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  1. I can confirm that Eiffel Tower is not required for the trophy.
  2. I just unlock this trophy without the Eiffel Tower. I unlock every unique buildings except the Eiffel Tower. By the time I get trophy, I unlock every Monument at the same time in the same map. I have about 8 mil to build all requirement unique buildings for Monument. When last Monument unlock, I got the trophy. May be the requirement for this trophy also incuding unlock all Monuments at same time. If you unlock Monument and reload, that will Monumet will be locked again until all requirement unique buildings build.
  3. Without 2*Iron Def Coin, you need a perfect dodge for every attack. Everything one-shot you. Platinum this game 2 times one for my friend and one for myself, I can said that this boss is hard, unless you know how to dodge. You cannot just cheese the fight with RL.
  4. Yes, Code Red require HR14 and HR14 will unlock after One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall trophy (Aka. Kill Negi and Unlock 8 Star Misson) However Code Red mission is not available at that time. So his trophy is impossible.
  5. The only possible way for that is Code Red mission. However Code Red mission is not available at that time.