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  1. Naughty Dog is one of the most influential reasons why I haven't switched to PC.
  2. I've waited for this game since it was announced and its finally here for PS4. So far I'm 35 hours in and the game continues to amaze me. I haven't enjoyed a game as much as this one in quite some time, I didn't expect less anyway. The game lived up the hype for me, and that's hard because my expectations were high. Everyone should give it a shot, even if you don't like online-only games like myself. And yeah, Bastion is pretty annoying sometimes, but with a well coordinated team is easy to eliminate, even solo with Genji (if he has no people around).
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  4. Half-Life 2 Doom or Wolfenstein 3D?
  5. I'm aware of what PC gaming means and the problems it comes with it, and you are right, consoles will be always easier, but I prefer upgrading a PC way over upgrading a console. Obviously that's not the only reason I love the PlayStation family and that's what has kept me going with consoles this generation. I'm ready now to make the jump in a few years if this is the new model, I'm capable of facing those problems now because of this. Still, no one really knows how the neo will work, and why sony wants his existence. I don't know, maybe they will convince me and I will be the first in line to acquire it. Maybe I'm not ready as I think I am and this whole thing is fully beneficial for me. We will see.
  6. There is nothing wrong with it, but I play in consoles because it's easier and simple. As I have said, if this ends up real and next generation of consoles aren't upgradable, I will start gaming in PC.
  7. If this ends up real, which is now highly probable, I will buy the new Xbox. I was going to buy the current model, but yeah, I better wait. I'm still with you guys, there wont be big differences between console and PC gaming in a few years. I don't want that.
  8. Hard, I really love history... however we should look to the future and space is -probably- our future. Science Fiction or Fantasy?
  9. Alter Bridge
  10. No, I never have tried anyway. I don't think I will, I seek games with character creation to create a character not myself.
  11. Tales from the Borderlands, awesome gane
  12. Shane is awesome and all but he is no match for The Undertaker at WrestleMania, just like Brock wasn't 2 years ago and I'm glad they went with this call, I hope we see more of Shane. Don't get me wrong, I cheered for Shane. Taker should've retired years back. How many times has Styles defeated Jericho? I don't even know but we're talking about one of the greats in WWE history, losing in WWE doesn't always mean he is finished. Jericho needed to win, I can't recall the last time I saw Jericho winning something meaningful. I like AJ Styles, I watched him compete in TNA for years and it truly deserved this win however he has defeated Jericho several times now even by submission, the guy isn't going to fail because of this and Jericho's draw power was starting to fail. While I like Zayn and Owens and yeah, that could have been a very cool moment with one of them winning, I'm happy they finally gave it to Ryder, it was like some sort of redemption. He deserved it. I'm pretty sure his reign will not be very long, Owens might defeat him even tonight and continue his feud with Zayn, they won't be out of the title picture. They gave Ryder his moment. I had the feeling I had when the ECW Originals had a horrible match at WM 23, but that was their moment. I can't argue with Roman, I don't understand how Vince keeps pushing him. Anyway, we expected this.
