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  1. It is doable, just keep trying. It took a while for me too
  2. finally my first plat reward. using a NA account
  3. working fine for me, but the layout of the site changed a little bit
  4. it is a pretty bad thing to do with the customer, gladly i bought the season pass when it had a discount but not everyone will have the chance. In the Description from the season pass it says: The Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Season Pass includes the following content: - 7 challenge tombs - 7 weapons, outfits, and skills - Multiple narrative side missions - 1 of each of the above will be exclusive to the Season Pass So the last one it is really exclusive to season pass, I really hope they chance this stupid regulation, especially because involves trophies and a lot of people did not know about this
  5. If I remember right this last dlc is exclusive to season pass owners
  6. not really, I agree that earning a plat that few people have is a nice thing to have, but I would rater have a plat that is easier to get but made me have a memorable time playing that game. I have a plat for "that's you" with 1.93 rarity but it did not have the same meaning or impact for me that "spider man"with 51.38 rarity
  7. Only one trophy left for chaos on deponia and next i'm going to do the spyro trilogy, and at the same time with my girlfriend im trying to do the just dance 2019 ( don't think that will be possible but at least i'm laughing a lot with our awful dances)
  8. Thx did not saw that, can I delete this topic?
  9. About your question about the theme:
    The theme can be download on the stores associated to Sony Europe:!/cid=EP9000-CUSA01501_00-INTWOMENSDAY2019

    You have to create an account for any of the european countries (preferably for the United Kingdom) to access it. Themes can be used by all users on a PS4 no matter which account it was downloaded from.

    1. crimsonidol38
    2. starcrunch061


      I swear - you Europeans get everything from Sony! We Americans...


      ...God, I can't even finish that thought with a straight face.

  10. I'm pretty sure this game is impossible to plat in 35 seconds, can some administrator confirm this? He have others games in the vita that seems hacked too
  11. Where can I get this wallpaper? I did not find this in the USApsnstore and I would like to get this for my girlfriend
  12. You need the game to be able to play the DLC
  13. 1-The witcher 2 (amazing game) 2-NieR (it is hard to find and I want to play) 3-Resistance trilogy (Played a lot with my friend, especially the fist one, we frequently go back to play, would be awesome to be able to plain the ps4)
  14. Max Payne 3 - New York Minute Hardcore it's not worth it, one mistake or playing safe and you lost a lot of hours
  15. I can see the placebo effect being very strong in this game. In real life the placebo can be prescribe for a cold and the hole body will think the medicine is doing it work, but in reality the antibodies ara encourage to do their work. In the game every one is saying that the game is harder than the original, so when I start playing I play worst that I usually do without notice because the people around me influence me. Personally I thought the game was easier