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  1. I'm the other guy with the same problem, took me a while to try the other guy solution, and I'm sorry about that, but I wasn't able to get a trophie in another account either. Now I re-download the game, started the game offline and playing on the second save file. Will let you know if I got any trophy Edit: did not work
  2. Sorry for the late reply, just tried to play in another account, but was unable to get the trophies, will be trying to download the game and only starting offline to see if works
  3. No, I will try it later. But it would be bad if I was unable to get the trophy because I did the original version
  4. I did the other version, now I'm trying do to this one that came with the re-release, that was exclusive to ps3 and retail version. I already played the old version (marked as DG ), now I'm trying to get the re-release trophies (the ps3/ps4 share list), but I don't receive any trophies from the re release digital game
  5. I just downloaded the re-release digital version of this game and they give me the trophy list from the ps3/ps4 version and not the ps4 only version. I started playing the game but not a single one trophy is unlocking. Is this a glitch or something? It's not unlocking because I played the other version first?
  6. Thank for the information, will contact the support, thx Update: just contacted the support and after 30m I got a respond and they unlocked the trophy for me
  7. I just played jinxed and won the game by 0-1 and the trophy for low baller did not pop. Where do I send the ticket to them to unlock the trophy? Does this game mode unlock the trophy?
  8. Don't know if this information can help, but I just got the BIG TEASE trophy ( that you have to win a race in 1 place after using a emote) in the squad show game mode ( my squad got 3 place in that race but i was the 1 to cross the line), the important thing is that you get the Medal in the end of the round. If your team gets declassified you won't win the race even if you were the first to cross it.
  9. I just did this dlc on my ps5 with a non elemental weapon that have a infinity ammo in coop and the game never crashed and laged, I even used a lot the siren ability that I heard that some times can crash the game
  10. Just to update, i did this same reply and did not got me stuck. Maybe is a glitch from the game and not because it is running in the ps5. Never encountered a glitch on ps5 in this game
  11. Very late torespond, but there is a physically version for this game for ps4 since Day 1. One is only the base game and the other have the Senna DLC. Not sure if every contra have them, but in Brasil every vĂ­deo game store i can find one
  12. Looks better than i thought would be, will have some fun watching, but definitely won't be a masterpiece. Just like those TV show's that aren't amazing but you have fun watching them. PS: Tom Holland doesn't brother me as Nathen Drake, but i can't see Mark Wahlberg as Sully
  13. It counts towards rank 20
  14. my main account is EUA and i buy my game and DLC's now in my Brazilian account, but both are the same region
  15. It really depends of the game, doesn't matter if is a ps4 or ps5 game. But usually dlc that is a currency in game only works in the mais account (you can redeem multiple times), but if is a new chapter from the story or extra weapons you can use in another account (one time only purchase). Just for exemple i have watch dogs legion and doom eternal dlc for PS5 version in my other account and can use in my main account. It really depends if you use the same game and dlc region and if the dlc can be purchased multiple times (only main account) or one time only (can use in other account if the accout you did the purchase is a primary account). But i Don't know how this dlc works, so i can't say for sure (seeing what comes with the pass vol.1, the dlc probably will work)