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  1. Am I the only one that can tell that the performance mode RT looks significantly worse than the regular performance? The further away something is the blurrier it gets. The RT isn't worth that to me so I'm playing on the normal Performance mode and it looks crisp as hell
  2. So I got it to work. The trophy description is completely wrong. You have to beat every contract in a level and then exfil, not just one. I recommend just beating the 2 contracts in the last level. Pretty quick
  3. Republic Commando is actually cannon as they show up in Clone Wars. Jedi knight games are seemingly becoming canon with SPOILERS the end of Mandolorian season 2 (possible academy) Oh and starkiller was originally going to be in the Clone Wars, but was deemed too OP so they changed it to Darth Maul. Still the same voice actor as Starkiller though
  4. What did you do to get it to pop? Cant seem to get it to work for me either
  5. Did you play the last few Battlefield campaigns? Calling them hot ass is putting it mildly. Not that big of a deal for me tbh as long as that means more mp content at launch
  6. ...... What? Weirdo
  7. Champions of Norrath was the shit back in the day, would love to see that come at some point
  8. Just a heads up, according to several articles I can find, Housemarque has stated that the crashing is not a problem of the game, but is infact a problem having to do with the ps5/ the ps5 firmware itself. Idk the rules regarding posting outside links, but the articles should be easy enough for you to find. Here's what they had to say about the crashing though; Crashing: The game has been crashing constantly and the developers have stated that the issue lies within the platform and not the game. They have sent the report to Sony and hope the issue to be resolved through the next firmware update.
  9. So... anyone have that answer as to whether or not I can use chapter select for the T- Shirt trophy/ for killing everyone? Im seeing conflicting results depending on where i search
  10. Can i downgrade a patch on the ps5 just like the ps4?
  11. A quick look at OP's trophy list, pretty much says it all. Hes not interested in a fun co-op experience, he wants that quick ez plat. Only plays games that you could plat w one hand. So many stacks its nauseating! The title of the game is literally called "It Takes Two"... and its quadruple the price of a ratalika game, so what's the point in you getting it either way? Also, you're lacking so many good single player games on your list, why complain about the single co-op only game of note coming out soon? You have quite a lot of good picks to play through still! I'm not here to gatekeep how he plays games, irdc if thats what they truely enjoy. Just stating some quick facts!
  12. I've corresponded w their twitter and they responded and said "they're aware of it" yet its been almost 3 months and nothing. I re messaged them asking if its still getting fixed and did not receive a reply on that one, but they did read it. I'm also in Croteams discord and bring it up every now and again to no avail Im starting to draw the conclusion that they couldnt give two shits about fixing their games, let alone a trophy being glitched. Small dev or not, theres no excuse for they way they act/procrastinate on doing anything to fix their buggy ass games
  13. This^^ While I think Detroit and Heavy Rain are still genuinely good ideas for stories and half decent games, I cant help but think David Cage is jerking himself off wayyyy to much with how "philosophical and world changing" he thinks his stories are.
  14. Colin Moriarty has stated multiple times on his podcast (Sacred Symbols) that he had it on "extremely good authority" that Microsoft almost brought it to ps4 and that he is 100% sure it wasn't made up. So itd be interesting to see us actually get it