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  1. You guys are speculating about Jopo but I don't get it, He's been the main character since the game came out! I must be missing something
  2. Figured it out incase anyone else is having the same issue- take off the Fragmentation attachment. It seems the kills from the shrapnel wont count!
  3. Every 5 kills or so i get with this gun will only count for 1-2 kills every time and i dont know what im doing wrong or if its a glitch. What are you guys doing to kill people with this weapon? ive been sticking them with it and ive also been sticking the bombs to floors and neither seems to be the solution so im wondering if its just buggy. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Sure itd be nice but the game is 10 years old. Please don't start harassing the company like some people on this site do with splinter cell, if that's what youre suggesting. Its not gonna happen no matter how much people screech at companies lol 😂
  5. God, you sound like such a boomer. Maybe the internet just isnt for you. Plenty of people still do raids in games, what are you even saying? This man wouldnt have an original thought if it knocked him upside the head.
  6. Smart phones= Will Smith and the Aladdin reboot being bad? Are you a real person?
  7. Oh no more content and trophies to earn, what am i gonna do?
  8. Im kinda confused by your wording. Will backing up the save work or will you always lose the time trials times? thanks for the clarification
  9. You get enough for a new character in 3-5 online wins, stop whining. Its not egregious at all. You want them to give you literally everything for free? What is there to work for then?
  10. Can confirm its on some sort of timer or counter. after like my 10th race it dropped from 700 coins a match max to 120 max
  11. 3rd time? do you hate yourself or something?
  12. IF you do the ribbons, id love a one for 100% games as well as those never get the love they deserve
  13. Can someone tell me what their stats were at the end? I'm getting 55 kills with 52 being headshots and still am only getting 4 stars. I have 60% accuracy as well. Idk where I can get more kills besides going left at the end. Tips? Edit: just found 2 more people to kill somehow. Ended with 57 kills 55 headshots. Finally got this level done!
  14. Game is a technical disaster on 1.00 lmao definitely do NOT do this
  15. I also had this occur to me when on 1.06 last night. Reverted back to 1.05 and i got the next mission. I dont see why everyone hates this game, until you get to these goddamn bugs. Otherwise im enjoying myself, screw critics.