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  1. Popped for me when i took longer than 3 minutes to make a genie. Try that and let me know if it works for ya.
  2. Because sadly people think thats all that matters lol. This game is amazing to play and anyone who rushes it for trophies is doing themselves a great disservice.
  3. Just a heads up on this comment, this is true for all collectibles except the water fountains. Those you need to hit the next checkpoint in the chapter in order for them to save!
  4. Library boss is cake. Portals all around the room take you across the area, you just pepper him from afar. Rinse and repeat
  5. Thats because people are warping to levels and doing the cheats workaround to still get trophies to pop
  6. While this does help trust me its not absolutely necessary. Im about to finish the game on Professional and i really only ran into one problem area (Times Square, screw those molotov throwers, instant one shot kills) but besides that ive been going through it with relative ease.
  7. Comparing EA and Ubisoft is like comparing Hitler and Hussein. Theyre both indespicable. And before you say blehh titanfall blehh odyssey, we get it. They can actually make a game from time to time, but to me that doesn't excuse the other 80% of garbage they put out
  8. When Cross Saving was enabled it allowed people to put their saves onto ps4. Im assuming it pops all the stuff that the player has already achieved.
  9. Definitely not
  10. Did you delete your 'Secrets' save file that the game makes? Also, when did the trophy pop for you? Curious which secret was glitched for you. Unless you had to re grab every single one.
  11. Can anyone confirm the secrets trophy is actually glitched? It appears someone got it.
  12. Yes but if you dont do that for the mods it permanently locks you out of the trophy. Pretty sure thats not intentional. So yes, it is glitched.
  13. For filtering games, might i suggest a: Platinum and/or 100%. Id like to filter so that i see both my games i have platted anddd the ones i have at 100% or 100% games but that isnt an option as it stands
  14. LOL, we've gotten to the point where the users of the site are the only ones making useful updates/additions to the site. Big ups to @HusKy for the awesome addition, its just sad to see this kind of commitment from someone who doesnt even work on the site. Meanwhile its taken god knows how long for the badges. Idk, just food for thought.
  15. You're probably gonna need characters from the main game to 100% the dlc levels so I probably wouldnt risk it tbh