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  1. i'm playing in my ps5 and did not have any issues with coil whine, but the game freezed 1 time in mu hard large try, so i gave up that day because i was almost done
  2. DLC

    For the kraken dlc you need to reach a point in the story to unlock it, the extra weapons are probably in the mall where you can buy it Edit: the weapons dlc can be in a enemy, at least in the first surge you could find dlc weapons in some enemies don't know about this one because i just bought the kraken dlc
  3. Is the game finally going to psnow? since the game was supposed to be in August catalog of games
  4. I keep pressing triangle look at the top of the stairs, it not instantaneous but works
  5. Played and got the platinum of the game on my base PS4 and never got any game freeze, played on my disc version of the game, try to play withou a Internet connection, some games have problems when they are conected online
  6. The blue screen was happening because of the lens flare, it needs to be lower than75% if i not mistaken, after reducing lens flare the games works amazing, even the DLC is working, finish the firt part of the DLC and i'm close to the 3 boss and did not got any other problem
  7. Apart from that problem it runs pretty well, just beat the firts boss and i can say that the loadings are pretty fast and the game don't have frame drops, if i find any problem i will write here
  8. Just a heads up if you are planning to play this game on PS5 the game can have a blue screen while playing making the game pretty much unplayable but there is a work around for this, if you reduce or disable lens flares from the menu game the game won't have this blue screen making the game playable again. Posting here because i did not found anywhere about this, hope it can help someone
  9. I did the challenge holding all the way to the end and when the game force the other player to get out of you I stopped pressing the R2 button and I did not got the trophy, so what I did was to hold the R2 even when the game force you to let to go the other player, doing this I got the trophy
  10. Really hope so, i've been wanting psnow to play some ps3 games for a while now Kittet3 not going to quote you as you asked but they never did this with the ps4 specially with a game that don't work with that console
  11. So today I just found out that killzone 2 ps3 version could be found in my ps4, but in my contry we don't have psnow, and the strange thing was that it says only avaiable from disc, don't know if this is a glitch or something that is coming with the release from ps5. I will post the image that i took when i figure out how to post photos here
  12. It just have released today , was searching psnprice and found out it was already out
  13. If anyone else is having this issue i found the problem, you need to talk to the intel person near the mission, since the place have a lot of enemies they can kill the intel person and that will give you the game over
  14. That is a shame since i'm able to buy the dlc from one store and game from another. They really are making this dlc hard to get.
  15. I use an american account so if i buy the in game coins from the brazilian account i won't be able to use it in my main account (USA account) even if they sare the same region?