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  1. God, I can't find this little piece of shit. I finished new game (easy), new game+ (easy), Endless mode until round 40+ (easy), again NG+ til floor 6 (easy) and NG+ til floor 4 (normal)... AND NOTHING! My luck can't be sooooo bad.
  2. can someone check if the patch for this version of the game was already released?
  3. That's right, but it is always good to know this kind of thing. Also, someone from Europe may be interested in purchasing the game from the American Store before it is removed.
  4. This game has been delisted from EU stores. Still available on NA store, but it's a different trophy list.
  5. So these are the only online trophies in the game? Could there be any other trophies at risk? Thanks in advance.
  6. I came to comment the same. Now you only need to get to level 14 with each class. If you are above level 14, the trophy will be obtained after playing a match. This is a relief, as it reduces your total hours a lot.
  7. A bit late, but yes, you can. I did it with 2 PS3.
  8. What?!?! Where do u get that info? I'm busy with Spellbreak right now, I don't know if I could start this game soon.
  9. Nice, you are the confirmation I needed before installing the patch. Thanks. I know, but last time I had trouble reverting a game to v1.0, I don't understand why.
  10. I'm waiting to see if someone get the plat from scratch before install the patch. I do not want to update the game and then see that I cannot obtain a trophy that without the patch it could be obtained.
  11. How many people do I need for online trophies?
  12. I'm already at rank 14, I see this getting longer and longer. I think that afterwards I will have to repeat this whole process another 5 times and it gives me depression. 🙃
  13. Jesus Christ... Spellbreak grind will be strenuous. 😓

  14. Based on the calculations I made with games averaging 1500 XP and 13 minutes in length, it should take around 21 hours to get from level 19 to level 20 with ONE class.
  15. I still have the game in my library. I'll download it anyway.