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  1. Yeah, thats why
  2. I've corresponded w their twitter and they responded and said "they're aware of it" yet its been almost 3 months and nothing. I re messaged them asking if its still getting fixed and did not receive a reply on that one, but they did read it. I'm also in Croteams discord and bring it up every now and again to no avail Im starting to draw the conclusion that they couldnt give two shits about fixing their games, let alone a trophy being glitched. Small dev or not, theres no excuse for they way they act/procrastinate on doing anything to fix their buggy ass games
  3. This^^ While I think Detroit and Heavy Rain are still genuinely good ideas for stories and half decent games, I cant help but think David Cage is jerking himself off wayyyy to much with how "philosophical and world changing" he thinks his stories are.
  4. Colin Moriarty has stated multiple times on his podcast (Sacred Symbols) that he had it on "extremely good authority" that Microsoft almost brought it to ps4 and that he is 100% sure it wasn't made up. So itd be interesting to see us actually get it
  5. The 15 shortcuts seems to have glitched on me too, so that makes both "Full House" and "Shortcut Killer" both unobtainable atm. I refuse to reset my progress for this bs
  6. Are they aware of the trophies bugging out like this? I see a lot of us with the Full House issue, hopefully we dont have to reset our IOI accounts
  7. Full House is glitched for me too
  8. Yep, fixed for me also!! Great news. I do see a few people still having issues on twitter, but for the most part i think were safe!
  9. Damn, the arrogance is strong w this one
  10. Update to my last post; Did some more digging, while ignoring everyone tweeting at them, they HAVE updated their pre launch site to say the following: I am having issues connecting to the game servers.We’re investigating the remaining issues that are preventing players from connecting to the game. Most prominently, we are seeing PlayStation users with a ‘failed to fetch profile information’ error. We will update with more details ASAP. So they are now aware of it at least. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for us!
  11. This is starting to get insane. They STILL haven't even acknowledged this is happening. Literally every other reply on their twitter is the fetching profile issue, and yet their best response is to ask one of them "are you getting that error every time?" People are even telling them that its because we did it before starting up the game, and I honestly cant tell if theyre willfully ignoring everyone on twitter or what the deal w that is
  12. Yeah read what i posted above. Its most likely caused from us transfering before even starting up the game, which is bs considering it doesnt say anywhere to start up the game first. So we may or may not be S.O.L. Im hoping it really is just server issues, but most of the people w the fetching profile bug have all said the same thing; that they transferred before even starting hitman 3
  13. I literally dont know what we can even do. IoI hasnt even acknowledged that this is happening to people. I just hope we didnt glitch out the one transfer that we get. I dont mind redoing all of H1 and H2 if we need to delete our IoI profile datas, but cmonnnnnn we better not have to do that
  14. So apparently the cause of the "fetching profile" issue is that we transfered our progress without first starting up Hitman 3. Nowhere on their site does it say we needed to do so. This is some bullshit, I literally bricked my game and who knows if they can even fix it tbh. We only get the one transfer too.
  15. Gotcha. So do you think I'm good to play both versions at once? I want to try ouy the VR, but if its gonna risk breaking my game I can always wait. One more thing I'll def do is transfer all my stuff before I even touch hitman 3. It seems that a lot of the issues are occurring for people that transferred AFTER already playing some of hitman 3