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  1. Try to keep the middle free, like your oponents do and try to save 9 lines with cp ASAP. Wait for your oponent to be at least in the middle and then give him/her all your stuff. Works almost ever for me and I suck in Puyo Puyo.. the reason I could not finish P-P Tetris Main Story Epiloge.
  2. This title makes it pretty easy to Plat. in a single playthrough, as long one don‘t mind the nightmare challenge. If you manage to get all character notes and presents and don‘t forgett to NOT overwrite the save before start using the special tickets, you can watch between 3 - 6 deepen bonding events each time before you reload with no problem. Only thing, deepened bonds are totally boring this time.. and I hate the fact, that Alisa still supposed to be canon.. I am all for Laura.
  3. All the single endigs aren‘t the true ending. It‘s the epilogue after watching all 7, which will act as true ending. Most part is left for reader‘s imagination, since Enigma became litterally a god like being, it should have been easy for him to prevent all that shitty stuff, which was yet to come (again). The Shina/Iris part however doesn‘t fit in the whole, but at least it‘s kind of an happy end. Somehow I was sad, that there was no Lilly x Shina copple ending.. and for my taste it was way to much reading.. especially all the psyche violence stuff. Was expecting more of Nep x Fairy Fencer Stuff. But it was an interesting experience.
  4. just in case you‘re still interested and for any other people with the same question, I am about 5 hours farming and already got 5/6 Forms full golden*. I guess just 3 more Episodes Modern Family at max. and I am through ^^ *Opening up every chest and killing all bosses gets you 20 Golden Gears before starting to grind.
  5. "Pick 10000 flowers" This one isn't as nasty as it sounds.. the more you skill your herbalism, the more flowers you pick with each try. So with skill level 1 you pick one, witch level 20 you pick about 50(?) with just 1 push of a button. If you want, you can get to skill level 11+ while being in Skalitz (Tutorial) It's one of these got by the way trophies.
  6. Nothing is missable, have completed game now with 100% map (final boss fight), 100% bestiary and 99% shards. There are shards which can be created through fusion, these counts as well.. did learn that after reload save. Even the 500k gold doesn‘t take a full 1/2 of an hour, if you make your homework. Only trophy that can suck, is the all stuff created.. I believe, the food counts in it.. and finding rare materials can be a bit tricky. Just started to grind all ??????? away. Bloodstained is such a freaking great game.. I am glad, I was of the frontline of backing it!
  7. Hi everymeow, I don't get it straight. The Trophy says, that you need to visit every location in the Main Game.. which theoretically would make it a missable trohy. But in the web, there are several people who stated, that they got it, while they were in the WM. Wich means, they got it before Sun in the Shadow, which is a part of the Main Game. Is there some official source for it? It makes me a bit crazy.. not to know, if I still can get it, or not.. =o/ I for example missed the quest, where I would get the key to Lumdalas house.. so I can go into that house, but can't pass the closed door due to a missing key.. Besides that, I am sure. to have been visited everything else.. Even Caed Nua Treasure Vault on Lv 15.. right now I am about to visit the Abbey in WM II. EDIT 1 Day later: Ok, got it now.. still don't understand why, but it popped while revisitting the Battery on my way to the Westtower.
  8. Yup, that must be it. I also got it on the way, but didn't care about any status changes or switching members etc.
  9. Try to farm in the dark cave, where Emil's house is, the mobs there drop more rare parts (imho), and of course in the desert, where you fought Adam for the first time. (Don't forget your Lv6 Plug in Chips for more drops. (buy them from Emil if neccessary) More quantity goes there hand in hand with better quality =)
  10. LOL, today I felt really smart, so I thought I can skip the f***ing Ugrade all Weapon Trophy.. so I did, but just for fun, I went to Masamune to check out, how far I would get with my grind so far.. and guess what.. all Lv4. What the heck? In Nier I gave up on this stupid grind stuff, but in Automata it came just by itself...
  11. If I count the Normal endings, then I am allready in NG++++++++++++++++++ ^^ thank you anyway, I will check this out later. EDIT: Nope it was neither of them. Can it be, that the trophy itself gets broken, if you switch between Vita and PSVR?
  12. Well, as listed above, I can't get the Master Catcher, cause I missed something. Is there an option, to see where I'm still missing something? (Like the crown symbol for the coins)
  13. Wow, yesterday I finally finished the game and got all trophies besides the Total Domination one (and the one for 10.000 MAD), cause I missed a single Quest in Chapter 5. Don't know why, cause I double checked it every time, before I went on doing main quests. But "The Protector of Bayside Plant" was missing in the end. So I restarted it today just to realise that I forgott the fist Sub Quest in Chapter 1.. so I will restart again. I like this game, but this quest trophy is hell ^^
  14. Dear Sir or Madam, I appreciate this information =) Hm.. I must correct on something, just checked my Trophies.. I got them the other way around ^^ I got the We're in the Money on 11.Jan 15 8:01:30 PM and Berserker on 12. Jan. 15. 06:12:24 AM. Now I am confused..all my believes, the cake.. all a lie! It must have been those Black Suits with their Flashy Thing.