "Patience pays off" trophies. When I resumed the game, I was unable to start at the final segment of the last level and was forced to start from the beginning of that level. When I finished the first part of The Tower of the Leptys they gave me the "Perfection needs no arms" trophy after doing it 100%. Right now I continue to advance in this last level to be able to obtain the other two trophies. My recommendation is that you have a backup save in the confrontation against the final boss, so you will save a lot of minutes in case the same thing happens to you. I will update this same post as soon as I get the other 2 trophies. EDIT: Ok, I just got "Where is my Andy?" and "Patience pays off" after finishing the last part of the final level, this time without any problem. EDIT2: btw, I missed the Matuvu #11
  6. The discount is huge. Best price ever.
  7. Same here, jfc... Last week I could not download anything cuz another code error and this week we have this.
  9. what do you mean with "Store closed"? I can still enter the Store.
  10. I confirm that I can download my content for VITA without problems. Holy... all this shit was a little bit scary.
  11. Hell yeah! I can download my content from HK account.
  12. And how would that explain what happens to Lance_87? This has nothing to do with an IP issue.
  13. Nope, this didn't work for me. I deactivated my HK account the way you comment and I still can't download the content that I bought on my PS3.