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  1. yes i know, i'm just saying that i was playing on veteran and died very fast and still got the trophy after i got shoot and died, don't know if the enemies shot faster on veteran, but i don't think this is the case in this level because the enemies follow a pattern in this level
  2. if anyone still need help doing this trophy try to play on veteran, if you get hit you can die very fast and restart in the closest check point, this way, when you die the game don't resister as if you got hit so you can try again, and the check point are very generous so you don't miss a lot of progress. i got mine this way, died a few times
  3. yes it is playable, just played 4 online games yesterday
  4. I did it in free roam, you first have to get the parachute from Leonardo, after that you need to get access to the castle, i think is almost in the end of the game, after that you need to climb to the very top of the building, climb the flag that is in the top and jump and right after the prompt to use parachute shows press it to open the parachute, now try to land in the street and not in the water or in the top of a building
  5. March -Doom 2016 -the last guardian
  6. for those who can't get 3 stars try to give each one a function and do only that function, try to learn the level and learn it pattern, always communicate everything you do in the game, always dash, and very important always do all the dishes in order because that gives a lot more points, and if you are missing very few points and the time is short deliver a simpler plate (that already save me a lot of times). You don't really need to keep throwing the food, i rarely throw and got every 3 stars, only missing the last DLC because my girlfriend did not have time to play. The hardest levels are in the Surf 'n' Turf and Campfire Cook Off DLC, you can do it even if that take some time, just don't give up. Other tip: Some levels don't start the time until you serve the first plate so take this as your advance;
  7. january 2020 Yooka-Laylee Wolfenstein: The New Order
  8. December 2019 -mirror's edge catalyst (because that game is always on sale but in this black friday the game did no receive a discount) -shenmue collection (the 3 game just got release and it would be great to new player to be introduced to the lore of the game and probably buy the 3 game)
  9. It is doable, just keep trying. It took a while for me too
  10. finally my first plat reward. using a NA account
  11. working fine for me, but the layout of the site changed a little bit
  12. it is a pretty bad thing to do with the customer, gladly i bought the season pass when it had a discount but not everyone will have the chance. In the Description from the season pass it says: The Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Season Pass includes the following content: - 7 challenge tombs - 7 weapons, outfits, and skills - Multiple narrative side missions - 1 of each of the above will be exclusive to the Season Pass So the last one it is really exclusive to season pass, I really hope they chance this stupid regulation, especially because involves trophies and a lot of people did not know about this
  13. If I remember right this last dlc is exclusive to season pass owners
  14. not really, I agree that earning a plat that few people have is a nice thing to have, but I would rater have a plat that is easier to get but made me have a memorable time playing that game. I have a plat for "that's you" with 1.93 rarity but it did not have the same meaning or impact for me that "spider man"with 51.38 rarity
  15. Only one trophy left for chaos on deponia and next i'm going to do the spyro trilogy, and at the same time with my girlfriend im trying to do the just dance 2019 ( don't think that will be possible but at least i'm laughing a lot with our awful dances)