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  1. If you have a friend that has the game, play against said friend online and pick him off. I boosted a few trophies like that.
  2. Best Buy shipped my CE early last week, I was supposed to get it on 10/3. However, Best Buy caught the error and requested to have the game shipped back to them. Now, i have no idea when i'll get it, but today i received an email from BB with a free $100 gift card as an apology for the error and possible delay. Either way, i would have played it early, i just would have missed the release day updates. Anyways, enjoy the game.
  3. Just had the flying balloon moment glitch on me. Same issue, the symbol disapeared, my genies react to the painting and float away for a moment, but the actual moment doesn't register. Last thing needed for the platinum, sucks. Edit: Well, i tried multiple things and nothing worked. Had to play through the game one more time to complete the journal. Got the plat though.
  4. The Wolf Among Us platinum. Freaking love it.
  5. Same here, been playing with my kids and we had 3 Lvl 20+ characters. I logged in yesterday to try to farm some food items for the trophy, and one of the 3 characters was gone.
  6. Yup.
  7. Yup. You can also get it on the Vita and get a 3rd set of trophies with a platinum
  8. The instructions i followed had me keeping the original PS4 as my active device. In the process of the setup for the Pro, I got an option to deactivate the old PS4 and activate the Pro as my main. Either way all games were locked out. I tried a few things, including renewing licenses, plugging in the old HDD (safely) but nothing worked. I had to delete all games and reinstall what I wanted to play. It worked out for me, my XMB was cluttered with downloaded games I hadn't played.
  9. I just had to perform this very same thing when I upgraded to the DS PS4 Pro. I watched this guide: I however had an issue where everything transferred to the new Pro with new HDD, but I was unable to play the games since somehow they were locked to the old HDD. My suggestion is when you get the option to transfer, select everything except for the games themselves. Then re-install and update what you will be playing. I can't remember if it was on the video or in the comments, but I ended up using the option where both PS4s are connected to WIFI and used an ethernet patch chord to transfer the data. Hopefully this helps.
  10. I really liked the groups. They all look evenly matched with a few minor exceptions. As a fan of Mexico, they have a tough group that i believe will come down to goal differential as to who moves on to the knockout stage. That being said, if Mexico does get 2nd place, they will most likely have to face (assuming they win their group) Brazil. Rough.
  11. I have no regrets of the $30 i spent on this game. It's the first time in a very long time that I wanted to replay the story as soon as i finished the game. The Order: 1886 would have been a lot more succesful if it was originally sold for $30. I loved the fact it was a short game, i rarely get time to finish games with work and family nowadays. My question is this, if OP would only pay $20 for a game like this, would you be willing to pay $90 for a game like The Witcher 3?
  12. Thanks for the info/links. I would have hated to have missed on this collector's edition. Pre-ordered mine through Amazon.
  13. It's all about those World of Final Fantasy trophies.
  14. I just got the trophy a couple of hours ago. Completed the requirement about 5 times, looked up videos on YouTube and saw I was doing the same thing. I then saw this post, closed down the game, restarted it and got the trophy once I completed the requirement one more time. One thing i did different was i did not skip the cutscene; i doubt it made a difference but just putting it out there.
  15. I also did bot have any problems trigerring the prismtunity for any mirages in that area. I did however have an issue a bit later at the Icicle Ridge with Quachacho. I got the prism when i first encountered him, i met the primstunity required and even got the sound effect and glow under him in battle but when i tried to to use the imprism command i was not allowed to select the mirage. It happened every time i tried it. I fogured it glitched and just needed to reboot the game but i just moved on, i'll try to go back later on today and see of it's working.