  13. Everybody is hating on this WrestleMania but this WM was, for me at least, one of the best in years. For years now I've been struggling with WWE's look for the future, I definitely don't like what they have done to everyone I cared for in the past few years so I started to lost hope for my passion, and that's really sad because I have love for it and nostalgia has hitted me real hard to not give up. But really I couldn't do it. Last year I watched only Royal Rumble, FastLane and WrestleMania and it sucked big time, I hated it like no other WrestleMania for so many reasons, but that's other discussion. I think the reason I loved this so much is that, the nostalgia factor and I want to explain this for every match on the main card. It started with the USA ladder match, I saw some Kevin Owens work on summer, maybe one or three matches of him, and he looked cool but I wanted to see more of him, which I did this Road to WrestleMania and now I'm a big fan of him now, he's the finest heel WWE has right now and he's been doing an incredible job so props for that, he deserves it. I really like some of these guys wrestling on this match, I love Cody (who unbelievably can pull of any character), Sami and Dolph. Even though the match itself was a great match, we have seen better. Still it got awesome spots, Cody with all of the Dusty Rhodes tribute, that sick move of Zayn to Owens hitting the ladder, Sin Cara landing on Rhodes and Miz almost winning but instead they went with Zack Ryder, that was from out of nowhere. I'm not a fan of Ryder by any means but I saw his career die, he truly deserved this moment and I'm happy for him. Then we got Y2J/AJ which was an awesome match, I'm a big fan of these two but I think Jericho needed this win. He has been downgraded in the last couple of years. He has lost and lost and lost so many times I couldn't see him winning anymore. I don't care he got out of the Styles Clash, it brought an intense moment were I really felt that was it. Styles just battled one of the greats on his very first WrestleMania, not counting that AJ has already defeated Jericho before, even by submission. With this win, Jericho can push more talent. This is where I thought I will start felling asleep and the match was boring as hell, but we got freakin' Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Steve Austin saving it. We can argue that they're not making talent, but seriously do I care about LON or New Day? No, I don't and they won't make me care about them (I love BNB but he is leaving from what I've heard.). When HBK's (it is my favorite wrestler ever) music played and he came out I felt something I didn't felt for years, for those kind of moments, then Mick Foley and Steve Austin came out and for god's sake it was like turning on something that was dead for years, but not completely. Here is one of the things I hated... Dean/Brock. Dean Ambrose is my favorite current wrestler and I expected him to lose (after all no one can beat Brock not even Taker) and Brock is a really entertaining guy, they could have done a lot more. I thought they were going to be the best match, Ambrose could have pulled off that crazy guy and just destroyed Brock with anything he had, doing whatever he needed to do. But they didn't do it, they went for the boring idea of Brock dominate the match yet again. Then we got the Womens match, as a note I liked the title it does look like it should: a championship. This was one of the best womens match in WrestleMania history, if not the best. I'm comfortable with them being the next generation to give more justice to the division (needs more Paige though) Now, the best part, hands down the best of the night, The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon. I loved the match and this was the match that reminded me my passion. Ever since I started watching WWE I have had a crazy dream about an elbow drop from the top of the Hell in a Cell. Every match I always thought how epic would that be. Recently, the structure changed and was far more higher so my dreams about seeing that spot simply wasn't possible, even with the old cage it was a stunt that no one had the guts to do and I don't blame them. But Shane did it and it is now one of the greatest moments I've seen in wrestling, my dream came true. Thank you, WWE, for that awesome moment that I will never forget. The BR was boring but I didn't hate it, Baron Corbin is cool, not the best in my card but I hope he does well. The Rock came out, gave his usual promo. Every time he comes out I don't care if he is doing it another time, he's The Rock and he is entertaining. I don't like Bray Wyatt, I think he's overrated and boring. I don't understand how he gets praised by his in-ring performances and mic. I only see him as an average wrestler which gives a random promo with no real reason for every feud he has, I don't like that. He interfered The Rock's promo (like he does with everyone, he just inserts himself because why not? and he has messed up great storylines like Ambrose/Seth) and gave his lazy promo, I was like please don't build this for a match between the two. The Rock shutted him up and buried poor Eric Rowan and then Cena came out and buried Bray Wyatt also. This was entertaining. Then it was Roman vs. Triple H. I don't need to elaborate on this one. It was bad and everybody knows why. The promo though, that was a really awesome video package, A7X in WWE was something I hoped to see in WWE one day. Well I thought I wasn't capable of typing so much but here you go, an honest opinion about someone who loved this WrestleMania, a different perspective. But it is ONLY my opinion and I understand you if you don't agree. If you want me to elaborate on more specific things, I can do it.
  14. It has a wide variety of bugs, first of all check all of the vehicles, including air ones like everyone has said. But, something that happened to me is that the game bugs if you used cheat codes for the Hulkbuster armor instead of completing the story mission and buying it. Don't worry, the platinum can still be obtainable by replaying the last mission (I think it was that way I don't remember well but I do remember that I replayed once and it popped)
  15. Rick Grimes, sorry Lee Indiana Jones or Han Solo?