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  1. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Servers Idk about Mercenaries 2, but I guess the same thing happened to it.
  2. I'm not sure if it's a mistake, but I share it in case someone is interested.



    I have not been able to verify if it is the complete game but everything indicates that it is.

    1. zizimonster


      It just went free on certain platforms, and significantly cheaper on other platforms.


    2. JorgeSleep


      Thanks for the info! 

  3. Ok... this thread is getting really stupid. LOL I believe that the central issue has already been settled and with a solution that satisfied the majority of those who participated in the discussion. I don't know how much more the recent answers will add to the debate.
  4. Modifying the current leaderboard is out of the question. Any comment that refers to that, only seeks to provoke and muddy the discussion.
  5. Come on, bro. We all know what kind of """games""" we are talking about. Let's not play the "naive" card now.
  6. And don't forget this: I already want to see how much the guarantee granted by Sony will be.
  7. bro, taken from the first post.
  8. Just tested Carmageddon: Max Damage and and it is working perfectly.
  9. My boosting partner just went to sleep after we finished the western version of Override 40~ minutes ago. I have no way to check if it is still working, but the ranked games show me that it is searching for players. btw, I'm from Chile but my game is from the Spain Store. Edit: I just checked Disc Jam and everything indicates that it's already dead. Edit 2: just checked Animal Super Squad and dead too. Edit 3: Hyperbrawl dead.
  10. Here you have: I'm pretty sure the skins can be obtained offline with no problem.
  11. This time it took me to finish the Override online trophies for 2 players.
  12. The game is no longer in the Store. I looked for it in the Stores of the USA, Spain and Hong Kong.
  13. Very possible to achieve. Don't be discouraged.
  14. Servers are still up as of 09/29/2022