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  1. If this is the wrong area, I apologize. I'd love to find some players who exclusively play Starfighter Assault and/or Hero Starfighter. I have a few of my old squadrons I'm still a part of but I took a giant break from SW and I'm so rusty that I'm not confident playing competitively anymore. Does anyone still play these modes exclusively? 18+ with mic preferred. I like to chill with easy going players. I'd make a party in the community but everyone ends up wanting to play other modes.
  2. Squire Enix is having a sale and a lot of the PS3/PSP FF's are on sale! I remember someone telling me a while back that these versions had trophies! But when I look for their roadmaps (for example VIII) I find a mess of links that have confused me. Which, if any, FF games for the PS3/PSP that are in the sale have trophies? While I love all the FF games, I have no need to buy them from this sale if they don't have trophies because I have them on their original platform still. But I was interested in gaining some FF plats!
  3. PSN ID: i-Panik PS Systems: PS3 & PS4 (currently no vita, but tons of vita games T-T) Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No! Please put that you're from here/what you like to play. I have way too many games to list, most I haven't even started. But generally, I love to play any fighting game especially Mortal Kombat, Tekken and sometimes Injustice 1 & 2. I also love all Resident Evil games, anything horror related. I'm obsessed with dead by daylight and Warframe!
  4. You have to down 100 survivors! Just stay near the hook (ignore the hate mail you'll get) and wait for them to come to save teammates and use the chainsaw on both the person hooked and the person saving them.
  5. That's true! I just used add ons and an offering with Michael and got adept shape! =D Just basic perks and hooks, no mori. One bled out so that helped me!
  6. Thank you all! On the DBD forums, everyone claimed using an offering that allowed mori kills would count but I never had luck with the trophy popping using those offerings. So I wondered if it would DQ me from the trophy or what I was doing wrong. I'll attempt it now maybe going for straight sacrifice kills instead.
  7. I read that it's a bannable offense to rage quit and those who rage quit as opposed to just disconnecting accidentally, are flagged. After enough flagging, you get banned. (no idea if it's permanent or temp) but that means all of these sore loser players will eventually get the boot.
  8. I know after the emblem system was implemented, the requirements were changed. But everyone in the dead by daylight forums seems to have a different idea of what qualifies for the adept killer (merciless killer) trophies. I know you have to have the three basic perks only but... Do you have to kill all four? Does using a mori help or DQ you? Do add-ons or offerings DQ you?
  9. These are brilliant ideas and I'll definitely be trying option one! I never messed with the basement much but that sounds like a good time to me! I enjoy the messages now so I can't see myself disabling them! To the users saying why camp? I've lost too many games when I've left the survivor to pursue other survivors. If a player makes me mad, I will face camp until the next century. If they're just a normal player, I hook them and just stay around the general area checking to see if more survivors come to help them. Which still gets me the hatemail. If you play the killer enough, you'll see why 'camping' to some degree is necessary if you want a decent amount of points. I could care less about rank so I don't mind if I don't rank up. I still stay in the 10 range.
  10. Aliens Vs Predator. The online trophies were always a nightmare and I gave up. Jesus I'd kill for a 100% LOL
  11. I get hate and death mail after almost every match. As a killer, the survivors expect you to leave hooked survivors for them to retrieve. They get incredibly hostile if you "camp" the hook. Do they really think you're just going to step back and let them win the game? What is the killer supposed to do? Hook and then leave knowing the survivors are waiting nearby to get them? No way. As a survivor, if you don't play the way they want you to, you're trash. If you drop a pallet when they wanted to use that pallet, you're trash. It's gotten to the point that it's hilarious to receive messages playing as the killer.
  12. Problem is, I got the 50 kills milestone a looong time ago. I've been keeping track on my phone, I'm well over 150, I just figured there was a milestone for the 150 as well. I guess the 'milestone complete' was for another milestone as I tend to work on a few at a time. =| I guess all I can do is keep using it and hope it pops soon. T-T it's reassuring that it's popped recently, though that's happened with getting to rank 50 as well and supposedly it's still glitched. >~< Hopefully I've just accidentally counted assists into the total. I'll keep you guys posted!
  13. Is there a milestone for this trophy in your challenges? I thought that there was but now it (if there was one) doesn't show up in my list. As I killed my last enemy for the trophy to pop, "milestone completed" flashed on my screen but no trophy pop. I've continued to use the sentry in hopes that it would pop later, it still hasn't. Not sure what to do here to remedy this. Makes me weary on even playing this game until the next update. I guess all I can do is back up my save, delete my current save and complete that specific challenge and then replace the save with my main save? Will that work? I'm so incredibly disappointed T-T
  14. If my PS3/PSN digital games were available on PS4, I'd switch completely. Unfortunately, I have a good 400 in my backlog So I won't be leaving until my PS3 dies on me and they stop doing repairs.
  15. Always great to meet another Star Wars & Marvel fan! =D

    Followed. ^-^