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  1. When you do a wall jump you don't even need to press X again to jump, just need to move to the opposite direction that you will to a jump, so if you want so go up a wall faster you just need to move the analog stick, don't need to press X
  2. playing on ps5, loading are way faster than in ps4, but still takes a while. There are less glitches now, but i got one that the side mission opium war 5 did not show up even after completing the game so i can't unlock one trophy. Don't know why did this happen or if there is a way around without starting a new game, since i have a save that theoretically is before the mission that unlock that side mission, and after replaying that save 2 times nothing appeared.
  3. you can search for frontlines in the game search engine, there are some servers that still play frontline. But there is no fast search for this game mode
  4. you can search individual maps, so if you want to play a specific map you can choose to play only that map
  5. did not tried myself yet, just what i've seen so far. But it looks like a normal watch dogs mission, if you liked the others you will like this one
  6. maybe they will add trophies with the bloodline dlc that adds a new story campaign. But was very disappointed with this playable characters, was hoping that each one would have a new campaign, but i does not look like that way
  7. When i did it, i use the website link to see the code, but you can check the game version code in the description of the game
  8. yes you can, i did that and worked, but if you want to make sure if the dlc will work in your main account you can alway check if the code in the USA store is the Same from Brazil, normally they are the same. This wont work in money currency like those in fortnine.
  9. if you want only the plat it is still easy to do, but if you want to get all dlc's trophies boost is a must
  10. all zombies trophies can be done solo
  11. since they are closing the store they could do a clean up store sale or something like that, with good deals in pretty much every game in the store, so people could have a last chance to buy the games they want with a fair price
  12. i did 100% the game on ps5 and got 2 freezes on my way to 100%, played the digital version with all DLCs. In your case i would try to delete the game and try to download it again, and only start playing after the game install all the way and not the minimal require to begin to play. If you are using the disc, after the install, the game is not really finished all the download, i would recommend you to wait a little bit
  13. For now only ps4 --> ps5
  14. ps3 version was free from psplus, so here is more people that tried the game on ps3
  15. Just read again that you needed the disc version, did not knew the game got a disc version because im my country we did not receive one, my bad, sorry for the confusion. But you can try to ask them on twitter how to do it, since they said that is possible, but i'm pretty sure that is impossible to a ps5 disc be read by a ps4, but if you have a ps4 you can try it on, it does not hurt to try. but my guest is that if is possible to play the older version they will probably patch the ps5 disc to play on the ps5 the ps4 edition going on the 3 dots to change the edition, if this is not the case i don't think is possible. But since they said that is possible keep asking them how to do it