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  1. Game is a technical disaster on 1.00 lmao definitely do NOT do this
  2. I also had this occur to me when on 1.06 last night. Reverted back to 1.05 and i got the next mission. I dont see why everyone hates this game, until you get to these goddamn bugs. Otherwise im enjoying myself, screw critics.
  3. The last level in this game has the best atmospheric horror you'll ever seen done in a video game. Truly bone chilling. Best final level in a game ive played maybe ever.
  4. I have killed someone 5 times now with the bug and nothing. I dont know what im doing wrong.. EDIT: Restarted my game and it worked. My friend also had a fatality trophy glitch on him so there may be some issues regarding any trophy popping
  5. i redeemed the code online and i cant find the theme anywhere on my ps4. any help? i have the avatar even
  6. Anyone still having trouble these coordinates popped it for me. Thank ya!
  7. where did you find the corals in the seed? did you go outside the map limit? maybe thats why its not popping for me, ive been staying inside the spawn map for the past few hrs
  8. stop replying if youre so triggered. Noone even said anything remotely mean or harmful lmao
  9. We got a snowflake over here folks. Thought winter was over.
  10. I guess me saying its easy is relative. It all depends how good you are at muscle memory and movements and overall just being able to do things fast. I personally am pretty good at this stuff so i didnt find it that hard. When i did each level without dying, i actually did it twice in a row because thats how much i got used to the levels. So just practice the ones you struggle most with, or just use the glitch for ezpz plat
  11. I personally did every level twice without dying, because I didn't know about the exploit, and the first time that damned trophy glitched. Its not too hard there's like 5 hard levels that I just practiced a ton. With the exploit the plat is cake
  12. Theres a thread on Gearboxs forums with like 20 replies so its a pretty common bug at this point. I sent a ticket in and if if happens to you id do the same just to be safe. Sucks cause i wanna use some up already before i finish the game..
  13. kept my game up for like 12 hours and it crashed around 10 hr mark so be careful. I just wasted a whole night grr
  14. i was wondering myself but you can just switch back to playthrough 1 whenever you want so go back and get them all there
  15. eh it aint that bad when youre asleep while they farm 😉