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  1. I love my switch and all the nintendo exclusives i have, bought a lot of them, but after seeing that they will release a game that already have a time for delisting the game, included the digital version, made me very disappointed with nintendo. This is a practice that i really don't support, i can understand if it was a limit run of the disc version, but to this with digital it shows that they don't care about people that like their game, just want our money the fastest way possible. They have a lot of good games that keep selling a lot even after 2-3 years after release, they should have learned that their games sell after a long time even in the price of release and that brings a lot of new gamers and olds that did not bought their games yet. This is a stupid decision just to make a false rare game. I as a gamer is offended by this strategy just as i don't support microtransaction in games, if they keep following this path, i will sadly stop supporting them, because this is a practice that i really don't support, games were make to be able to be played for everyone even if they don't have the time to play now or the conditions to buy it now, but at some point they should be able to play, the same way i'm able to play older games or watch older movies
  2. If i have a USA psnow, if i travel or move to UK (or other contry that have psnow) and try to play a game via streaming in my primary USA account, i will be able to stream?
  3. If you have a save file in the online storage you will be able to load to your game where you left, but if that is not the case you will have to star all over. The trophies are the same as the ps3 one, so you can continue to work on the via psnow
  4. I Had the same problem, what i did was close the game and open it again, was able to load to my last save and continue playing the game and save after
  5. I already got the trophy, but i notice that the gold armor and helmet are way more common now, don't know if they count now or if you need to get the red armor now
  6. 5 years
  7. If the problem was about been afraid of been hacked or change because people did that as an error, changing their psn name as they can do now would not be possible, but i did not hear anyone with those troubles. If sony were able to change psn names, they are very capable to change the country region. They can even implement something like: You can change back to your first store region if you did not bought a game or dlc in the new store (in case someone hacked or pressed by mistake) and after that wait a year before they can change again. And i would not even bother if they put something like the first change of store was free, and the others changes only if you pay like 9 dollars or 4,99 if you have plus just like the psn name
  8. the game is free for me, got the game from plus
  9. since you are using the AS version maybe there is a different answer for the same puzzle even if you answer look right
  10. looking at the diagonals the letters meet, maybe that's it. I didn't play this version of the game.
  11. yes i know, i'm just saying that i was playing on veteran and died very fast and still got the trophy after i got shoot and died, don't know if the enemies shot faster on veteran, but i don't think this is the case in this level because the enemies follow a pattern in this level
  12. if anyone still need help doing this trophy try to play on veteran, if you get hit you can die very fast and restart in the closest check point, this way, when you die the game don't resister as if you got hit so you can try again, and the check point are very generous so you don't miss a lot of progress. i got mine this way, died a few times
  13. yes it is playable, just played 4 online games yesterday
  14. I did it in free roam, you first have to get the parachute from Leonardo, after that you need to get access to the castle, i think is almost in the end of the game, after that you need to climb to the very top of the building, climb the flag that is in the top and jump and right after the prompt to use parachute shows press it to open the parachute, now try to land in the street and not in the water or in the top of a building
  15. March -Doom 2016 -the last guardian