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  1. This happened to me on the last mission on Joes Adventures. I just restarted the game and it worked fine from there. Maybe i just got lucky? Didnt have a single issue after restarting and was able to finish up the dlc luckily
  2. i have no idea why this isnt popping for me, did a 1v2, 1v3, and 1v4 right before boss and nothing pops
  3. This happened to me on the last mission on Joes Adventures. I just restarted the game and it worked fine from there. Maybe i just got lucky?
  4. Called out people on PSNP? What are you talking about. Im SICK of seeing you post blatant lies about carlos. I implore you to for once, just keep his name out of your mouth. @Stevieboy This whole thread is going nowhere fast, can it just get it deleted or locked?
  5. You were lying about 90% of the stuff you said. Just let it go. You of all people should know what is and isnt allowed on the forums.
  6. If i had a nickel for every time spaz posts some boomer shit... lets just say id have quite the amount of nickels He posts novels on every single forum, regardless on his knowledge of the subject at hand. As for Mafia 2 itself, i havent ran into any real bugs, besides that abhorrent audio. During cutscenes, audio only comes from the left side of the tv/headset. In game/ during missions, that is not an issue for me. Its just the cutscenes. So annoyingly what ive been doing is unplugging my headset every cutscene, since i can hear it better from the one side of my tv. Its still weird, but not as weird
  7. Im suprised noone has said this yet- but wow, i found this game to be a fresh breath of air. Its a metroid-vania PINBALL game. Yes, a pinball game. Had a ton of fun with this one and would highly reccomend it for anyone who needs something they can get done in a weekend, while enjoying their time.
  8. I never understood the hate this game received. I feel like if they had made the exact same game w/o it being related to DMC, no one would of had an issue. It plays great imo
  9. $30 for a campaign I can get for $2.99 on ps3 seems like quite the up charge. $20 is still rough but that seems a bit more fair for a 6 hr campaign
  10. For anyone worrying about that hardest difficulty, dont worry. The only real difference is instead of having 100 health and 100 shields, its 50 each. Yes, enemies do slightly more damage, but when you have force heal and the ability to save scum, it makes it a piece of cake
  11. This game EASILY has the best lightsaber combat in any Star Wars game ever made. I still do this day do not understand why it wasnt ever used in any game past Jedi Academy. Its an absolute masterpiece, and is easily worth the asking price imo.
  12. Edit 2: earned another trophy to see if that might fix it and it didn't do anything
  13. Every time i go to update my list, it remains stuck on "Processing Games & Trophies" I can update other users but not my own. Ive tried on 3 different devices now. It was just working 30 minutes ago, and like i said its working for everyone else. What caused this? Edit: My friend just tried updating my account and he cant do it either, but he can update everyone else still. What gives?
  14. I'm about 4/5 through on ultra violence right now, and when I switched it for a particularly hard fight down to easy, I didn't see a difference at all. I think the difficulties differences are very minimal, with the game just being challenging in general.
  15. You def can delete it. I've been deleting it every time I get off the game