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  1. Does anyone know if the ps5 version will auto pop the ps4? otherwise ill just leave the ps4 one at however far I got
  2. Forcing yourself to make a Smurf account for trophies, especially because for some reason you can't have 100%s on your account, seems a bit ridiculous. I never understood the hatred of having a 100% game on your list. A game is a game. To skip 2.8 on your main acount just because it doesn't have a platinum makes 0 sense to me. I do get wanting to go for the plats again though
  3. 100% spot on. Just sucks to see people who want to use that as a put down, especially when its something as brain dead obvious as the validity of global warming. I suppose the people throwing around SJW like that would be the exact people to think it was a hoax though 🤔
  4. That answers none of my questions. Why is caring about global warming being an "SJW?" I am so sick of seeing you misuse that word. I'm sorry that so many of your tangents derail into your ideologies that quite frankly often have nothing to do with the subject material most of the time. I don't quote you when you speak truth cause I don't have to. I've even liked a few of your posts. This however, is nonsense. Caring about global warming isn't being an SJW, and rich people aren't what caused the power shortage and shouldn't necessarily be targeted just because they use more power. Am i not allowed to point these things out?
  5. SJWs? What are you even on about dude? What about banning pcs has to do about Silicon Valley not caring about the needy and the general public? What does it have to do with rich people? You say its partially their fault for living in big mansions that they never use, that suck up power, but how is that their fault? If anything its the state of CA's fault for seemingly allowing it to get this bad without rectifying the situation or putting restrictions before it got out of hand. You cant just blame someone rich in CA for the power consumption laws just because they purchased a large property LMAO, get real. And because a company has "been around a pretty long time" it cant be touched? another bad take, even if no company deserves this treatment let alone Alienware Banning pc hardware and parts is DUMB. A really, really dumb and pointless move that isn't going to benefit anyone in the long run, let alone fix the power consumption problem. But not as dumb as every other thing i read from you.
  6. Or maybe its the fact that a company doesn't want to update a game when multiple new ones are already out? and the severs are closing? I dislike EA as much as the next guy, but you expecting them to support a sports game when 3 more have since been released is just ridiculous. I get they're yearly so they come out faster but cmon now. Yall had plenty of time to do this shit when it was still the current Fifa. You missed your chance. That's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Sucks for people trying to do the series, but them keeping up servers/ challenges for the sake of a few trophy hunters just isn't gonna happen
  7. Well for those like me who refuse to console reset, I got a different response from support: "Thank you for contacting Deep Silver customer support My name is David and I am here to assist you. Thank you for the information provided. All reported issues have already been forwarded to the developers and are currently under analysis. If it turns out that the game is causing the issues you reported, they will be fixed in a future update. Thanks for your time and cooperation" Seemingly a little better than the "it's working fine" responses a few of you had
  8. So, if iron mode and ng+ glitches out, does that mean you have to console reset, and then do another 2 full playthroughs while offline? fuckk that shit if thats the case
  9. Add me to the list of people who didnt get The Last Hero and A Man of Principle. With this amount of issues they have to know its a real glitch
  10. Am I the only one that can tell that the performance mode RT looks significantly worse than the regular performance? The further away something is the blurrier it gets. The RT isn't worth that to me so I'm playing on the normal Performance mode and it looks crisp as hell
  11. So I got it to work. The trophy description is completely wrong. You have to beat every contract in a level and then exfil, not just one. I recommend just beating the 2 contracts in the last level. Pretty quick
  12. Republic Commando is actually cannon as they show up in Clone Wars. Jedi knight games are seemingly becoming canon with SPOILERS the end of Mandolorian season 2 (possible academy) Oh and starkiller was originally going to be in the Clone Wars, but was deemed too OP so they changed it to Darth Maul. Still the same voice actor as Starkiller though
  13. What did you do to get it to pop? Cant seem to get it to work for me either
  14. Did you play the last few Battlefield campaigns? Calling them hot ass is putting it mildly. Not that big of a deal for me tbh as long as that means more mp content at launch
  15. ...... What? Weirdo