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  1. Why wouldn't they? They already charged him, and did the same for me so I think were good to go
  2. Roswells high deck gap is seriously making me lose my fucking mind. I NEVER, NEVER get my boneless to go far enough and i cant figure out why. Ive bonelessed on every single part of this fucking ramp to see if the height mattered and i just dont get it.
  3. I deffinetly understand where your coming from and agree with a lot of what your saying, I guess where I differ is that this is an outlier scenario. If every game could be cheesed like this we would be in a very fast sinking boat. I just think when stuff like this happens on occasion with games, people tend to immediately fly off the handle with "youre bad if you use this" kind of mentality which I think doesn't matter if this doesn't happen very often
  4. Why do you care what people chose to do with their trophies/ account? Is it affecting you in any manner? Play the way you want and let others play how they want to. Nothing about trophy hunting is "proud" as you put it. Were hunting for fucking in game notifications. I really don't get why some people are so offended by how other people chose to spend THEIR time. Im not saying I like seeing these exploits, but at the same time don't hate the player, hate the game
  5. I cant even fathom playing on the new difficulty. Hard mode was already extremely tedious imo, where you basically have to just fly around non stop to heal. Does not lead to a fun experience and i have a feeling this difficulty will be brutallll.
  6. I see you popped it. Anything you did differently?
  7. You were literally saying this in the other thread when i popped it. I dont think its patched but it may be finicky
  8. Some people have different region psns from where they actually live. Im just trying to determine if there was a pattern to those who are saying its not working for them
  9. Are you in US/EU?
  10. Not playing a game because of a trophy has to be the most pathetic thing people do on this site. It shouldn't be that important. When trophies overtake enjoyment and having fun, you know you have a problem. I swear some of you treat this like its your job or something. Platinum or not, this is the most fun ive had on a ps4 game in years. Its a shame some of you will miss out because of a glorified notification
  11. 3 nights in a row now its frozen, grr idk why this is happening. Might try on a fresh save
  12. If you manually reload checkpoint all the other ones respawn. If you respawn from dying they don't, its only when you manually reload checkpoint. I found this out when I got stuck in a wall
  13. Same for me. Are you wanted or anything? im gonna try clearing my wanted level before doing it tonight to see if that mightve had an effect on it
  14. yeah i cant get mine to stop freezing. it doesnt even hit 1 million score most nights
  15. Bruh I never understood this take. Who should we be fighting then? the shmeeps from country doofinsmits? People like playing stuff grounded in realism, sometimes with ties to our real world. That doesn't mean its propaganda. Its fiction